Reviews for A Fearful Road
deathcurse chapter 1 . 7/2/2011
Catching up on some reviews that I owe you ;;.

It's interesting, Bartido and Hiram as friends. I don't know why I never really felt that they were, in the game. I like how you write them here though, very vitriolic towards each other P.

I love how you explained the utter lack of students at a school here in a plausible fashion!

Here, you actually write Advocat (or at least, people's reaction to Advocat) in a way that is fitting with his reputation and his devil nature. I think that I like Advocat and so I mentally gloss over his more wicked nature _-. It's neat too to see Margarita here as more talented than she makes herself out to be. It certainly gives her badass points!

Margarita's fears are certainly quite warranted here; although she's safe *now*, she wouldn't be if the details of her escape were let out, and even Gammel can't protect her then. It gives her motivation to continue on her traitorous mission a lot more weight.
Logan not here chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
Awesome, I like the focus on Margarita's reasons for her actions. I spoiled myself about the game so I knew Margarita was the mole, but even then, from the moment of her introduction, I could sort of tell she wasn't the type of person to be attempting to unleash something cthulu-ish without due reason. The game gave valid reasons for why she was coerced but the feeling of it, the solid fear, desperation, and 'oh shit i'm going to die slowly, painfully, and utterly alone' that drove her to do what she did came from your stories. I hope you write more GrimGrimoire! This is one fandom that could use some love. _