Reviews for It Never Hurts With You
deathcurse chapter 1 . 7/21/2011
Thanks for the shout-out!

Garyuu is awesome. I want a fic from his POV one day from you, RB!

The thought of Vivio getting drunk and spilling about her great sex with Lutecia is hilarious P. It's neat how Vivio seems to be spoken about quite often by the Shadows as if she was kind of one of them, with them using her name as a threat to Lutecia's good behaviour, or them teasing that she has to keep her hands off Lutecia to let her recover.

I like the acknowledgement somewhat of Lutecia having had a death wish earlier, it really reflects what I thought of Lutecia in earlier Shadow stories. And seeing here that not only Lutecia but other people recognize that she has moved past that death wish, it does a great job of showing how she's grown since the earlier arc.

...Vivio has glasses? D I seem to recall a short where Vivio jumps Lutecia because of her hotness in glasses _-, and I think that now it'd be reciprocated!

And now we have Moczo's Intercom to show us the drunk scene! P

I laughed at Lutecia's comment about Nanoha's understanding, but I was also a little sad and disappointed to see that Lutecia's relationship with Nanoha hadn't improved since earlier stories (. I still see those two as amazingly similar, and it's just so sad that they haven't been able to connect at all. Maybe in a future story! )

It's definitely a sweet (and hot _-) story that does a great job of showing their dynamic in the future .
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 7/3/2011
Very nice opening paragraph, I must say. And nice work with the OCs; Storm's concern really shines through, and Bonneville is great. I especially like the bit about her not having a death wish any more, and how Bonneville didn't buy her denial in the slightest. He's clearly been reading your fics!

Bonneville's last comment was actually kind of interesting. "Even pleasure can have pain" is the reverse of the way I'm used to hearing it (usually when someone's hinting at S&M), and when you get right down to it, so is the story. Most of the time, erotica usually goes for adding pain to the sex as an enhancement for the participants, while you're going the opposite direction, with the pain getting in the way. On the other hand, very little erotica is about broken ribs and collarbones or punctured lungs...

Nice shout-out to Moczo's "Intercom" (although if I recall correctly, that story was actually him expanding on your comment here, much like Lutecia's mission here was you expanding on the remarks in "...Literally").

I have to say, I think Nanoha understands better than Lutecia thinks she does-after all, Fate is a field operative as an Enforcer, which means that Nanoha knows the "injured significnt other" drill fairly say nothing of when Nanoha herself was injured by the Type IV Drone in canon and Fate went to her side (and was so worried she flunked the Enforcer exam twice...).

This fact actually meshes will with Vivio's own worry and upset over Lutecia being hurt and facing death, because unlike Nanoha, Vivio opted for a non-combat job in the Shadow stories. Thus, there isn't that reciprocity there: it's not "we" face death, but "you" face it, which changes quite a lot (especially in face of the fact that, well, Vivio is nigh-indestructible and Lutecia definitely is not). Something as life-affirming as sex is appropriate for both of them to be seeking in the wake of an experience where both had to look Lutecia's mortality in the eye (and, as Bonneville points out, where Lutecia didn't see it as something to be sought and pursued, but to be avoided), relief and the desire to reestablish closeness (not at all unlike make-up sex after a fight) accentuating physical desire.

All in all, a nice one-shot emphasizing the closeness between the two of them and how they function in a relationship where Lutecia's secrets aren't weighing them down. It's a pleasant glimpse at future happiness between them.
Shigan chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
*tots bomboms for Lu-chan's progress as a woman*

seriously thou, this universe needs to be fleshed out and written for all eternity.
Fuyu no Sora chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Awww. _

Okay, first of all, it's great to see any new story from you. Secondly, it's great to see a new Vivi x Lu story. I loved the fact that you switched the point of view between them, and Boneville is awesome. XD He's someone I would like as my doctor. He's kind, he's caring and he has great sense of humor/blackmailing. _-

I'll probably say more later, but that's it for now. _
Moczo chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
And you have a name! :D

I hardly even need to say it at this point: wonderfully done as always, Beams. Your work remains top-class. I especially appreciated the contrast between Lu's rather brutal pain at the beginning and the surprisingly steamy scene at the end. You ran the whole gamut of emotions with this one, and did them all very well. Another fine addition.

And, as you've said so many times... it's nice to see Cia is finally going to get laid at some point in the future. XD