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neo-chan7 chapter 57 . 1/30/2012
I kept laughing all throughout this!XD great job!
KaoruHare chapter 45 . 12/5/2011
Whenever I found out that the last chapter I reviewed was 36...I almost died. So today I'm going to review up to chapter 41 and then finish tomorrow and hopefully I'll be your last review. I don't think I can handle not being your last. So let's get this stuff started, da?

Chapter 37: Gift Bags:

What possessed the Wizard to put dental floss in the gift bags? Are all of them specially made? Like, America has dental floss because he eats a ton of food and the wizard thinks he has to take better care of his teeth. And America has silly putty because he is easily entertained by children's toys. And Gummy worms because he has candy. So I bet England has things like tea bags and new taste receptors. And France's bag has a new laugh. Yeah, I think that's exactly how that works. Also. I think they are all stupid because they are all like, 'Oh. Liechtenstein is missing. I wonder where she could be.'

Chapter 38: Somewhat of a backstory:

That's right Liechtenstein. Whenever you are being kidnapped you should just lie there and have a calm conversations with the kidnappers. So. As I understand, the baltics were regular monkies. And then, one day against their will Russia did some weird voodoo magic on them and they got wings and then BAM! "You are now my servants! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! KolKolKolKol" and then Liechtenstein lands a house on Russia's face and BAM! Lithuania is living his dream being Belarus's creepy follower. That is completely unjustified.

Chapter 39: Really Tall Tree:

You know, can America really be so stupid? Sheesh. "I feel like we are just running around like a bunch of morons." Hmmm. Is that how this got started? I see. Aw! France and England are agreeing! That's so romantic! And instead of looking for Liechtenstien like normal people, they chase around a dog like a dog catcher and for all they know Toto could be a complete idiot and he could be driving them off into a random section of nothingness where nothing could lead them anywhere. Then America climbs a tree and England lies about getting the sewing kit in the gift bag. Toto proves useful by actually bringing them to Liechtenstein. And France is a perv and America falls on him. It all makes perfect sense now!

Chapter 40: Balcony:

Now Liechtenstein is in the castle, exactly where she needs to be to get the exact thing she needs to bring back to the wizard. Funny how that worked out, huh?

Chapter 41: Sprinting:

How is it that they possibly run off to a bunch of things that look nothing like castles. A rock, a cheap filthy nasty hotel, a fence post. What the hell is wrong with their sense of sight. And America can apparently tell all trees apart because they all have a different soul or something. And apparently no one can get anywhere in this story without a colored pathway to get there. FRANCE HAD A CENSORED LINE! DX
epicninja42 chapter 57 . 12/1/2011
Oh my gosh I loved this story so much. I don't even... well, I was wondering if it would be okay if I wrote a Wicked fanfiction based off of your story? If you wouldn't mind :)
Illysia chapter 57 . 12/1/2011
Yes! You're amazing! But now Im sad brcause its all over. This is my favorite fanfiction by far! *claps*
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 57 . 12/1/2011
And, it ends.

What did Liech give Swissy?
deadliving chapter 56 . 11/25/2011
We have the baltics as the monkeys, ans if we're going with Slavic witches...I'd love to see Bulgaria in a pink dress...or Poland...
dancetilyoudie chapter 55 . 11/20/2011
Omg! I freaking love you! I spent most of my day reading all 55 chapters and I love this story! My favorite character is the dog and America just because he is so freaking hilariously random. I can't wait to see how the Netherlands gets out of this!
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 56 . 11/20/2011
Good Witch of the South - Canada. :D

Netherlands, you meanie, give Liechtenstein her wish!

I want some of that bread.
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 55 . 11/20/2011
Netherlands still needs more love.
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 54 . 11/20/2011
- He's probably going to commit suicide, since, sadly, Lithuania has the world's highest suicide rate.

- Go out and get jobs. Latvia will work at Toys R' Us and Estonia will work at Google or Hewlett-Packard (HP).

- Because France knew what he was doing.

- You were too busy typing.

- (In Napoleon Dynamite's voice) Heck, yes, i'm sad. What do you think? Gosh!

- Because you can and it's fun to answer them.

- Because wanker means... *Ahem*, Somebody who touches himself in bad places.

- Not really, but, it saved countless lives.
Illysia chapter 54 . 11/20/2011
Yay! Another chapter! I was so excited when I got an email from saying that you updated your story! But I'm kind if sad that its almost done. Good job!
Illysia chapter 53 . 11/6/2011
Yays! I caught up! But I guess that means I can't spend a whole hour reading it like I just did. Good job! Keep it up, this is really awesome!
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 53 . 11/6/2011
"Well it could always be worse."

I remember that fic!
Illysia chapter 6 . 11/5/2011
I really like this story! I love crossovers, parodies, Hetalia, and classics. Somehow this fits into all those categories, so naturally, its my new favorite! I love how America is very in character, and found it hilarious how Russia died by a house. Keep up the good work!
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 52 . 11/5/2011
Romance novels... I remember that oneshot.
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