Reviews for The Swarm of War
Primalbot22 chapter 87 . 6/8
When will the story continue? It’s been over six years! If possible, could you also include a few new things from Legacy of the Void like the hybrid dominater and hybrid behemoth? This has been the longest story I’ve ever read.
johntransformers2006 chapter 2 . 5/9
classic FUCKING switch for no damn reason just because apparently a post-human mc won't be interesting
Simianpower chapter 1 . 4/6
Couldn't get into the "he did this, then he did that, then he did the other thing" style. It was very stilted, and the "character" is basically wish-fulfillment of a Starcraft player who doesn't want a population cap yet doesn't seem to realize how exponential increase actually works. There's no story whatsoever in this first chapter. Nothing to make me want to continue on to another chapter.
ton190p chapter 29 . 3/24
i dont know why the overmind has not made a acidic flamethoughing tar like roach througher, where the acidic part melds its extream flamability wih anything not built to resist its acidic effects and the tar also sticks to it making a perfect meld of ultra adhesive and welding of bio-promethiesim (had the idea to mix prometium and acid spit from the roaches, becouse like isint airborn acid a chemical that is atrotiously flamable and if modified to becoume tar like with the added flamability and burn tem out mesuring both thermite and promethium, id think youd out perform all engagments or have a heavaly armored bomb bug that carrys a massive volume act as a titan decimator or a castle door decimator... all in all... acid is realy bad when it burns
Dao Li chapter 50 . 3/22
man I hate this
Dao Li chapter 48 . 3/21
not really enjoying this other pov. skipped most if and in pretty sure I won't miss out on much when it goes back to the main pov. you should really stick to the main overmind and do smaller segments of other pov.
Heeanoren chapter 33 . 2/22
I love your story, but please put a spoiler warning in the author note or something. I didn’t want the fate of the adversaries to the Zerg on this planet spoiled. I’d much rather be surprised. I liked to read your author notes up to this point, but I can’t read any of them until the story is actually complete in fear of being spoiled about the story. I’d love to read about you getting a job and how that affects the updates or something in future, but now I can never read any of your author notes ever again. Anyways keep up the good work man, and thank you for a wonderful story. I’ll keep reading now.
antonio.cue.gervas chapter 11 . 2/14
And people teleport. Well... I think that's it
antonio.cue.gervas chapter 10 . 2/14
So the MC is in a big fucking forest and can't lose 20 mounted men, despite moving at the speed of a zergling. I think your definition of forest and mine are very different. Also, if they just killed the other zerglings, what the fuck did tobi stop for? You're trying too hard to create artificial drama, and it is quite unbelievable. I hope this is not a trend, but I'm not holding my breath...
THE holy potato chapter 32 . 2/12
the self destructive power of simping
Guest chapter 8 . 2/7
This story is incredibly tough and hard to read. If I can skip entire paragraphs and not miss anything you know there's too much chaff.
22thodge chapter 27 . 2/3
reading this just makes me feel like a beginner Zerg player is in control instead of the supposed pro Zerg player like spreading out your units until there thin no pro would do that everyone know the Zerg is weak in thin numbers
22thodge chapter 11 . 2/2
For being the best of both human and Zerg this guy kinda sucks, like come on you knew the Orcs where come and instead of evacuating the village to somewhere safe you fight them and then not command the Zerg while they fight no micro management there. Also what's with not barrowing some zerglings around the settlement if you really wanted to keep it safe. Also humans that aren't actually guardsmen just basic knights killing horde of zerglings is unrealistic when people need so sort of power armour to stand up against them. He could have taken all four of those orcs he killed earlier and took their DNA for even further adaptation, photosynthesis, and their ability to come from spores the only reason the Tyranids didn't do this is because the hive mind found it as to slow of a process of bio mass as they just consume worlds. while the Zerg are all about survivability changed what can help them thrive better plus after they finished consuming a world they send out small hives in space to spread further while the rest of them go into hibernation and survive due to photosynthesis.
22thodge chapter 1 . 2/2
it's funny because StarCraft was gonna to be a 40k game but blizzard pulled out and instead created their own version with StarCraft. you can easily see the similarities but StarCraft is basically the Teen version while 40k is the highly rated R.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/29
hi toby
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