Reviews for Behind the scenes: Food from Hell
Renascent chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
I can't believe this. I was totally going to write Elsie's perspective on conquests and, well, everything (mostly because I couldn't think of any for Keima as a true plot... that I want to write about). Her spotlight is on the 2nd most but it certainly does not shine as bright as Keima nor the heroines (during conquests, which are often). There are a lot of thing that fans could interpret about her perspective on things like her role in conquests, being Kanon's fan, being Chihiro and Ayumi's friend, her time in a band, her "date", and, of course, being a surrogate idol.

The story seems to accurately depict both Keima and Elsie. I was you seem to remember a lot of details that I totally forgot about. I'm wondering where you got names for things, mainly food, from the demon world. The writing seems fine: I think that I only noticed about 3 spelling and no grammar and punctuation errors THAT I KNOW. High school students aren't exactly experts on these. So good job, I guess.