Reviews for One moment of weakness
Shelly chapter 7 . 2/2/2014
Wow. You wrote this 12 yrs ago. Did you know at that point how close to accurate your assumption of Sara's background was?
You write well. I enjoy reading your work. I would have loved more chapters here before [1 Across] occured.
I also wonder if you ever read these comments any more.
Time to click on Crazyangel1 and see what else you wrote for CSI.
Bravo! :)
Shelly chapter 6 . 2/2/2014
Great confession and great Gris reaction. Now where will you go with it?
MontyPythonFan chapter 7 . 4/30/2006
Oh, did NOT expect that sudden ending, to be honest, I thought it was just beginning. But dont panic, it was still top of the line :-D

Two thumbs way way up for the author. *applaudes*

Jess x
MontyPythonFan chapter 6 . 4/30/2006
You must hate me by now huh? although, I guess my reviews will go into ur inbox in the wrong order so this'll be like, one of the 1st. Still, this story is kicking ass :-D

Jess x
MontyPythonFan chapter 5 . 4/30/2006
Getting very exciting :-D
MontyPythonFan chapter 4 . 4/30/2006
oh I'm still here...still reading :-D

Jess x
MontyPythonFan chapter 3 . 4/30/2006
Me again,

So, so good :-D

Jess x
MontyPythonFan chapter 2 . 4/30/2006

I so love your fics :-D

Looking forward to the next chapter, see you then :-D

Jess x
MontyPythonFan chapter 1 . 4/30/2006
I DO want to review this fic.

as to whats up between Sara and Dylan.

C u in the nxt chapter,

Jess x
Cellar Door 26 chapter 7 . 12/22/2004
oh, awesome ending to this story, even though it still kinda leaves you hangin'.
Taletha chapter 7 . 12/5/2004
Man, I hated to see this end. What a fantastic story. You really should write a sequel. I want to know what Grissom says to Sara about the sheets. I want to know how Sara deals with Dylan. If they ever resolve the issue of the pictures. I want to know if Sara ever gets to kick his butt!

But mainly I want to say that you have done a wonderful job here. The ending, though I truly wish it weren't the ending, was priceless. Very Grissom like. You've earned a spot on my Favorite Stories list.
Taletha chapter 6 . 12/4/2004
Whoa! I can't believe this! This is so good!
Taletha chapter 5 . 12/4/2004
For the record, I was thinking that they probably should have sex. LOL! Is this GSR? I wishing, and hoping and praying!
Taletha chapter 4 . 12/4/2004
Dylan is a pysho! Sara needs to kick his ass. And then Grissom and Warrick and get the picture.

Did he and Sara have some sort of relationship also? I mean this guys nuts!
Taletha chapter 3 . 12/4/2004
Once again, I must tell you how funny this story is. You must have an odd sense of humor - that's a good thing.

'a 40 piece puzzle of clear blue sky.' There are so many lines and phrases in here that are brilliant.

Sara's got like two more seconds of sanity left, I swear. Can't wait to get to the next chapter.
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