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BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 4 . 10/18/2011
YAY! Back for more! I'm a very happy, exited girl!

-She would have let him have anything in the world. His lips were so gentle and tender, Whitney melted into his arms like butter, utterly conflicted. Moments ago, she'd been furious at him, feeling used and discarded. But being kissed this way was the opposite of used. Dog moved his lips against hers like she was made of china and would shatter if not treated with delicate care. And it made her weak, limp and completely his. No man had ever touched her this way.- You write this so well that I feel the sparks and chemistry between them. It's truly incredible girl. It's just so...powerful. Yep, that's the right word. Very powerful!

"What?" He barked back. The voice on the other side of the door deepened, growling through the thin wood.

"Hurry up." Billy Darley. She recognized him this time. Instantly, Whitney shot away out of impulse. His hands smoothed over her arm and reeled her back, calming the fear as quickly as it had arrived.- First of all, describing Billy's voice like that...shivers and melts. Second the way Dog instantly calmed her fear is AMAZING!

-Outside, standing against the far wall, was Billy Darley, smoking with a smirk. A couple of brunettes giggled under each of his arms and Whitney didn't recognize either of them. The rumors were true, he didn't need whores to get laid.- HOT DAMN! Of course Billy doesn't need whores to get laid. And even if he does use them he doesn't pay. That man is too incredible for that.

-"Want a drink?" He purred in her ear. So close, his mouth was drifting over her cheek, the warm air from his words sending shockwaves over her body. She was a virgin with this man, trembling at his very breath. Blushing, she nodded and leaned her head into his chest. Just being near him made her feel secure and almost shielded from the room around her. Dog was hers for the moment and she was taking all she could.- I swear you're going to make every woman who reads this fall in love with Dog. You just write him in such a way that he becomes the perfect man. Hard on the outside, protecting and strong but there is something else about him that just draws you in.

-"You told me to." Whitney wrinkled her nose and grinned, unsure of what he meant. With a finger, he pointed to her eyes, the second time that night, and suddenly his strange reply made sense. She'd been wishing for him to whisk her away, stealing glances at him from across the room, and he'd seen her. Read her. Dog had been listening.- SWOONS AND MELTS! Seriously, what are you doing to me? Don't get me wrong, I'm a 150% Billy and Joe girl, those Darleys are magnificent but you make Dog so tempting. Just him taking her away from Bodie because she asked with her eyes is incredibly powerful.

-It was tempting, taking what he wanted, but he wanted Whitney. While she was working, she wasn't Whitney. In his lap, she was raw, real. And it had nearly driven him mad, fighting the urge to take her home hours ago and have her until the sun came up. But it needed to be Whitney. One hundred percent Whitney. Jeans, tank and flip flops Whitney. Long neck beer and flushed cheeks Whitney. Whining and gasping Whitney.- Oh dear lord. The thoughts that man has are driving me crazy. How he wants Whitney, and nothing less will do is so incredibly sweet. XD

-Dog caught her mouth in a swift duck of his head, pressing a palm into her back to draw her close. Then, while she grabbed onto his neck, he swung them, closing the door in a sharp shove. His excitement was pushing him towards rough. Not with Whitney. He couldn't be rough with her. So he slowed his kisses, taking his time as he parted her lips with his tongue. She tasted fantastic and he shuddered, indulging for a moment with a long plunge into her mouth.- This man is too frickin good for words. Seriously, you have really expanded his character, made him your own in a way and that results are AMAZING!

-"David." His body broke out in goosebumps. He hadn't heard his own name in years. Not from anyone. David had been forgotten, left behind with his past. Another round of heated kisses made his head swim. David was live tonight, for the first time in a long time. Dog was gone for now.- You have no idea how much I wanted to quote the entire part. Him struggling with doing that to Anita and thinking he'd always be alone and then turning around. Just... BEAUTIFUL, RAW, and REAL! But I couldn't resist quoting this last part. The power that using his real name had on Dog speaks volumes. And I just...I'm in awe. )

-And this was the first time a man had been in it.- LOVE LOVE LOVE! So powerful and it means so much. I'm really...just... this chapter is driving me all kinds of crazy.

