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Chloroforme chapter 1 . 10/19/2015
That was beautiful! Really wonderful. I've loved every piece of story, all of your characters were sublime. Thank you very much!
Jaina Padme Solo chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
loved it
candycity chapter 1 . 7/29/2011

Um, wow.

This was really fantastic. Even though the trashcan one was weird - in a good way, really.

Favourited! :)
RHr4eva chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
Okay, love the pairings. Cute fluff, but I am totally angry with you for making Weasleys be sorted into Hufflepuff. I mean, really. HUFFLEPUFF? And Potters and Weasleys into Slytherin? That's not natural. Sorry, I just hate it when they aren't in Gryffindor. But I totally love Teddy/Vic and Rose/Scorp. Your OC's were creative as well. Good work. I apologize for my rant. It's just, I'm even peeved when they're sorted into Ravenclaw! Gryffindor is where it's at. Here I go again.

Anyway, Loved your Albus and Lucy! and how Fred the second is so eager to fill the hole in his family! I was like, awwwww! Tear! Good job! Sorry again for ranting on you!
fabricated fantasies chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
What in the actual frick? I thought I'd reviewed this, and then I hadn't and just... what? Anyway, I'm really sorry for not reviewing! Will you forgive meeeee?


Anyway, le review!

I really for serious adored this entire ficlet. You managed to stretch disbelief and suspend reality for a while while I was reading it - like being able to turn into a trashcan. Though a trashcan is actually a rubbish bin ;)

Some of my favourite lines (and pairings from here)

"Teddy, I don't want to let this go. What am I going to do next year without my best friend?"

"Find another?"


Ahhh, Teddy, so blantantly oblivious and thickheaded and funny - though I'm not just reffering to that line, obviously. Strangely, our characterisations of Teddy and Victoire are very similar, though their houses are switched ;)

Very nice, m'dear!

-They get many more detentions from Professor Jacobs when she comes back to find them full-out snogging, but it's so worth it.-


How very Fred (and Ashlyn) like )

You must be a mind reader, gorgeous - well, we are long lost twins, after all - because your Ashlyn is scarily like my Chloe xD

Oh, I and I just /adore/ your Dominqiue - she's one of my favourite NextGen girls! She's just so perfect, and Slytherin, and selfish and vain and, quite frankly, a bitch - I love it!

-Her eyes narrow. "It's Ria," she commands, before grinning over at him in her flirty sort of way. "But it's been a while anyway, Alb-ie? There are no good nicknames for your name," she announces, but flings her arms around him in a hug.-


Oh, you know I just adore Ria. She's very fun and flirty and so completely overconfident. I really liked seeing this other side of her, the soft side, which people wouldn't see too often, I'd imagine, as open as she is. She's a very nice fit for Albus.

Speaking of him, I loved him too! Different to my Albus(es) [yes, I know that's not a word xD] but really utterly gorgeous! "Boys shouldn't be insecure", indeed!

Gorgeous, you've done a fantastic job - and I call older sister! I know, I know, it'll be hard for y'all to live up to my perfection, but... ;)

Aw, y'know I'm joking D

I love you, dearest!
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 6/17/2011
Well, it's about time I got around to reviewing this, huh? ;) /just pray my laptop doesn't freak out on me again... / Anywhozzles, I think you already know that I find this to be a brilliant masterpiece worthy of induction into our non-existent Fanfiction Hall of Well, you should know that :) Because it was wonderful.

Seriously, each piece (even the ones I didn't read, I'm positive P) was unique and lovely and all your amyzing characters just really shone in each one - I could see their individual personalities separating one Weasley from another and one OC from another :)

My favorite was probably TeddyVictoire because I just loved how she wanted to set a good lead for her cousins so they wouldn't be doomed to horrible love lives xD That was so cute!

Terrific job, Idol twinny, and keep writing!
xx chapter 1 . 6/16/2011
cute and awesome story post more.
folie a plusieurs chapter 1 . 6/16/2011
This review is lonnnng over due, darling, but lets forget that fact ;)

Okay, first - your talent for these 10Ks is AMAZING! How in this world do you do it, yo? :O :)

Second, all of these pairings are beautiful and I just lovelovelove this :D It's so adorable!

I expecially loved the FredAshlyn one, for some reason. :D

Wonderful job, darling! I love it!

And I love you! :)

bumper chapter 1 . 6/15/2011
omg awesome i wuvd it, it took me an hour to read though
headcanon chapter 1 . 6/15/2011
That was like, adjskhdh awesomesauce amazing

My favorites were the Fred one, and the Teddy/Victorie one. :)

You did really good - you should be proud to have written such an incredible fic as your last in China. I loved it. :3

It was just so... believable, y'know?

