Reviews for The Bro Code
Lafemmevegeta chapter 15 . 9/8/2014
I don't know why I didn't catch the name of the story first. I knew it was Emmett but only after a few chapters in not the title. Silly me! Loved it!
Lafemmevegeta chapter 9 . 9/7/2014
Emmett's return will cause a tsunami! Poor Mick Mack...
Lafemmevegeta chapter 8 . 9/7/2014
When Emmett enters the scene it will get rocky because he is Mick Mack right?
Vampfan1 chapter 15 . 7/1/2014
Ok, so I really loved the story and I thought the Emmett twist was awesome. Having said that I have to bring up a point of confusion for me.

Edward and Bella have just finished making love and they talk about going to the courthouse and getting married on Monday and having a wedding ceremony with family and friends later on. That was at the very end of a chapter. The next chapter that was not addressed, completely dropped and the story started talking about how they couldn't find a wedding venue and then all the stuff with Emmett happened and they were all saying how it would have been a mute point if only they had gotten married already. Was the lapse in story explanation on purpose? Did you forget about the Monday courthouse or just change it so you could work things out differently later in the story? It was just very disconnected because we were expecting one thing but then got another without any mention or explanation of the change. That is really my only criticism of the story. Everything else was really fun to read and very enjoyable.
gatorgrl91 chapter 15 . 1/4/2014
Excellent! I'm off to read the next one! :)
gatorgrl91 chapter 12 . 1/4/2014
One word for you missy...GENIUS! :p
gatorgrl91 chapter 11 . 1/4/2014
Damn. The other shoe dropped! ***The biggest thanks I have to you is having Bella say, "I'm not going to be the martyr here. We are too far past that now." I totally agree! Any truly committed couple would say that! Anyone who doesn't, really isn't as committed as they say they are!
**Oh, and just to complicate things, I'm betting she's prego! :o But that could also "seal te deal" just as them already being married would have!
Knowing you always come thru with an HEA is keeping me sane! :)
gatorgrl91 chapter 8 . 1/4/2014
I feel redundant in saying this..but, AWESOME!
It has been really good and happy, but I fear a storm is coming! ? I'm gonna keep the faith!
ButterballBabe chapter 15 . 7/15/2013
Loved it. That pretty much sums up what I think of this fic.
magmom2 chapter 15 . 10/6/2012
I loved it. I didn't expect the Emmett storyline. Great writing.
twilover6638 chapter 15 . 4/15/2012
Loved this!

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debnin chapter 10 . 3/1/2012
... could bella be the one who broke emmet heart or could it be rose? and that is the reason there will be an issue with the both families
debnin chapter 8 . 3/1/2012

i dont know how to read this bella
debnin chapter 3 . 2/29/2012
... wow bella country!
clarafly13 chapter 15 . 1/3/2012
LoL.. 3
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