-"Wait." He panted. With gentle hands, he turned her and reached out for the soap that rested in the dish. She watched him lather his hands in it before setting it back down and encircling her from behind. Rubbing his palms over her stomach, David started to wash her, using the silky suds to slide over the skin. Whitney moaned and leaned back into his chest, letting him explore every inch. His erect cock settled in her lower back and she moved against it slowly, gently. As he evoked moans with his hands, she made him groan with her hips. Slippery fingers caressed her inner thighs, hips, belly, then breasts, teasing her nipples and making her whine. David kissed her neck as he went, adding small sporadic bucks of his hips. When she thought she was going to explode, he released and turned her around. Without a word, she took the soap and mimicked his attention, tracing the curves of his chest and stomach to the arch of his hips and muscles of his thighs. She avoided his throbbing erection, remembering his words. This was about something other than pleasure. Soap lathered all over his body, David just ran his hands through her hair, brushing the fluid onyx behind her ears. Then, as the suds ran down his torso, he took her mouth in his, surging his tongue through her lips as the water flowed over their faces. His erection met her stomach again and he let out a groan.- So the ENTIRE shower scene was breathtaking and beautifully written. Not a single flaw or thing to change there. But if I quoted it all I would run out of room. -cries- So this part really hit me. Because like you said it was about something more than pleasure. And the way David is with her, the way he makes things different and obviously cares never ceases to make me extremely. I'm honestly kinda speechless right now and that's a very good thing. )

-He wanted to take her against the shower wall, the bathroom floor, the door, but he didn't let himself. The massive erection the shrieked at him from his hips begged for it, but he ignored his own body for her. The flushed cheeks and whines. Whitney. That's what this was about. He was going to make love for the first time in years and he was going to do it right.- Again, making that man so incredible and wonderful that I'm at a loss for words. I just know that when I read this I'm incredibly happy and I feel happy for Whitney and Dog. Especially Dog because it broke my heart reading what happened to his first love and seeing him able to have that again is thrilling me to no end.

-"Slow." He whispered, panting the word against her temple. She swallowed thickly before nodding and suddenly he was there. Hard like iron but soft like silk, plunging into her slick walls. They both moaned, bodies intertwined on the soaked bed sheets. Holding himself up with his arms, David pulled slowly from her body and returned in the same manner, curling his spine as he thrust. Whitney couldn't breathe. He was magnificent, a precise fit, and he was already building a scalding sensation in her hips. With small whines, she kneaded his back, gasping as he filled her each time. The muscles around his shaft tightened and grasped as she neared climax and Dog lifted one hand to her face. Without a word, he held her cheek in one hand, stroking it with a thumb as he labored with slow thrusts. Then, as she came, he kissed her open lips, groaning at the clamping heat around his cock.- HOT STEAMY HOT STEAMY! COLD SHOWER COLD SHOWER! You're talent is incredible and this scene is magnificent in every single way. Seriously, my head is spinning.

-Then David sat up, grabbing Whitney around the waist as he thrust with her and shaking the bed as he neared the finish. Flicking her tongue against his, she moaned when he slammed into her and came, growling with pleasure into her mouth. The sound of his thundering voice sent her into a third orgasm, and she rode the waves with his small remaining thrusts, sighing contently. Never in her life had she cum three times with one man. Never had she felt so treasured. Whitney had never made love; David had shown her how.- First of all, incredibly hot and well written but more than it. The last sentence. She'd never made love and David showed her how. I swear I just lost my breath at that. It's so beautiful and powerful. There is no other way to describe it. XD

-Whitney. With him, she was Whitney.

And he was David.- My word. I'm speechless, in awe, all of that wonderful stuff you get when reading something so AMAZING. Just like everything you write. You know I love this story, like all of them and I'm really loving what you have done with Dog. I'm completely impressed. So, when the inspiration hits you for this one again I will be THRILLED and ECSTATIC to read it. Simply mind blowing girl. Hopefully it really got my butt going with inspiration so I can write something as equally good. -fingers crossed-

Love ya girl!


BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 3 . 10/18/2011
It's taken me FOREVER to get back to this story but I've missed it and I'm very glad to be back reviewing for you girl!

-Time is a flimsy variable. Sometimes, seconds can change things vastly. Others, the passing of weeks can do little to change a situation. - I love how you put truths about life in here like this. It keeps the story very grounded and real and it makes the reader really think. GREAT JOB!

-An arm wrapped around his neck and a small smile glossed over Dog's face as the birthday boy embraced him.

"MY MAN!" Joey shouted into his ear. Dog flinched and gave him a clap on the back. Billy was keeping a steady flow of alcohol available for his underage brother, and Joey was feeling the effects. His volume was out of control and it was smiles abound as he stumbled around, giving everyone similar greetings. He'd hover in someone's face for a moment, then move along, spouting random phrases and giggling hysterically. Billy just watched and laughed at his baby brother, tugging the kid into a chair every once in a while when he threatened to fall altogether.- LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'm hopelessly addicted to bar scenes but it's Joey's birthday! AWWW. The way he greeted Dog and was greeting everyone was classic, very true to Joe and Billy tugging Joe into a chair every now and then, like a good older brother had me smiling like you wouldn't believe. I LOVE those DARLEY BOYS SO MUCH!

-"I really want head." Joey barked, fumbling with his zipper drunkenly. Bodie chuckled and shook his head, taking Joey's hands away before he'd exposed himself in front of all the men.

"Get a room first, Joe Joe." Billy wrinkled his nose in a grin.- Oh dear lord! A very drunk and very horny Joe is certainly a sight to see. YUMMY! Can't help it. I love Joe and his dirty mouth. XD

-"If he does, it wasn't a good party." He replied, laughing with a dark purr. Dog grinned a little. It wasn't a rare occurrence to wake up from one of Billy's parties without a clue how you ended up where you were. Even he'd fallen victim to a blackout, coming to on Bodie's floor.

"One things for sure, I'm gonna spend your money, and I'm gonna enjoy myself doin' so." Bodie said with a grin- Okay I'm bad I know but the dirtier these men are the more I love them. Okay, I love them no matter what. But seriously, picturing Billy's parties and what must go on before every one blacks out is making me a very happy girl. And of course Bodie saying he was going to spend Billy's money and enjoy himself doing so...grinning like a fiend over here.

-Bodie motioned her into his lap and she straddled his thighs, facing him, the heels of her shoes jutting out dangerously at his knees. With no hesitation, he was holding her ass in his hands, running his fingers under the bottom of her non-existent shorts. Then Bodie smacked her rear, proving his status as a spanker, and she jerked a little, reacting to the impact. Dog wanted to look away, but his eyes disobeyed his mind.

After a little more petting, Bodie turned her in his lap and placed his hands on her waist. Directing, he moved her against his crotch in a dance, spreading her legs wide so her knees sat on the outside of his. She kept her head turned, looking at her customer from the side and biting her pink, bottom lip. With each rock of her hips, she gripped Bodie's knees and arched her neck. It was quite a performance, and Dog saw it as such. A performance. He'd seen her real smile, her real personality. And her real arousal. She had been a blushing, whimpering mess when he'd had her, and this, what she was with Bodie, wasn't that girl at all. It was a lie and Dog hated watching it.- I'm totally over quoting here but this is what your stories do to me. So first of all. Bodie being Bodie's totally reminding me of that AMAZING one shot you did with him, hence dirty thoughts abounding. Also the way Dog viewed Whitney with Bodie really resounded with me. It fits perfectly, it's exactly what I would imagine to be going through his mind. Nailed it girl!

-Then her eyes found his and lightning shot up his spine. How did she do that? The last time she'd evoked that response, he'd intentionally scared her away. It had taken him off guard, the chemistry. But when she looked this time, she was saying something. Loudly. And he was instantly in shambles.- I am so loving on Dog and Whitney right now. His reactions and the way she makes him feel, just incredible.

