Reviews for Wish upon a star
Queerapika chapter 1 . 6/20/2011
Yay, such a nice birthday Oneshot! I had to laugh at the image of Fai as a lazy fashion queen. I guess he just takes the time to dress up when he has a one-on-one with his Kuro-love. XD And of course the tan man can’t survive without Fai’s love! I bet he’d rather chop his arm off than live without all the hugs and kisses (Yeah, I know if the joke gets a little more older it will grow a beard. So what?).

And Fai is sooo sweet when he greets Kurogane.

And I really liked the ‘It’s been a while since I last seen you all’ comment by Yuui since it’s such a subtle and very grown-up joke. It’s a kind of joke I would make and I’m a rather shy person except when I’m with my friends, so this is why I think this is just like Yuui to make a remark like that.

I think you just missed something in Syaorons description. Things like “a sexy beast who just knows how to flirt” (sorry but I can’t help to see him like that. I mean he’s Syaoran’s twin, so he has to be the complete opposite.)

Another thing that made me laugh was Kurogane’s remarklabout the stars all looking the same. Seriously, I feel the same way. I know they’re not the same but I’ve never been much interested in astronomy and all those star constellations are too much for me. A star is a star like a hand is a hand. But it was nice to experience Yuui being a bit of a geek. That almost makes it up how he interrupts the KuroFai fluff moment later. Just because he’s hungry. Stop being a Drama Queen, Yuui and start to feed from love *raises arms in the air in frustration*

And about Yuuko and Clow… am I the only one who thinks they are not just friends but friends with benefits?

And thanks for making me fall in love with Syaoron more and more… he’s gorgeous! Embarassing Yuui in front of everyone and when he said “My mum’s worried about us” I thought the ‘us’ means him and Yuui. I could imagine them so well, sitting on the soccer field, holding hands. But we should agree on calling Syaoron ‘Yuui’s not so secret boyfriend’ if almost everyone knows.

Ah, what can I say? Thank you, thank you, thank you *hugs*
Tomi Lang chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
It must be hitsuzen that just yesterday I listened to "FantasMic" by Nightwish in loops. The song's primary line is "wish upon a star" XD

Ah~ Beautifully written! This short story is a real delight and your writing in this one looks better than your previous stories. I enjoyed reading each and every word and smiled like a dumb girl~ Wonderful!