Reviews for Spreading the Joy
Souldin chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
I kind of knew this fanfic was going to be a charming quaint one when I saw it was a Friendship/Humour fanfic of 1,789 words and what do you know it is a charming quaint fanfic.

Quaint and charming fanfics don't tend to have anything spectacular to say about them, they tend to be short, simple, well written fanfics that bring a smile to your face. Sometimes though that’s enough, not every fanfic needs to be deep, intricate or detailed, it's nice for there to be jolly little fanfics that one can look to in order to cheer one's self up and this is definitely a fanfic I would choose to read in such a case. Comments to make on this fanfic are that I like the realistic humour, the characterisation, and the unbelievably happy tone you give Peach. It’s a bit annoying to read but is suited for Peach's current uplifting state.

Quaint and charming fanfics don't tend to have anything to criticise as they are not written to be the most meaningful or most exciting of stories. Being the Review King though I do of course have things to say but they are more than likely minor and possibly opinionated criticisms. First, there is not much description concerning the car or the surroundings. Now there are brief details mentioned but they are never given much focus, and this I see it as a general fault to the first-person style of writing (though there are things that this style of writing does work best with such as exploring an individual characters thoughts and emotions). My second point to make is very minor, but it's the reference to Christianity's god (I’m assuming it is this god as I don’t know of any other gods which are literally called god) which I find...odd. Personally I don't like seeing religions attached to characters not of one’s own creation unless they are of that religion, the story revolves around the character and that religion, or the characters are being used to present the authors own opinions/situation. Admittedly this is only a small thing, is a personal gripe and does not affect the quality of the story. It’s just something that bothers me and probably me alone.

So to wrap things up I will say what was pretty obvious; yeah this is a simple fanfic but a lovable one and one worth reading simply because of the smile it can bring to a readers face. Great job, keep up the good work!
Lady Paprika chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
I really liked this! I love the voice you put for Captain Falcon. He was very witty and funny. I'm glad he got his scrapbook back! :P
The Hero's Shadow chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
I love how you really got into depth with Falcon's character, and how the humor ties in perfectly. You blend the real world with the Nintendo world very well xD

Don't feel so self-conscious about this, I think it's really great :3