Reviews for Sixty Seconds
The Reality DumPer chapter 1 . 7/15
How dare yo make my tears fall
Uryuu-Nipaa chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
This is so, so, SO beautiful and sad. Especially that last sentence. Just... *sob*
GitahMuttan chapter 1 . 10/28/2011
Wow... I think this is the best Higurashi Fanfic I've read! (I've read about a hundred).

It was one of those tearjerking, depressing, sad-awakening stories. You even did gore at the end! Shion's body is pitiful. The way you describe the parts of the story with adjectives and their synonyms is one thing to like. I really love the way you did that. Especially at the gore part.

Unfortunately, there's a huge plothole... Correct me if I'm wrong.

Rika said, that Old Maid is different with Old Geezer, because in Old Maid, there will be a loser card. In the Higurashi world, that loser card will make massive destruction. In Old Geezer, when the card was added to the group, there will be no losers. It will be a Matsuribayashi.

For shorter means, I'm pretty sure that the gang will not survive if Shion died at the torture chamber. Akasaka and Kasai wouldn't survive the underground institute, thus, Jirou wouldn't be rescued. They wouldn't call the Banken, so Mion will die at episode 24. See the difference? It was thoroughly explained at the last episodes of the Kai series.

Don't let my complain fool you! I'm just telling that the last scene is a HUGE plothole. Please do reply, I want to hear your side about this issue.
Failhammer chapter 1 . 7/24/2011
This was excellent. It did not make me cry, but it certainly made an impact. The scene at the end was especially tragic; on one hand, I'm glad to see Satoshi make a return, but on the other It makes me depressed to think that he has lost his chance to be with Shion. I read a couple of your other stories today as well and I think think I can safely say you seem to know what you are doing.
Ketsueki aka Someone chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
S-... Satoshi? He came back!

Seriously, your writing is so touching, I love it so much!

As I didn't shed even one tear, you may say that I have no heart, but you indeed did touch my heart. I just don't cry easily xD But I indeed love the characters, and I admire this story
Killerbee77 chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Wow, just ...I don't know what to say, it was a beautiful story! (tears!)so emotional and sad and the bad thing was I was listening to Breath no more by Evanescence while I was reading this. It actually made me cry more.

Great story!

Great writing!

and I'm faving it~

Maudits1976 chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
this must have been one of the best one-shots I ever read...I can't even think of where to start my review...I guess I'll try.

Your writing style is fantastic as always,so full of emotion and very elegant...and the conclusion is very makes you fall right down in the bottom of the sink.

I didn't actually cry,but...I could feel the pain inside everybody...and it was a very smart move to just write Satoshi at the feelings description,no expression,just the fact that there is Him says the rose he holds was one tidy,tiny thing that actually opens a whole new context...he was the one Shion loved no matter what,and when he wakes up and has the possibility to return all the caring she's gone,and he can only just stare the pain and sorrow of her death,while he holds his (probably) own feelings (A.K.A. the rose)...but that's just my speculation of the meaning of the flower ;).

The only thing I can say now is please,keep writing! maybe professionally too! you have true talent,and if it ends up wasted,then the world is not worth existing! I'm waiting for the upload of your "pride"...I bet that is gonna be between the best,if not THE best,fanfics ever written in the history of hurry up now! (joking,take all the time you need)

well,guess that's the end,see you sooner than later!
Crimso chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
Once again, that took forever for the review box to load. Oh! Look, the character count isn't working. How lovely. Oh, ignore my rambling please. I tend to do this a lot, yes? You've probably noticed this already. However, now, I believe right now is not the time for me to ramble on about pointless things. I need to get to talking about this master piece of a oneshot!

You heard me, this oneshot was great! I liked this better than Apprehension, even though they had very similar themes in my opinion. I mean, they were both about one of the twins dying (or almost dying). Man, I shed a tear when I read this fanfiction. I probably would have cried a lot more if I wasn't stopping myself from crying. I-I hate crying, so I always try not to when I read fanfiction or watch anime or read a book or whatever. But let's not talk about that. When I first read the summary, I thought it would be about Takano shooting Mion but I realized that this was not the case the moment I read the first sentence. Yeah, "careful you don't fall." I knew from that moment that Shion would probably die seeing as that is my favorite scene from higurashi!

Ah, the build up to Shion's death was great. I myself wondered why they didn't drop her in the anime, seeing as they took more than sixty seconds to decide what to do. This is just a reminder how how fate can go horribly wrong, a remember of how higurashi really works. I liked when Shion told him that Mion loved him, basically, because we never got to see Keiichi's reaction. He just kind of went :O and then nothing happened. And when they dropped Shion, my gosh, I could feel my heart race. Poor, poor Shion. Poor, poor Mion.

Man, Mion's reaction to Shion dying was intense. I hate when one twin dies in any kind of fiction, mainly because the scene always breaks my heart. This one broke my heart quite a bit, seeing as it's Shion and Mion, my favorite anime twins of all time. No, scratch that, my two favorite characters (though Keiichi probably comes before Shion). I loved when she was hugging her dead sister and how you said she was covered with her sister's blood. It seemed kind of symbolic in a way, to me. To me, though. I think twin relationships in general are symbolic and that's why I applaud you for making ANOTHER fic that focuses on their relationship! We need more of those. Too much Shion obsessing over Satoshi and not caring a thing about Mion. Ugh. For a moment, I thought she really wasn't dead. But then, I remembered, Mion did not survive the fall in Meakashi-hen. Shion wouldn't survive. AHAHA! Look, it's more twin symbolism! It's like, karma for pushing Mion down that well in Meakashi-hen. Just like how she fell to her death as well in the same arc! See, I pick up little things!

