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Guest chapter 12 . 23h
I just reread this story. And I have to say that it was brilliant how you started this chapter off with a memory of bubble's that connects to the past of how Mrs. Jojo killed Mr. Jojo. This was absolutely remarkable and a job well done
Guest chapter 30 . 8/27
This little bit reminds me of the Korean drama "you're beautiful" it's very good and is similar to coffee Prince, but involves being in a band
Guest chapter 30 . 7/13
What in the actual hell? Why are you doing this to me? I want more!
~N. Risa
MarronChestnut chapter 30 . 6/28
I just had to review even though it's be a year I read this before but I want to read it again and I forgot how much this is awesome so detailed and drama in each chapter I love it.
xAngelic chapter 20 . 6/3
What're you doing to me.
xAngelic chapter 16 . 6/3
Can this not get any better? Character interactions are the best. Butch is a comic-relief, I guess? But I love guys like him (characters, lol). As funny as it was, I'm surprised Boomer would do that to Bubbles, even if he trusts his brother XD But yeah, this is my favorite pairing. I'm only now really starting to have a set look for the girls in this story (and not based too much off of fanart o3o) and I'm itching to draw
Anyhow... I love this story. Starting to make me want to watch K-dramas which I always refused to watch since I had my anime and manga... o_o
xAngelic chapter 15 . 6/3
Oh dang I was wrong, huh? Lol, though, I was just saying how I wanted to see the reactions of the boys finding out the girls' connections... And lo and behold, Brick goes to their house o3o
This was a really nice chapter. Lel that a lie about Blossom liking him set him off and actually took notice of her~~ Cute.
Blossom precariously on a windowsill though... felt surreal o_o Like, her just holding on, and their conversation, felt melancholic. But before she really was just trying to get her uniform... I know you're basing some of this on K-dramas and such, but yeah, kudos.
xAngelic chapter 14 . 6/3
He got a split personality or something? Why's he being secretly nice but then clearly aggravated most of the other time?
And wow, kind of funny to see the difference in how he treats Bubbles and Blossom :D I'm sorely curious to see how they all react when they all find out they're related o3o
xAngelic chapter 13 . 6/3
Most fun charade.
xAngelic chapter 12 . 6/3
Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittcchhhhh nooooooooo
You're making me ship-confused. I'm a sucker for childhood romances. But omg lol Butchhh you denier. Also. Can he really do that? I mean, sure, he's their boss. But is it normal for instructors to also do cleaning around the gym? For such a rich company, they can't hire janitors or unloaders? idk o3o
xAngelic chapter 11 . 6/3
My love. Also my tears at the first one. A drumstep song came on (listening to a playlist) near the ending of Extra 1, and it just made me realize how funnily odd it is to cry over fictional characters. I cry over writings/drawings than live-action stuff :T
The fact you wrote extras like these just show your love for this series and I think that's great. I hope that love stays until the end :D
There's this original story my friend and I are slowly writing, and I haven't written a chapter since high school, so... 2 years or so ago, I guess. But I still have ideas and draw them out in my sketch-notebook. As a way to try and get back into it, and to also try and solidify the characters', I wrote some shortish extras as well. Though they're all about when they were younger. Character depth yo. Creating an original story can be fun but hard to really straighten stuff out and make a realistic timeline ; But I'm on a tangent. Point was, YAY EXTRAS, YAY CHARACTER/STORY LOVE! YAY BOOMER/BUBBLESSSSS
xAngelic chapter 10 . 6/3
Well damn that was more epic then anticipated. Bubbles has always been my favorite, so I was kinda expecting to only care about her parts of the story, but that obviously didn't happen. I'm loving all the chapters. The last chapter with Buttercup was really nice, and although Blossom hasn't had as much interaction with Brick yet, it really is nice to see her stay strong :)
xAngelic chapter 8 . 6/3
Shit yo. Really liking this series! And am reading it chapter after chapter, but I just had to comment on this one. I don't watch K-drama, but my friend used to and would tell me about some, like the ones you mentioned in the very beginning. But this whole, "I'm a straight man and am falling for a girly man" just made me think of this hilarious post on imgur about Shang from Mulan going through the same things right now XD I just felt the need to share it, because it's funny :)
imgur gallery/ZlIzH hopefully that works o3o
LionGoesMeow1 chapter 1 . 5/16
Boys Over Flowers is my favorite!
Guest chapter 5 . 5/9
Hana Yori Dango.
Ever heard of it?
Cause that's Completely their plot.
The rich boys rule the school.
Poor girl gets accepted.
The red notice!
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