Reviews for The Best Seat
SunflowerIce chapter 1 . 5/18/2012
that was a cool one shot xD well done, really :D
LostOzian chapter 1 . 7/7/2011

It's depressing I know people like Mark. That's actually most of why it's so appealing to watch him crash and burn. We all know those obnoxious, self-important jerks who lie to try and feel better about themselves. Also, the fact he's trying to lie to Kiryu, a guy who looks badass without even caring about his appearance, makes him even more pathetic, easier to hate, and funnier to laugh at. His ending is perfectly deserved, too. He has something amazing, front and center seats, but he tries to impress someone with them, and ends up blowing everything way out of proportion. Then, when he sees someone else has something better, he feels unsatisfied. The way you used "satisfaction" thematically rather than directly puts this fic a cut above other Kiryu-centric pieces.

You did a great job at describing Kiryu through someone else's eyes. One problem with fanfiction is that there frequently emerges a set of stock phrases used to describe characters (i.e., Yusei's eyes are often "cobalt" instead of just blue.) The thing is, that word choice conveys a lot of characterization. The line "living image of a hayseed come to the big city" says WAY more about Mark than it does about Kiryu. We all know what Kiryu looks like; we're 5Ds fans. Mark doesn't, and it's a much more interesting read to try and see a beloved character through the lens of someone who doesn't like him. Mark saw an unkempt, foggy-headed, gullible moron with a marker. He doesn't see the leader of Team Satisfaction, Dark Signer of the Giant, or the almighty Shinigami the way fans do.

I also like Kiryu's passive attitude. It gives good contrast between Mark's frantic desire to prove himself better than others, and Kiryu's calm acceptance that even if he isn't, he's still got it good. I feel like a lot of Kiryu's reasoning behind rubbing his VIP seat in Mark's face is because Mark lied so atrociously about one of his best friends, not because he wants to assert superiority. Something like social status doesn't satisfy Kiryu, and you did a good job conveying that.

I do wish Kiryu had twisted the knife a bit more and dug Mark deeper into his Satellite lie. He says that he "grew up together" with Jack, which opens up thousands of possibilities for Kiryu to turn up the heat. It'd be common knowledge by this point that Jack is Satellite-born, so Kiryu could ask all sorts of fake-innocent questions about growing up in Satellite, how Jack got his start dueling, other details like that, so that Kiryu could accumulate all the errors and then just blast them back in Mark's face. Mark would be the sort of idiot to try and claim he taught Jack how to duel, or to try and laugh of Satellite as no big deal. It's really good the way it is now, especially since immediately after, Jack busts in and immediately proves he and Kiryu go way back. But, I do sort of wish Kiryu had played up his bumpkin cover, and Mark gotten himself in even deeper trouble. Then, as a nitpick, you use two different spellings of "Atlas." I only noticed because I prefer using the 'a,' so the 'u' really stood out.

I still really love this. Mark is the real moron here, getting what he deserved. It also fits in with the admittedly corny yet adorable finale epilogue scenes. Almost everyone (shown) who was involved in the Dark Signer fight and in fighting Yliaster got what they wanted most out of life. They also got what they deserved, for putting up with the pain and sorrow and downright trauma of trying to save the world. This is a sweet, sweet little story of revenge and why you should always respect people and never pretend to know celebrities. *big heart* - LostOzian
Kirei Ryuusei chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
ROFLMAO! That was hilarious! Kiryu just acts all disinterested then says he DOES have the cheapest tickets in the house! That was great!
Cavern of memories chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Hah serves that idiot right. I love how composed you made Kiryu when Mark was telling him all those lies. Shows just how much Kiryu knows his friends. There were a couple of spelling and grammer errors, but it was still a good story.
Risaia chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
O.o I like the idea for this story. Maybe Mark will learn not to boast to people he doesn't know, especially if he's lying. I love the way you described the end part, when Jack came to find Kiryu. Good job!
D.GrayManGRL chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
Oh my god, I was dying when he was telling Kiryu/Kalin those lies. I love how you made him react.
Higuchimon chapter 1 . 6/10/2011
*snickers* Poor guy. I'd almost feel sorry for him...but I don't. Bet he'll pick his words with more care next time. :)