Reviews for From Yesterday
MonMonCandie chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
This is like a longer drabble that really connects to the other drabbles you mentioned (well because they are but...nevermind).

I seriously love the way you portray Riku and Xion's relationship. D: I really do. They have their cute moments, then the sad moments, and then the moments where all I can say is "hot". XD LOL

No, but I'm glad that Riku and Xion are there for each otehr. :3 And I'm also glad Xion doesn't plan on running away anymore because, now that you mentioned it, she DID run away a lot. I'm kinda glad you used that point here. Did I also mention how much I love Riku's impulsiveness? XD Because I do. LOL

Great job on this and I'm happy I helped inspire this plot bunny. XD Awesome job!