And then, the end. Man, seeing them so heartbroken was so sad. Rika clinging to Hanyuu, particularly, seeing as how they went through so many worlds without crying. And now, they had gotten so close, only to have one member die and to have an imperfect world again. They. Were. So. Close! Then, we have Mion and Keiichi. Keiichi comforting her was quite sad and cute, I must say, and the part in the middle of the fanfic where he was telling her Shion was dead was also... so sad. Then, there's Satoshi! Wow, I didn't expect that. I felt so bad for him, which is strange, because I don't like him or SatoShion very much. Poor guy, waking up to find that the girl who loved him his dead. *Hugs Mion and Satoshi*.

Another masterpiece from you, and I still can't wait for what else you have for us! I looked at the fanfictions you have planed on your profile, and I must say, a lot of them catch my interest. And I'm sure they'll also be masterpieces, coming from you!

Amythista chapter 1 . 6/13/2011 I was all depressed at the end of the story, but the last line just about killed me.

Excellent, excellent work.
skywolf666 chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
This has to be the most under-valued piece of fanfiction that I have ever read. Ever. This is beautiful. Agonizing, but beautiful. I sniffled and whimpered, and finally felt the tears flow. It's heartbreaking to see the happy ending that we all yearned for broken to so many pieces... but it also shows a sense of cruel realism. They were too close to death. A single thing could've ruined it all... and you explored that option with perfection.

I want to thank you, and yet damn you, for that. You have done Higurashi proud.

~ Sky
The Minister of Silly Walks chapter 1 . 6/13/2011

I cried 3 times during this fic.

D-damnit. You made my eyes excrete liquids. The best thing about this fic was its execution. The first bit (as in everything leading up to Shion's death scene) was uber exciting and pumped my blood full of adrenaline, putting me on edge and making me super tense. I had forgotten this scene in the original show and I vaguely remember it ending...well...differently. However knowing how much you like torturing your cast of characters, I was on the fence the entire time about Shion's fate. My heart was hammering and my legs were bobbing up and down nervously like I sitting on a chair perched precariously on a trotting horse. This of course made me an emotional wreak as the 60 seconds passed between Shion's hostage situation and her eventual plummet to death. At that point I had been so emotionally out of control that I actually started tearing up when you described Shion's epic fall. (and yeah, I know you said it wasn't epic-in fact you explicitly said that-but you describing how unepic and awkward it was only served to make it more epic). And what didn't help was when she actually landed, leaving me still unsure about whether or not she was alive. At this point my eyes were stinging and my vision was fuzzy.

And I was totally with Mion the entire time, harmonizing internally with her persisting cries of "She's not dead! She's not dead!" Of course, the voice in the back of my head was saying "She's dead, Cosmo, accept it. This story won't have a happy ending" and these two conflicting voices of optimism and realism made me about as tense as getting jumped by that monster behind the door in Amnesia. And yet even so I was still surprised when I found Shion was dead. I thought that maybe Mion would find a pulse when she was cradling her but I knew that wasn't true. And then came the second weeping...when you described her corpse all desecrated. The line, "Yelling to the identical - biologically, but not conditionally anymore - body that laid beneath her," broke the metaphorical dam in my eyes keeping my tears in. That was when I actually noticed I was REALLY crying a bit and my throat started knotting up so tight I thought I had a rock caught in my throat. It helped me feel for Mion a lot. I mean that has to be traumatizing in more ways than one. Not only is she holding her dead sister, her dead friend, but she's also holding a dead girl that once looked almost entirely like her. That would be so horrifying Q_Q (and out of respect for the dead that emoticon is the only one I will be using Q_Q)

And seriously my favorite part was Shion's death scene. How you described it as being so humble made it all the more beautiful and fitting. I actually really liked you how kept contrasting what was happening in the story to scenes in other stories or movies.

And as for the third weeping...that came at the end Q_Q. My emotions were in such a tizz that I was having an incredibly hard time holding back what tears I hadn't already shed. And then the end came and delivered the final blow to my psyche. Seeing Rika's reaction was the 3rd hardest for me since she had been banking so much on defeating fate and she had come so freaking close. She actually did break fate technically but not without losing something near and dear to her, making her victory forever imperfect. And then Mion was the 2nd hardest for me to read about. I don't think I have to explain myself there. T_T so sad.

And I'm sure you'll be surprised to find which one of the characters was the hardest for me to read about. Because normally I can't stand him. But Satoshi's reaction was so beautiful and tragic Q_Q He never even got to find out Shion's true feelings for him. You need to draw that scene with him holding the rose...make me cry a bit more.

This fic was time well spent on your part. Sooo gooood. It's actually my current favorite to come from you as of this time. Though tragically so...

TTFN - Ta, Ta For Now

~The Minister
Kaguramai chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
...Aaahhh Shioonnnn ;_;

This was beautiful and one of the best short tragedies I've ever read on FF, especially with the last sentence of Satoshi finally coming back only to see the only girl that ever loved him dead...