Reviews for There's a First Time for Everything
Melan Anime chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
how sweet! nice couple but a little unusual!
jboy44 chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
this is not the most unusual paring but it's still unusual
Shardwing52 chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
I decided to do this in-case anyone asks. The part in my review below this one where it says "Rua" is suppose to say "Rally"(I really need to get a new keyboard). I apoligize for that dumb error.
Shardwing52 chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
Wow, great job "Lucarly". This was a well done story. The interaction between Rua and Patty was very IC. I really like how descriptive you are(that's something I need to improve on). Anyway, great story and I look forward to reading more storys from you.
pippa-pie chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
...Ok, so I ship this now :D

Very good, and believable interaction between two characters who have never ineracted on screen, in my opinion. I found the title even more appropriate by the fact this is the first Rally/Patty story. I like the bits of advice Rally received from the other guys.

I like how you referenced back to Rally's life in the Satellite, such as him thinking he was a misfit in Rua and Ruka's group.

On a side note,I noticed you were taking story suggestions on your DA...would you take one from me? Even though I'm not on DA? Just curious; if not, that's understandable. Anyway, great story, keep it up! _
Leemix chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
I've never even considered this pairing before, but it seems like a very cute couple :)

Both character's interactions seemed pretty believable to me. Rally actually seems like the shy type of boy whom always yearns for advice - especially from when it involves crushes, or girls in paticular, so his characters was pretty spot on, and Crow's advice actually sounded quite...helpful. (Mind you, this IS Crow Hogan we are talking about...hmm...sceptical that he knows so much...he must have gotten alot advice off of Martha XD).

Patty also seemed to be perfectly decipted - well, in my eyes anyway. She just seems like a real girly girl that cooks for herself and get's flustered easily, especially when recieving a compliment. I was actually quite suprised that her story sounded pretty similar to Rua and Ruka's life stlyes - That her parents tend to be away alot, so she developed early aged skills that an elder figure would proceed on.

For your first try at this pairing, it seemed pretty damn believable. I know I must be repeating myself (I do that alot, sorry XD), but you really have. You seem to have a knack for writing about any 5D's character and placing a clear image of the setting of the scene into the readers head, like what you have done now. RallyXPatty officially needs more love in my book, and you have now inspired me/

However, regardless to your say of trying to tone down descripton because you are writing in the essence of a childish atmosphere (Not trying to insult, if it sounded insulting), I do have a few nit-picks that I would like to point out.

One thing I would like to point out first - Did Rally not ask his other friends due to embarrassment? It just confuses me, seeing as Ruka may have been the best to ask for advice in this matter, that's all.

'Sugary Things' seemed a little weak to me. Now, there isn't a problem with the sentence in itself, it just seemed to make the sentence a little off-key. 'Treats' or 'Delights', would have been a little better, but that is just me.

Also, Crow doesn't refer to himself as 'Crow The Bullet-sama'. It is either 'Crow-sama' OR 'Crow The Bullet'. However, he may have been pretty boastful, I just needed to point that out.

All in all, a pretty good story, and a great original couple that from this day, really needs more love :)

p.s: Oh god, what do you suppose Crow or Jack are going to be like if Rally ever asks how babies are made? *Shudders just thinking about it.