-Bodie's erection was sliding between her thighs and she sighed with each pass, rubbing her fingertips into his knees as she did. He was certainly endowed, that much was certain, even from beneath his jeans. Using a hand, he pressed into her spine, moving her harder against his cock. If she didn't know better, she'd swear he was going to fuck her right there, in front of the entire bar.- One more dirty I couldn't help it. Hot damn Bodie! -fans self- Too good for words girl!

-"Stop." This time his tone was deadly serious. Fear replaced her anger and Whitney swallowed.

"Why?" She whispered. They were almost nose to nose, looking at each other with a strange intensity. Then he released her wrists, using a finger to point at her eyes.

"There." Whitney let a breath out of her lungs in a stammer. How could one man say so little yet convey so much? His eyes softened and he touched her cheek with a thumb, tracing the bone beneath. "That's real." He murmured. All the suppressed rejection hit her like an anvil and Whitney felt herself unravel in front of him.- Oh my lord! Seriously, you making me crush on Dog. The way yo write him is unreal. He's so strong and so internalized, even more so than Billy. At least in some ways. And yet he does convey so much with one word and just what he wants from Whitney is so...magical. He's a complex man that you really have to dig into and you have certainly done it. I'm very impressed. You're bringing dog to life for me.

-He felt guilty. The reaction he'd gotten was far stronger than he'd expected. She'd taken his words to heart and it showed. This girl was as damaged as he was, twisted and bent beyond repair. As she crumbled in front of him, Dog was stunned. He didn't move for a long time, startled by the display. What was he doing to her? But more importantly, why had he done it?- Dog is some kind of spectacular, each time you delve into his head I find myself liking him more and more. There is something so raw and human about it while maintaining the hard man that he is, it's unnerving and beautifully so.

-"Your name." He murmured. The girl blinked and a tear rolled down her cheek. Without hesitation he caught it with his thumb, waiting for an answer.

"Whitney." A name to go with the face, a word to fill the void.

He trailed his gaze from her eyes to her lips and gave slight pull to the back of her head. It was a test and Whitney, the raven-haired woman in his arms, met his opened mouth with a subtle tilt of her chin. She was warm and sweet, perfect.

The moment he kissed her, he declared himself a liar.

He was very interested.- This ending, just like the entire chapter is truly incredible. The simple way he asked for her name yet it obviously meant quite a lot to him to hear it. I love that. And him finally admitting to himself that he was interested. Oh man...LOVE LOVE LOVE!

As always, I'm incredibly impressed and thrilled with your writing. And also like always it makes me want to write. I really love how reading something of yours gives me the writing bug, especially since I couldn't get any words out last night. Anyway, I'm heading to the next chapter now and am looking forward to doing so. Just AMAZING! Don't ever change your style girl.

Love ya girl!


xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 4 . 8/26/2011
i really loved this chapter dear. it was SO great to finally have dog accept her and not fight it. i know he's got a fucked up past and i know the poor man's struggling, but that doesn't mean that he had to treat her like shit. she didn't treat him that way and i think he finally came to realize that who he was, what he did, none of that mattered to him. how he TREATED her was all she cared about. whitney and him will make a GREAT couple i think and i can't wait to read what comes next in this story dear. :D
xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 3 . 8/26/2011
dear, you nearly had me in tears. i won't lie. and i don't cry easily, ESPECIALLY not while reading something. so you've really got me sympathizing with poor whitney. i was nearly crying for her, tearing up as i read just how strongly she'd taken dog's words to heart and how she hated to see him because of how he'd hurt her. it was something easier to deal with, even though it wasn't what she wanted, when she was with the other men. but dog had broken through the barrier she'd built up around herself to keep things as professional and business-like as possible. he'd managed to get to her and coax her into feeling things she wasn't used to, much like the affect she had on him. i really LOVE how you write this story dear. moving onto the next chapter now. :)
xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
aww... poor whitney. i feel bad for women that are in her line of work. i really do. 99% of them aren't doing it because they like it. they have children to feed or they're working their way through college or to support their loved ones. it's the same story with most strippers too - or at least it starts OFF that way until some of them get famous or they grow to eventually like it. but ones that don't go pro usually have their reasons for working there. most people look at them as trash but they're just making money the only way they think they can. most of them don't think they're anything special, much like poor whitney here. and dog totally shut her down. i feel terrible for her. but apparently his past has made it the reason for his turning her down, not that she knows that yet.
BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 2 . 8/11/2011
I'm so bad I know. Taking forever to review. -is ashamed over here-

You know I always love your stuff and always want more even if I don't review right way.

