Reviews for Hyde's Long Way Home
TinkStar87 chapter 26 . 6/6
SO GOOD! Love these kinds of stories. Read ya Later ;)
sunset oasis chapter 26 . 4/30
omgggggg i love this. they made it. they really made it and it's been a year and things really gotten so much better and theyve all grown a lot and i love it.

also idk why but i always get a ton of feelings whenever hyde and eric hugged and even in fanfics, it's no exceptions. and all those things hyde didn't say but clearly shows how much he missed eric - god i love these two.
and yeah it makes sense that if sept 8 1979 was on loop eric's flight woud've felt like forever ...
also i love the way you write eric, i could hear his voice in my head as i read. it's just so eric.

this is such a long ride with twists and turns and i'm so glad that they got their happy ending that they deserve. it's beautiful.
thanks for sharing this amazing story
sunset oasis chapter 25 . 4/30
OMG he finally got out of the loop i nearly screamed when that abba song didn't go on i was going to burst in happiness
and when he finally felt he was enough i'm so happy for him because he deserved to feel that
also he saved the hobart's child this makes me happy too
the conversation with red made me cry, about how hyde understood why red was that way with eric, even if eric might not understood yet. "you don't want him to be trapped" and red nodded and i just have so many feelings about it
oh and when he took donna to see the waster gets busted in hoping she might get a little peace, subconsciously - he's so considerate even when he doesn't realize it himself. he's really, really a good person and i like how he's beginning to understand and realize he deserves happiness too
sunset oasis chapter 24 . 4/30
this is really dark but i feel it's also an important moment of something, of maybe self realization that hyde remembers all the people who cared about him and finally saw himself as someone deserving of protection. i feel like something changed at that moment, and that maybe he could finally see something different and it's so important that he does because he deserves to be loved and protected
sunset oasis chapter 23 . 4/29
that last part is heartbreaking - fucking edna. i'm really hoping this day wouldn't take - it shouldn't, but as hyde had said, things are changing now, people are remembering things ...
sunset oasis chapter 22 . 4/29
i'm glad WB stood up for hyde and helped him with this ... and also hyde's tears really got to me.

and that ending - omg
sunset oasis chapter 21 . 4/29
ok i love chet and that conversation hyde had with him. and "he felt less empty than he had in a long time" hits me really hard. i just - i'm getting so emotional

and all those deja vus are giving me feelings
sunset oasis chapter 20 . 4/29
this is a very revealing chapter ... jackie's childhood parts had me in tears and like her and like hyde, i'm so mad at her dad right now ...

and every time hyde gets emotional always gets me emotional with him too
sunset oasis chapter 19 . 4/29
this is really a dark and intense chapter - the way he tried to kill himself so many times - but i kind of get why he did it, trapped in the same day as all - but it's still terrifying in some way.

and that ending of jackie's father - wasn't expecting that. curious to find out what's happening next ...
sunset oasis chapter 18 . 4/29
i didn't expect the twist with the outcome of the proposal - but it makes a lot of sense and i could understand jackie's reaction. i also feel so much for hyde.

that ending - i really thought this day was going to be different and that last line makes me want to hug him forever - i could just feel his desperation omg

also i love the "yes dear" line - it reminds me of the first time they kissed, on the car and he'd said that after she said to take her home and damn am i nostalgic

brilliant chapter
sunset oasis chapter 17 . 4/29
damn this gives me so many feelings. SO MANY
sunset oasis chapter 16 . 4/29
i really love the self-retrospective parts, and how much he'd realized about their relationship - like the part about giving jackie a finger and he didn't realized she'd gave her whole heart back

and i love the friendship parts with donna too, and how he continues to remind her of the question
sunset oasis chapter 15 . 4/29
I just love Hyde so much...The way he tries so hard to help and how he remembers and analyzes things and tries to make "tomorrow" better..
sunset oasis chapter 14 . 4/29
Ao3 is down so here I am XD

Love this chapter, the description with Hyde and Donna is interesting to read and feels realistic. Love the mentions of how it reminds him if it was what he wanted when he was younger, and how different things feel now and how he decided to pull out and take care of the rest himself. I'm not sure how morally right it is (but then neither am I stuck in a time loop), but I understand how he thinks he's doing this for her and for Eric, the way he tries to do what eric would usually do during sex.

The conversation with Jackie at the end - I love it too. The way he confesses and the way she wanted to work things out in the future despite that she couldn't forgive him today. It's beautiful.

The memory flashback with Edna broke my heart
Logy81 chapter 5 . 4/10
omg what did i got myself into. man this is so tense yet so good yet im not ready for this. but too late to back off. damn.
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