Reviews for Let's Get One Thing Straight, I'm Not
Melan Anime chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
well i prefer Kazama not being gay.. but ok.. this is your story and i liked it anyway!
LostOzian chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Oh hi. :)

I actually knew I would like this piece from the title. That's a very witty pun on "straight" as in clarity and "straight" as in heterosexual. It's a light fic that still takes a serious problem (homophobia and discrimination in the workplace), well, seriously.

I'm quickly learning characterization is one of your strong suits. The three major players in this fic, Mikage, Ushio, and Kazama, all have unique and relatable takes on this event. I'll start with Mikage, the narrator. She's got a very strong, professional presence, from pleasant banter ("I would have to agree") to thinly veiled threats ("I'm sure Cheif Yanagisawa would not be pleased...") Mikage's not a duelist, which in a show based on card games usually indicates weakness, but she's an iron fist in a satin glove, and it's delightful reading about events from her point of view.

Ushio's actually quite fun, too. He and Mikage make a good brains-and-brawn duo; he's definitely more of a field officer than Mikage, and has more real-world sensibilities. I can perfectly picture him sitting at his desk and saying, "He's a good guy," in his gruff power voice. For Ushio, it's a bit less about going by the book and more about camaraderie on the Force, because he believes that Security officers need a dose of humor and a strong moral foundation. I also like his possessive streak toward Mikage. It gives him some humility, if he's aware of his shortcomings and the ability of other men to "steal" Mikage away from him. Even if he imagines the threats, it keeps him alert and attentive, which makes him more appealing.

Then... Kazama. Let's just say I empathize with him. There is a lot of hate in the world, and though it makes logical sense to just not talk about being gay, in practice, it really hurts to not be open, and the times that call for lies or silence come up more often than expected. The most devastating line in the whole fic, at least to me, was Orochi's "I thought you were better than that." *shiver*. I noticed Kazama is frequently a supporting character in your other fics, and he tends to have a lively character (I believe in "Rules," he kept exclaiming "Oh my god!" :D) but I like this more serious side, too. He shows his strength in his willingness to stay with Security, even though he has to pretend a part of him doesn't exist, and kindness in how he apologizes for swearing in front of Mikage, even when referring to people who deserve much worse than a simple "douchebag."

On the subject of swearing, it's a little odd that Takami and Orochi held back when they were insulting Kazama. It might just be a preference of yours not to use offensive slang for gay people, but you could easily edit the text through Mikage's narrative voice (i.e., "Mikage flinched as one of the men spat a crude slur.") In my experience, hateful people don't usually have the time or intelligence to come up with clever insults like "spread your pixie dust." Also, insults are considered fighting words, so Kazama could display greater strength by not responding, and Mikage would feel more pressed to intervene if the situation seemed to be heating up.

I really like your Security as a whole. It's a system like any other, filled with real people that make friends and enemies. In-show, there are dozens of faceless, nameless officers that serve as nothing more than petty antagonists, but when you write about the inner workings of Security, it seems more like a real place, the way Satellite and the City are real places, with a mix of positive and negative characters. Excellent work! - LostOzian
pippa-pie chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
It's great! _

It's nice to have a fic w/ a homosexual character, but it's not just yaoi you know what I mean?

The title is really clever. I like how you put this as the start of Kazama and Mikage's friendship...there's so many different ways you can meet friends. It makes sense Kazama is shyer with Mikage the time this fic takes place.

Just one small typo:

"Well, I'm glad you agree," she CHIRPPED...

That should be 'chirped'.

I really do like all your fics w/ the Security Officers (Mikage, Ushio, Kazama, and even your 2 minor OCs, 3 if you count Director Daly). I do like how those two always seem to crop up in you stories about Security...gah, I hope they're nice to Kazama. Anyway, thank you for writing this!