Anyways, I lovelove loved it. (did I mention that?) ;)

xoxoxox Maddi
centralperks chapter 1 . 6/14/2011

No, seriously, Mad, I loved it to death. I can't even choose a favourite. I loved the whole entirety of it. Actually, no, I liked the Fred one the best. I don't even know why. He was just cute, and so was she, and together they were like AFHdjskg. You know?

Every single one was written so nicely and so prettily, and I really cannot believe you really wrote all that. You are like a machine, pounding out all these incredible fics. it's just insane. Your speech at the end was lovely, too.. have a great, amazing time in the U.S. of A. Beautiful piece to write for your last )

~Bri xox
thelilacfield chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
I owe you a review, so I'm going to review as I go along so I don't lose track :)

Yay, my first love, Hufflepuff!Victoire :D Aw, her and Teddy have such a sweet relationship :3 I love it already! :)

Ooh, I love hey soul sister :D 'which bore him, he'd much rather put a bunch of things into a cauldron and watch them blow up' I love that, so veryvery Fred! :) Aw, he's such a badboy, having detention fifteen time *huggles the badboy* ;)

Aw, Benjamin and Roxanne are so sweet with their banter :) Especially with his excuse being that she had ice-cream on her lips. Awww.

I love how everyone puts the houses into moulds. 'And I'm pretty sexy too, you know, so together we could be pretty amazing, don't you think?' has me laughing and fits so perfectly with my idea of Louis. Aw, they're sweet together too.

Phewff, this is just gorgeous. I don't want you to have to read a reallyreallyreally long review, so I'll wrap up here. You've done China an honour making this your last fic there, Maddy. I hope you're not ot jet-lagged :) *huggles*

Beth x
Julia Claire Continued chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
So sorry about that... I had to get off really quickly, and I didn't want to lose the whole review I'd already typed...



Gosh, I /adore/ your Albus in this - and how Ria describes him as "sexy" and "unattainable" ;). And Ria was really nicely characterized too... and ack, I just really loved them together. I adored the last line as well, "She's always been an enigma to him, anyway." It was so beautiful! (I'd love to read more of these two together... DomDawson and LouisNat too. Hinthint.)




"Always," she promises


OHHH my goodness. That line right there, you have no idea - it made me want to cry. I was like, Awwww! I loved how you ended it as well, how "he means it, she just knows."

(My only small problem is that I don't think he would have been able to get into her dormitory... but since I think the idea of him sneaking in is so terribly cute, it really hardly bothered me.)



First of all, can I just say that just their names are completely adorable together - I love how he calls her Gemi too. And I thought the imagery was really good in this as well. I love the idea of their underwater kiss, and how 'both of them are victors'.



This was so freaking cute! I'm getting really jealous of your skill. Oh my gosh, I just loved this so much - how he found her at the creek, and how he really believed her about Narnia, "some sort of unrecognizable emotion in his grey eyes."

I loved how he's so reasonable and logical and he's such a dreamer... they're just perfect together. And I loved the last two lines two.



This was just hilarious. Lily was absolutely brilliant and Albert was a nice sort of foil to her... I've no idea if he's even possible for him to turn into a trashcan (or be on a cross country team together?) but it was so funny that I don't even care... LOL. I loved the line, "Well, I can, but it'll be a bit weird…"


So, I'm really, really impressed now, and I'm not going to lie - kind of jealous. P I don't know how you can write 13Ks this brilliant, but I have to say, I feel like every piece you write, you just get so much better, and your characters just so much more real, and aflkjdlfk. I just completely LOVED all of these - probably the LucyLorcan, LouisNat, and DomDawsonScorpius were my favorites... but I adored the AlbusRia too... Brilliant work!
Julia Claire chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
So I'm literally just going to review these as I go along, becase otherwise I'll probably forget to mention a bunch of things...


I lovelovelove the way you started this - that she has to have a decent love life, or she'll doom all the rest of them... It was so funny, but actually, I could really see Victoire feeling like that. And Teddy and Victoire are freakin' adorable here - they're like on of my favorite pairings, and you really did them justice here.



I loved how Fred got 'pranked by the pranker' - I've actually never seen a fanfic like that before, with him or James and it's just such an a(i)myzhie-ing (it takes way longer to type that than just amazing) idea... And I love how they completely disregarded Professor Jacobs and then got another detention for snogging



This was really cute too - probably not my favorite, but still incredibly cute. ) I like the whole best-friends-and-more? vibe they had going on.



