Reviews for The Slowest Burn
ecullensgurl chapter 38 . 1/18
I was really happy to see this update and what an awesome one it was. So many events and emotions happened in this chap, but one clearly stands out. Edward's fucking "mother". I wanted to reach right through my kindle and choke the shit out of her and then claw her eyes out. I hope her husband realizes that he's married to a liar and someone who clearly doesn't have a conscience. We now know that she has possibly handed down her mental issues onto Edward, but he has Bella to help him through. That is if Edward hasn't already withdrawn back into himself. There are a lot of questions that need answers and I hope Edward comes out ok in the end. Love the story and will be patiently waiting for the next update :) chapter 38 . 1/18
Wow! I can't even wrap my head around what an evil person that his mother is. I knew it wasn't going to be a positive meeting but I didn't expect her to be this bad & then for her to have other children. WOW! Then the info about Aro and the posibility of having mental illness. Taking the necklace was heartbreaking. Now how long before things will be lovee again. Thank you for the update! I'm going to go back & re- read this from the beginning. I have missed these two! Oh & the brownies were hillarious! Especially when she stood up & said "I'm so excited" as a cover. I laughed outloud!
jterry453 chapter 38 . 1/18
This is the only story that can have no updates for the longest time but im still flowing with the new stuff. Thanks for updating, (hope it can be sooner next time, but we'll deal). The Aro is his father thing threw me for a loop, i probably should have suspected it but wow nice surprise. And his mom is a shit, and she has kids? That like the ultimate slap in the face. I wonder how her husband who was always in the dark will react to this news. I hope that Edward doesnt shut Bella out especially before she goes to Vassar. This could be the one thing that separates them and it has my stomach in knots thinking about all they've been through just to have them have nothing! *tears*
sandragg chapter 38 . 1/18
Awesome chapter! Poor Edward :(
thunnababy chapter 3 . 1/18
Bad ass Bella, love it!
Guest chapter 38 . 1/18
Thank you soo much. This is the second year u posted oon my birthday
thunnababy chapter 2 . 1/18
I don't get how he assumes she is his girl, yet. There is more to Edward than the persona he shows everyone else. I think there is deep sorrow, pain and fear in him and if I am right, I think it's all do to his father.
Forestfan chapter 38 . 1/18
I actually checked back on this story about a week ago, I love it that much. Thank you for the update, it was amazing. Edward's mum is awful, I worry what this will do to Bella and Edward's relationship. Thanks again for the update. Just post at your own pace, I'll still be reading.
Breaking Fate chapter 38 . 1/18
Agh! Even with the wait, I fall effortlessly back into this story. Just love your writing. Keep up the great work!
Wardrob07 chapter 38 . 1/18
Oh woman, what did you do to me? I almost gave up on fanfiction but I HAD to read this and it was so good, I have no words! Amazing chapter, I forgot how much I loved this story and these characters... *sigh*
You are excellent writer, know that!
maggiejoma chapter 38 . 1/18
Heartwrenching could his parents be so very sad...:-(
rocklesson86 chapter 38 . 1/18
Well isn't that some crap. His own parent don't even want him. Elizabeth is a horrible mother. Aro is a horrible father. I cannot wait for more.
LadyTx chapter 38 . 1/18
Damn, I had to read the story again from the beginning, lol!

Poor Edward! And now poor Bella, because he has totally shut down. His mother is such a bitch! I'm anxious to see how he recovers from this.
twilight007 chapter 38 . 1/18
Whaou !
I was so excited when I saw this update !
Thanks for this new chapter.. It was very moving. See you for the next one ! Have a sweet day :)
CSG chapter 38 . 1/18
I cant tell you how happy i was to see this sitting in my in box. Great chapter btw!
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