Reviews for Tenth Anniversary
DeathWallflower chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
This is amazing, please write more stories like this.
Danny Barefoot chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Really good piece. I reread 'The History Tutor' and while there's the same subject of truth and the purpose of stories (), it was great to see how much you've worked up your individual phrasing and sharp sense of character in speech. In this piece, stories seem to shade Allison's life from the prosaic thing it might seem, into a human experience with a veiwpoint and a sense of possibility. The plot here isn't so focused as always, but that's the kind of piece it is.

Liked the CSI reference, that was probably a good way for Allison to get her students' interest. Very good point to link history, storytelling, and the memory of a departed friend, though it makes sense that Allison's realtionship with Tom has to be a more practical thing.

I thought Allison's companion might be another self-insert, but if it's her deamon, you've pulled up yet another wonderful thought in the last dialogue on the rich concept. Fanfic generally is better for all the effort you've put in, and you've inspired me as tangible benchmark. Thanks for writing.