This piece was like afkdksda. I just loved it - I love your Louis - how he's kinda full of himself - and she's just /perfect/ for him, how she's always refusing him, until the very end. I loved the lines, "You entertain me to no end" and "which, at this point in time, is completely true" .. I don't know, that second one just made me laugh.



I /loved/ this one too, how James was such a /Gryfinndor/ and so against any Slytherin, and how they were both so cool and kind of wouldn't warm up to each other at first. I loved the mention of Louis too, and how James tells Katelyn that he'll take her on a date to "prove her wrong." Haha - that was so James.

(And ironically, my OC for James is named Caitlin... so yeah, spelled differently, but most people name their OC for him Alice or Ellie or something, so I just thought that was funny.)



I loved your Dom in this - how she was playing with the both of them, loved the mentions of ScorpiusRose... and Dom and Dawson were just so incredibly cute together at the end. "Nott-date"... aw. ;) And I loved how he realised he had feelings for her.



ScorpiusRose is probably my favorite NextGen pairing, and I really liked the way you wrote them... how Scorpius was only "failing" Charms to get better grades, and I loved their discussion about love... )


I'm going to have to send this now... I'll review the rest later...
kingslayers chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Why do you get to be middle? Then I have to be younger -_-

Actually, no.

You, me, and Lissie are middle-triplets :D

And it's sweet that you dedicated this to Alex :) It's even more special, you know?

And darling, it's a freaking great farewell-China fic, trust me )



You did RoseScor ))))

I love you, Madderbear :)



i. VictoireTeddy



As he kisses her again, she thinks that finally, it's the beginning of her fairytale


That just sums up Teddy and Victoire perfectly. LilyTeddy is all firefirefire and destruction, but TeddyVictoire is the thing of fairytales, and the stuff that dreams are made of.

And honey, you displayed it beautifully.

Did you know that TeddyVic was the first pairing I shipped nextgen? I read a Scorrose first, but TeddyVic was my first real ship :)

And I loved reading yours, darling :)

ii. FredAshlyn



Keeping their mouths shut, Ashlyn and Fred shake their heads in unison, doing a zipping sign over their lips together.



/totally ships FredAshlyn

Oh, and FredSaidah


But seriously, I loved that it was a light hearted passage )

iii. RoxanneBenjamin



After that, the two were pretty much inseparable, when they were Sorted into Gryffindor together, when pretty much everything happened- first loves, first heartbreaks. They were always there for each other.


Can you say adorable? Like, seriously. I lovelovelove RoxanneBenjamin (haha, One Sentence Story xD) and I think that this line is not only flipping adorable, but sums them up.

Right from the start, they were destined to be sweethearts :)

iv. LouisNatalie



Staring at him, she just shakes her head before informing him, "You entertain me to no end, Louis Weasley." Then, with a flip of her long ponytail, she walks away and he stares after her, mouth agape. It's the first time that a girl hasn't fallen for his charms.


Oh. My. Merlin.

He reminds me of my Louis, so he is even more endearing, and I'm like hjjkkdsjhfsakhfsd by Natalie and him, because they're so cute that it's annoying (because she has Louis falling for her and she refuses to react. LE. GAH.)


I mean, there's a quote:

"Love without reason lasts the longest"

v. JamesKatelyn



Much to his dismay, she ends up being thirty minutes late. But he meets her there with a bit of a smirk, and they talk, and laugh, and he wonders- for a moment- why he thought that Slytherins were so bad in the first place. Then she'll make a comment and just like that, he'll remember with a roll of his eyes.


Well, I don't ship this, obviously xD

But I think THAT bit sums up Jatelyn perfectly, and I really love how you write these two :)

And there's a fic I'd suggest you read, but I won't, cos of the swearing.




vi. ScorpiusDominiqueDawson



But she strung them and their hearts along, because she's Dominique and she can do that.

It's just a flutter of her eyelashes, a beam of all her perfectly aligned teeth, and boys fall like dominoes in front of her.


Well. The word bitch comes to mind ;)

Sorry. Immediate reaction. I actually like your Dominique (except when she's with Scorpius ;)) because having a... difficult cousin is hilarious xD

I actually really disliked her when she thought Victoire was selfish for being with Teddy.

It's irrational of me, but I just hate all the Vic-hating (not that I can talk, -Lily Squad ;)) especially when it's because of Teddy.

Bad Dominique.

However, j'adore DomDawson.

