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BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
-SQUEALS- I could read your one shots all day but then I would be in the damn shower all day and I would be flat broke from paying off that water bill. I guess I will have to pace myself...for now! -grins-

First of all I really loved how you gave Tommy a girlfriend. Made him a one woman man. Out of all the guys I see him being the most likely to have one girl and I love the way it turned out in this one shot. They may only have eyes for each other but they still go at it like animals... None of their attraction or lust has died over the years and I love that.

Incorporating the roleplaying to keep it interesting it also a great touch. You certainly know how to shake things up girl!

-Tommy laughed; he may not be tall, but his body was strong. He'd made sure of that since he'd joined the Darley gang. He was just as fierce as any of his friends. The girl whined as he shoved her skirt up on her hips, petting her core through the sheer lace fabric of her panties. Her fighting stopped and she purred, rolling her eyes into the back of her head. "You like that?" He asked, rubbing harder.- -SIZZLES- I'm officially seeing Tommy in a new light, and a very hot, dangerous light at that.

-He'd never been one for romance, but Tommy had eyes for only one girl. Putting up with the gang's ridicule was well worth the reward.- AWWW! You tell em' Tommy. Be your own man!

-"Look at you." He purred. "So tame." She moaned, moving on him faster. "You gonna cum for me, sweetheart?" His jeans were excruciating, but he was enjoying the sight too much to interrupt with his own need. Terri nodded.-

-"Let me see you." He whispered, releasing her wrists to slide down her body. Her legs opened to allow him to kneel between her knees, watching his fingers work her to the edge. With her calf, Terri stroked his bulging cock through his jeans. He purred and shot forward, sucking and flicking his tongue over her clit, sending her into a roaring orgasm. Her back arched harshly, bringing her hips off the floor.- I couldn't resist quoting those two. TOO DAMN HOT! I swear one of these days, I'm going to faint from reading these. You're going to send me into smut overload... but what a way to go. ) Seriously the whole thing is one big cold shower but those two bits were just mind blowingly hot!

-"I swear. You two are the worst fuckin' neighbors." Baggy grinned from the other side, arms crossed as he leaned in the doorway. Tommy gave him a smirk and Baggy craned his head to look inside. "When you gonna dump this loser and try me out, Terri?" She laughed, replacing her tank top and pulling her skirt back down to its proper spot around her waist.- You have turned me into a Baggy addict right along with ya and I love how you included him in this story! Baggy is such the dirty boy...there goes my mind again revealing in a slew of dirty thoughts. -sighs in contentment-

-"If I wasn't goin' with ya, I'd offer to attend to your woman but…" Tommy slugged him and Baggy cackled.- HAHA Baggy is something else. I love how you write him girl!

Another incredible one-shot to add to your ever expanding resume. THANK YOU THANK YOU for spoiling me... again and for the 10 minute straight cold shower I'm going to need now... again.


Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 1 . 6/18/2011



So guess who’s rolling through with some more reviews? OH YES IT’S SPARKLY! Finally found some time, up to my eyeballs in work! (

And I don’t need to tell you that this didn’t disappoint! Ooh Tommy you bad boy, I can see a pattern emerging for me... a new appreciation for each of the boys appearing! :P

HAHA Girl likes games but can only handle so much! Love the imagery of this bit ‘Role-play never really worked in the long run; Terri could only stand so much teasing before she was putty in his hands, begging for him to finish the job. He pulled the mask off his face and she met his mouth, biting his bottom lip.’ LOVE the chemistry between these two! Detailed so well, as always :P

‘"We're finishing this game." He growled, suddenly taking her wrists in a hand and pinning them over her head. Terri gasped and he leant down, yanking on her tank to reveal her breasts. She squirmed as he took a nipple in his mouth, nibbling and rolling his tongue over the peak.’ I got shivers...who knew the shorter gang member could be so domineering? Oh man girl, you’re really teasing me here with all the guy stories that im working my way through... who’s conflicted? LOL I LOVE your smutty goodness! Terri is one lucky girl! )

I really liked how you turned the tables and she managed to get the upper hand in the game? ‘"I should deny you." She murmured, grasping and releasing his head with her walls. He hissed."Terri, I can't take much more. Fuck me baby." He caressed her hips with his thumbs, digging his fingers into her butt. She dipped more inside of her and he growled, pushing hard against her restraint.’ You go girl, show him how it feels to be teased to the edge! HEHE

And how fucking awesome...bringing Baggy in like that! I was giggling – as if he can talk? Sexy devil is just as bad :P LOVE LOVE LOVE! Brilliant stuff as always!

*HUGS* Heading for the next boy ;)

leeseelee chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
Oh Baggy ... too funny
sunstar234 chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
now that is amazing all that fluff :)

they like role-playing huh?

is billy included in that question if he is i pit him :)

amazing amazing grrrr so amazing
xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
lol. *says in singsong voice* "tommy's into rooollle play!" and he is apparently into going steady with one chick. now that's something that i find attractive in a man. guys that fuck this one or that one but never have a steady girl is not exactly a turn on for me. *ponders* and yet i find billy irresistible. the mind's a fuckin' mystery, let me tell ya. anywho, this was really interesting and it was amusing. it was good smut and there was joking and teasing too. so i really enjoyed reading it for sure and i can't wait to see who you pick to do next. okay. that came out wrong. but you get what i mean. who you WRITE about next. we'll put it that way.