Reviews for And Tears Yet Fall
irgendwas chapter 30 . 11/30
Wonderful story - thank you so much for sharing it!
Guest chapter 31 . 11/20

Fantastic, you've written a new manga, you've done your characters, assuming inspiration, and sharing the characters that created the manga writer, I was surprised that you created another alternative reality of Claymore, another reality happier, you've been able to follow the line of manga time; the only thing I'm sorry about is that you did not meet Claire and Raki,
even so it was pretty good, even though I would have liked the behavior of human Claire with the Human Raki ...

WRAPPED thought I had made a claymore to Claire, but you survived me if you managed to keep it human despite the risks that ran ...
I love you, I admire you for writing this masterpiece
fan chapter 30 . 9/16
im crying, that was the best claymore fanfic ive ever read. seriously, im not even gonna bother reading any more fics, cuz none could possibly top that one. kinda bittersweet at the end, but i hope everyone stays in touch. these characters felt so real to me and really touched my heart. thank you for such a lovely, emotional, gripping story. your writing truly is wonderful!
fan chapter 29 . 9/16
beautiful chapter. beautiful ending. teresas scars will make her look even mor sbadass. i love how ilena realized that home is where the heart is. beautiful
fan chapter 28 . 9/16
it was nice to see things from teresas pov!
fan chapter 27 . 9/15
i am so torn with what's going on! the battle with priscilla was so badass! i love that ilena was able to contribute, and that teresa couldn't do everything on her own (though i wish she could've!). I also liked how ilena used her brain instead of just brute force. and it's so weird to see teresa finally reaching her limit...i guess she's not all-powerful after all D: or maybe priscilla is just that insanely powerful
fan chapter 26 . 9/15
man, clare's teenage hormones are quite grating. i mean, i totally understand, but i will always like sweet quiet clare the most. and so awesome to see priscilla back. hopefully she will get her ass kicked
fan chapter 25 . 9/15
i always shipped clare and jean! jean was totally in love with clare in the manga, fight me on this. And i'm kind of sad we won't get to see galatea and flora anymore...and i hope no more trouble comes from the organization! especially rubel. i was wondering where he went!
fan chapter 23 . 9/15
wow...the end of this chapter was so so glad those scumbags are dead. sad for the poor trainees and warriors who died tho. and poor poor stella. i feel like galateas gonna be in big trouble now. but im glad the major stress of taking out the organization is over
fan chapter 16 . 9/15
haha i hope galatea doesnt fuck it up w. flora. they r adorable. and ilena and teresa being domestic parents is adorable too!
fan chapter 15 . 9/14
holy god i love nothing more than when friends know that the couple are doing naughty things. I think its hilarious that everyone knows that teresa and ilena are doing the's just so great. this chapter was so great. this is one of my fav chapters so far! just nice fluff!
fan chapter 14 . 9/14
omgomgomgomg galatea and flora yes yes yes i ship it! flora is so soft and kind and sweet, and galatea is arrogant, egotistical, and brash. the perfect balance. i really do hope they get together!
fan chapter 12 . 9/14
nooooooo galatea come baaaack. but damn she done fucked up! i dunno how i feel about ilena hitting teresa, and teresa breaking her hand. also dunno how i feel about ilena just attacking teresa, but i guess they have lived hard lives and can take it
fan chapter 9 . 9/13
man, im loving that galatea is crushing on ilena...tho its kinda not cool cuz she knows ilena is with teresa. oh well, galatea needs to grow up. im loving her cocky confidence...its so hot! now she needs to find a girl to be with
fan chapter 8 . 9/13
hey, i totally agree with making galatea still immature and having to learn. i would absolutely enjoy seeing her character grow, since i love her so much!
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