Reviews for Maiden, Mother and Crone
Halewyn's Lady chapter 1 . 6/15/2011
Great work!

I love the structure of this fic. :D fragmentated, time-jumpy,...

The little faeries are ├╝bercute! Sparkles everywhere.

"the large bed on the black and purple silk sheets" Yay Mab's bed. ;)

"the make up around her eyes grew darker" very nice touch!

I felt sad when she couldn't even fling Frik across the room.

and goody, she remembers when she first beat him up!

My little theory. Take a room. Add Frik. Add Mab. Equals slap.

To think that there once was a time when she did not mistreat him... shocking :D I like it.

The day she first slapped Frik should be celebrated! If it were not the same day the rise of Christianity wounded her. That made me feel awful. Beautiful part none the less.

Mab feels her power/control slipping. She tries but can't do a thing about it. She hates her weakness. Result: She beats up Frik to feel better. Very logical. *applauds you* Powerful scene!

Poor both of them.

Ending this review on a positive note: ooh her sweet romance with Idath. I can't really decide whether I am pleased to see him or not at the end of the fic. -Waking up after years of non-existence to meet Death. Doesn't sound very cheerful... -It could be a happy reunion, it could not. No, I was going to end positively: It is. Happily ever after. She deserves it.

"But the main thing is she had a plan B and didn't die after all now isn't that right" lol it sure is. That is a perfect Merlin plot!
FireChildSlytherin5 chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
0.o Great one-shot.