Reviews for The Road East
Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
LOL You wanna know why I start with the :D?

Because that’s my face when I get to the end of the story...




Why are you freaking nervous? You are ruling the One shots and SMUT! I’m literally bowing down to you virtually )

‘One touch from those soft petals and he was instantly humming from within.’ Your wording seriously blows me away everytime, broken record spinning round... I LOVE YOUR STYLE OF WRITING – I WANT IT :P LOL

You built that scene awesomely, describing his emotions to her... chills! LITERALLY! I could feel everything you were portraying! You made it HOT HOT HOT but I could imagine and feel the love they have for each other, girl this was powerful! AMAZING

‘"David…" She whimpered, her eyes filling with tears. He moved quickly, flipping her onto her back on the couch. Holding her thighs with his hands, he kissed her cheeks. He pulled out slowly and her walls shrank as he retreated. Anita was panting, clutching his back. Then he pressed inside, slowly filling her once again. This time her body stretched easier, remembering the size. He repeated the slow thrusts with careful watch on her face.’ OMG, cold shower...continue reading...cold shower, continue reading etc etc

I AM LOVING DAVID, how considerate and caring of him? Seriously girl, cross my heart I had butterflies reading this... I don’t care how stupid that sounds! LOL

‘They collapsed, hugging each other close. As his body cooled on top of hers, David looked up and brushed her black hair from her face. This was his world and he wouldn't trade it for anything.’ Love these two, they just fit and you can feel what they feel for one another – PERFECT WRITING!

I had goosebumps LOL what are you doing to me? What a story, what a background for DOG OMFG

‘He'd killed them all. Murderer. His mind taunted him, labeled him cruelly from within. David wasn't ashamed. They'd deserved to die. All six of them. Stupid wannabes, driving through a neighborhood without care. Waving their arms out the windows and shouting obscenities to passersby. They'd hit her and hadn't stopped. So he hadn't stopped until each had taken their last breath.’

‘A world where his residual anger was unchecked and even rewarded. A world where he could forget his past and live alone. A mindless Dog.’

If I had to quote everything I enjoyed, I’d have to paste the whole bloody thing! Girl, amazing! Gripped me as you can tell :P LOVED you are the MASTER!


sunstar234 chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
his first and only love :)

no wounder he don't talk that much anymore :(

don't be nervous you did amazing !

i love it
BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT! I mean seriously... just..damn. You gave him a past that really fits with his character. It makes sense that he doesn't speak much because he has lost someone that he loves... the one woman he ever loved. My heart breaks for him because you gave them such sweet moments together. I have a whole new appreciation and respect for Dog.

-He never grew bored of her explorations, the naïve nature of her gaze. It killed him to suppress his arousal, but rushing her was the last thing he wanted. They'd been friends since they were kids; making love to Anita would be magical and he would wait a hundreds years if it meant she was ready.- I just fell in love with this description. It detailed some of the things Dog loves about her and showed how much he loves her...willing to wait for a hundred years. -SWOON-

This was honestly one of the sweetest one shots I have ever read. I have a strong desire to quote the whole thing but I'm controlling myself... or trying to.

-This was the girl he would spend his life with; he wasn't going to make her do anything.- AWWW Swoons again.

-He wanted to be one with her, combined in everyway. & The love that oozed from every pour was tangible in the air around them.- I LOVE LOVE LOVE those two lines. Incredible descriptions.

You have no idea how much I'm struggling to not quote everything and how hyper I am.

- David was going to love every inch of her, to the full extent of his ability.- Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

-It was better than any sex he'd ever had because it was perfect. She was his fit, like a tailored mate. He couldn't be any luckier.- Dog is such a sweetheart. It's like he has this big heart and it's just for her. I swear you're going to get me into Dog now just because of this incredible extension you did on his personality.

-It took everything he had to not swear. He couldn't; not for Anita. The sex had been too pure, too perfect.- What a beautiful ending to a beautiful sex scene.

I honestly don't know if you can call this smut... its detailed but its just so beautiful. It deserves another name! That's how impressed I

-He felt nothing but rage kindling inside of him.- That's what makes him a perfect member of the Darley gang. It's so heartbreaking the way it happened. I said it at the beginning but I'm saying it again because my heart really does go out to Dog.

-A world where his residual anger was unchecked and even rewarded. A world where he could forget his past and live alone.

A mindless Dog.-

TOTALLY SPEECHLESS. I'm trying to think of words and... there aren't any. That was just such a magical ending to this story.

YOU ROCK, YOUR AWESOME, YOU ROCK! And your spoiling me again. )


leeseelee chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
Loved it

Totally thought it was a Tommy fic until the end. Your Dog one shots are my fave of your one shots so far
xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
aww... well poor dog! he had it so great to start out with! he had the woman he loved and he was getting everything he wanted. ;) but then... BOOM... poor guy. but this was still a really great story dear. it made me really sympathize with him i think. i mean i'm sure we all wonder why the hell he is the way his and you know DAMN good and well that each of the men in that gang had to have had some sort of fucked up past in order for them to be doing what they do, day in day out, in the darley gang. and this? well this could very well be a back story that could explain why dog is the way he is. i mean, we'll never really know since there was never a story about each of the boys' pasts that really delved into anything. but this could be. and it's saddening but i always sided more with the boys of the gang than nick humes. i mean humes had things just perfect until he went after joe. these boys... all they know is fucked up lives and drug running. but it was a good story dear.