With that said I'm very happy to be reviewing now, I'm totally in love with this story you have done for Dog.

-But the blonde didn't know two things: his cock hung left tonight, and he wasn't into blondes.- This really stuck with me. For one I really love how he isn't into blondes. -HIGH FIVE-. It's just something about him not liking the blonde doesn't know which way he hung, like a subtle way of saying he wants someone who does know at least a little about him. Could be off that's just the way I felt.

-He gave her a polite nod. Unlike the rest of the men, Dog had been raised to be respectful and he did so quietly, when he could get away with it.- Wonderful! I like these details like separate Dog from the rest of the gang. They are all truly unique in their own way and you show that.

-He always left before the rest, the girls saw to that- Sometime's its simple lines that this that make me love Billy even more.

-He asked, eyeing the whining girl with a dangerous frown. The rest of the men didn't understand Dog's picky nature, but Bodie stood up for him. Somehow, he'd silently relayed to Dog that he respected his need for solitude. Perhaps he sensed the lingering past or maybe he just liked the quiet man. Dog didn't care what the reason was, he was just grateful for the backup.- PERFECTION! So much love for this. 'eyeing the whining girl with a dangerous frown- I picture that being incredibly hot. But what really draws me in about this is that Bodie stands up for Dog, he doesn't need to understand him but he's there to back him up. Fits with what I believe Bodies's personality to be.

-He growled. His voice. It sent ice down her spine and scalded between her legs. The effect he had was still there. That's what she was doing. This is what drew her back. Dog was the first man who'd gotten under her skin, more than just physically. His touch had left her wanting for months, lying underneath customers with a stale memory.- SWOONS and MELTS! When you write Dog like this I find myself wanting a piece of him too. The effect he has on Whitney is very realistic, and I love the fact that she's drawn back there because he's different.

-A holler rose in the back of the bar, Joey Darley throwing a fist into the air as he sunk the eight ball into a corner pocket. His opponent, Baggy, leaned back until his spine curled, groaning with humiliation. Whitney let a smile open her lips and a small laugh escaped. This was a side of the gang she'd never seen.- THATS MY BOYS! I couldn't help it. I'm completely in love with this side of them and bits like that thrown in there make my entire night.

-It was easy to be afraid of every word from the man's mouth. He made everything sound ominous, thick with danger. But his face said a completely different story, so when she saw it, she softened and took it in stride.- This description is sheer genius and I love it! I keep saying I love stuff but seriously in your stories it's hard not to. Apologies for the repetition but seriously... it's just unavoidable with a story this great!

-He was telling her to stay, in his own way, and her body lit up like a candle. When the barmaid was gone, she turned to him and smiled. For some reason, she didn't want to speak. It was bizarre. With Dog, talking felt almost taboo.- AWWW. I feel like I'm right there with Whitney. Attracted to Dog but nervous to talk. Feeling him out and all of that. INCREDIBLE!

-This wasn't just about him, she'd given herself a hope about all men. A false hope. But now she knew better. Unless she could scrub away her job and her past, she was bound to wind up alone- AWWW poor Whitney. Dog you make it up to that girl! Hehe, can't help it. I find I'm already voting for those two.

-No woman could have that effect on him ever again. And he couldn't have one chasing him. No. His wounds were still there, deep and ugly. If he allowed another too close…Suddenly he couldn't be sitting in that booth. He shot out of the seat and threw down a few bills, striding for the exit with engulfing steps.

Never again.

Never again.- AWWW sheesh! Now I'm feeling bad for Dog as well. Those two need to be happy. Dog's past story broke my heart and I really hope that he will let Whitney in. Not keep saying 'never again'.