It's so perfect!


So she knows that when Scorpius is snogging her, he's imagining Rose in her place, and no way does she want to be some second place consolation prize.


That makes Janey VERY happy xD


"In other words, I might just have something like feelings for you, but don't tell anyone," he teases her, leaning in and kissing her again.


As does that xD




Mouth agape, she stares at him. "How come you don't just do that in Charms class? Then maybe you wouldn't be failing, you idiot!"


I love Rose. I really do.


And unlike Scorpius, when she says falling, she unfortunately means that she is falling in love. She knows what love is, too- it's not a choice, not something that she considers and thinks, 'huh, possibly I could love him.' Instead, it's waking up one morning and having the intense desire to be around him. It's going to sleep at night and dreaming only of him. Love is wanting to be with him, despite the fact that she's figured out the majority of his bad qualities.

Love is the way she feels whenever he stares at her with this weird gleam in his eye like he does sometimes. But she knows that it definitely doesn't mean anything, because he obviously doesn't do love or anything of the like.


A ridiculously long part for me to quote, I know, but it's just so perfect. How do you do it, Madderbear? Write so perfectly?

I love it. It's pure Scorrose, and love. I love the insight on love, and her perspective. I love how she acknowledges that it isn't a choice, and how it's implied that maybe - just /maybe/ - he's rethinking his words - because she's /Rose Weasley/ and he's never going to be able to resist her.


He rushes down to the Great Hall and, in front of the whole school, catches her in a tight hug. "Rose, I aced my Charms exam!"

"That's great," she replies simply, a smile in her eyes, and he leans down and once again presses his lips to hers.

But when she awakens to find a bouquet of roses beside her bedside table, she figures out that's his way of saying 'I love you'.

Or it might've just been the inscription on the card.


Mad, that's just... such a beautiful way to end it )

viii. AlbusAquarius



"Please," she scoffs with a scowl. "They only love who I'm supposed to be."

She's always been an enigma to him, anyway.



I'm so tired. I shouldn't review, but I MUST. I adore your Al, he's like a mix of 4 of my Al's :):):):)

And he's gorgeous with RiRi ]

iv. MollyLysander



"You… you were right," he chokes out with a frown. "Does that make you happy, Molly? She had no depth, and she cheated on me with some random Slytherin. I doubt she regrets it. But I thought we had something, me and her."

"Well," she replies bitterly, "that's why you don't think the best of everyone, especially girls like Merilyn Goyle."

"I knew it," he says angrily. "I knew you'd be like this-"


No offence to your favourite nextgen girl, but I kind of wanted to hit Molly in this fic. I loved her - she makes me wonder how I'D deal in that sitch - but Merlin... I want to shake her, I really do.

I love you - and I love Lysander (not as much as James) - and I love your writing, and heck, I love your Molly, but you don't say hings like that to a guy who'd just broken up, especially about his girlfriend.



x. HugoGemini



Hugo first meets the girl through his sister's friend (future love interest), Scorpius Malfoy. He's standing at the platform, waiting to board the train for the first time, when Scorpius Malfoy waltzes up, all confident and stuff. By his side is a miniature version of him- in girl form.


in /girl/ form.

/cracks up

Boy's a genius xD

Oh, I love this pairing, I really do )

I just adore your characterisations, you know?

And your writing. Mon dieu, j'adore le writing de la Madeline :)

xi. LucyLorcan



"But you're you, Lucy," he replies with a smile at her. "You're Lucy. You're sweet and nice to me when I don't deserve it. You don't lie to anyone- ever- and you're a dreamer, but you know logic too. You're a Ravenclaw who knows how to believe and trust, which is more than I can say for most of them. You might be a bit naïve, stubborn, and sometimes annoying, but you're still Lucy and I trust you more than most people."


I absolutely love this. I really do.

Just... don't ever stop writing, okay?

Because you're amyzhieing :)

xii. LilyAlbert (TRASHCAN!)



"Lily," he protests, "why did you kick me? Even with the metal covering, it still doesn't feel that good."

Screaming, she jumps about a mile. "What the- what the freak, Albert? You were a trashcan and… why were you a trashcan?" Her hand, clutching her wand, trembles a bit.

"My Animagus is a trashcan," he mumbles, looking very embarrassed.

"Your Animagus is a… hold up, a trashcan isn't an animal!" Lily demands.



/ships LilyTrashcan like mad, yo.

((Haha, pun without realising til I typed it D))

Siriusly, Madelinebearbear, I loved this entire fic.

Favourites once again, hon :)

Janey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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