Reviews for Our Family
bubble.duckie chapter 1 . 10/8/2011
Nice one-shot!
Arrietti chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
That was sweet. The idea of adopting an abandoned puppy is so touching. Despite having a tough appearance, Natsuki is indeed a gentle person. Shizuru is always Shizuru, full of tricks lol
ALEXISSA2 chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Hahaha Shizuru tried to trick Natsuki, too bad it didn't work out but good try though.

Awww Kiyoran is so lucky to have Natsuki and Shizuru. Such a cute family and now all they need is their little child.

Thanks for sharing.
Yuri-hime chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
This was a really cute and sweet story~ The pups name was clever

Nice short fic! Thanks for sharing~ D
kurakami chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
Love to see you do another in the Mai Otome uni. So cute from Shizuru trying to fool Natsuki to Natsuki's puppy encounter. Love also the references to your other stories. Thanks for sharing!
Ookami Z chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
Kiyoran! That's brilliant! Kiyohime Duran! Ha I didnt get it till the last line lol. I loved this story! It was very sweet :)
ARJet chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
this is very heart-warming... silly isn't it? but really, this is nice.
ShadowCub chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
Shizuru has her number.
shezaei-neko chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
Wonderful! I love fluffy shots just like this one. It was really nice. And I liked the name since it's a mix of Kiyohime and Duran.

As usual a great fic!