AMAZING STORY & AMAZING CHAPTER! You're always incredible and you never disappoint. I'm already becoming addicted to this story, no lie, and I just know that I'm going to love it even more with every chapter. You truly have a writing talent and I will always enjoy everything I read from him.

I promise to do another review for you tomorrow girl! You deserve all the praise in the world!



leeseelee chapter 4 . 8/10/2011
I like this fic. Whintney and David are a good match.

[insert ass kissing here] heh heh heh

I can see some issues stirring however since she is a hooker and one that is frequently paid to work the gang over. hmmm what is going to happen?

[insert more ass kissing] haha

Keep writing more of this. I would be cool to see how it goes.
Millster86 chapter 3 . 8/6/2011
wow this (please forgive the pun) is beyond words. I'm usually a Billy girl but you have brought something else to the table and work it well. Hope to see more soon :)
chrisd1016929 chapter 3 . 7/30/2011
Oooh, poor Dog, not wanting to be invested, but unable to stop that! I also love how Whitney is so vulnerable, yet so hard in order to do her job. Truly, all hookers have a reason for doing what they do, I can't think of a reason why one would choose that kind of life, so it would be interesting to see what her reasons are. Is it she was forced into it? Has a kid and no other way to support it? Drugs? What? I'm not saying that Dog should be her knight in tarnished armor, I really can't see a man that lives the way he does be that, but I think it would be nice if he could give her the option of making her life better by giving her job up, as well as what his history is and why he is so afraid of caring about a woman again.

Okay, I'll stop rambling now! LoL!

Great story and I can't wait for more!
leeseelee chapter 3 . 7/30/2011
It was good. I kinda wanted to read some sex tho lol
leeseelee chapter 2 . 7/29/2011
aw poor Whitney. I like her even though she is a whore.
Powergirl24 chapter 2 . 7/29/2011
I am really excited to see where you go with this story. I can tell it's gonna be really good. The chemestry between whitney and dog is amazing! Please update soon
chrisd1016929 chapter 2 . 7/29/2011
I am SOOOO happy you decided to continue with this! Dog is one of the more intruiging characters in the movie because nothing was said about him which gives a writer plenty to add to flesh him out. I can't wait to see you dig into his head a bit!
Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 1 . 6/18/2011



I think you nailed Dog’s character perfectly in this story girl, your interpretation of him is really how I would imagine him to be... LOVED, what more can I say? You truly have a gift at writing the smut and you write so freaking much! :P envious! Lol

The first line summed him up in seconds girl ‘Billy could count the number of words he'd heard out of Dog's mouth on one hand. His most recent recruit had earned his stripes by being the silent, obedient dog that he was. And that was all Billy cared about.’ SO TRUE!

‘"No." He said. A shiver ran down her spine. His voice was deep and smooth with a twist of growl. While he'd sounded dangerous, his tone told her not to be afraid.’ I think I got a shiver to with the way you described that... you could really feel Whitney’s emotions of seducing dog in that moment... AWESOME JOB!

‘There was something more to him, a story that hadn't been told.’ Your descriptions and one liners for the characters are just amazing girl. All that is Dog, you summed up!

I can’t tell you how much your smut writing rules, best I have ever detail everything and I LOVE THAT about your style ‘Dog grabbed her bottom and hoisted her from the table, taking her weight onto his waist and spinning around, pressing her back against the nearest wall. Without missing a beat, he thrust into her again, building up more magnificent pressure in her hips.’ I am going to need a few cold showers after reading these! I can tell :P OH MAN GIRL, your killing me with all the sexiness but at least I can die happy eh? ;) HAHA

This line said it all ‘He'd never understand the bastard, but he liked him all the same.’ EXACTLY, Dog will always remain the mysterious one and well girl you detailed that perfectly throughout and that just added more seducing attributes to him! )

I can’t understand why you would be nervous, you are the SMUT goddess and your proving that every time! LOVED THIS SO FREAKING MUCH! )


sunstar234 chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
i love it :)

dog's the man yeah:)

he is amazing !
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