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Krimsky chapter 8 . 8/9
Aha! Blaise Zabini is mystery man number 2.

From these hints you've given, I've concluded, using my superior skills of deduction, that the mystery men are 1. Draco 2. Blaise 3. Marcus 4. Theo 5. Adrian.

I had fun figuring this out. Thanks for this chapter!
Krimsky chapter 7 . 8/9
that was so sweet! I can def imagine Draco as the broody, mysterious, artsy type. What's your favorite artist by the way? mine is Ivan Aivazovsky for his dramatic ocean paintings.
Krimsky chapter 6 . 8/9
I love this story so far! Hermione's bucket list and the fact that she has 6 months to live is original (as in I haven't read a fanfic with that idea yet lol) and the fact she has a bunch of sexy slytherins helping her with it makes it even better!

The cherry on top of this cake though, is how you write it. Setting up the first few chapters as sort of a mystery is genius! I was actively trying to figure out who was who in the five persons mentioned, and the little hints dropped throughout the following chapters was super fun. Plus, adorable Theo makes my heart melt.

The funniest thing was cutting Lucius hair. I can't wait to see how that goes!
kalikk chapter 50 . 7/21
INCRÍVEL...amei do começo ao fim, foi emocionante, intrigante e me levou as lágrimas, mas realmente amei.
MoonNott chapter 20 . 7/19
Dear Goddess above and below but this is an amazing chapter! You do smut very well dear Anne and I think I should tell you that.. It was sad though, the end. :(

And I have a feeling the little lioness is going to blow her top..
MoonNott chapter 19 . 7/19
oh fuck. My heart or my stomach rather fucking somersaulted. Actual, proper turning of stuff inside. oh fuck.
MoonNott chapter 18 . 7/19
Do you have an explanation as to why a kiss on the palm is so much more intimate and blush-worthy than even a peck on the lips or a kiss on the wrist? My favourites are palm kisses, inner wrist kisses, fingertip kisses and kisses on the stomach in that order. They all make me SWOON

I am all warm and fuzzy and things cute after that kiss. How do you do it ? How do you make a kiss sound so wonderful and sigh-worthy and sweet and now I feel like a marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate...
MoonNott chapter 17 . 7/19
Good God making a kitten dock points, that is a new low for you Draco Malfoy! To be honest though Draco, Theo and Blaise have the ability to make women giggle.. Your Marcus does too probably, but I am yet to decide if the Marcus in my head have the gift.

Can you forgive me? Maybe you can, maybe you cannot but do try to find it in yourself to forgive me for it wasn't intentional you see, it never is and I do try to not do it. Consciously try to not let it happen but the heart gets away I guess? It makes for an apt excuse, but probably not one good enough. No matter who the main characters are, the main pairing is, I always will get sidetracked, a little dreamy eyed and more than a little off track when it comes to one blond haired former ferret. And while I will wax lyrical about my love for Mr. Nott, my heart always calls out for and actively seeks out Mr. Malfoy.

I will tell you that I liked the sparring, verbal and literal, between our central pairing for it is true and I am ALL for the Theomione fluff but I couldn't get my mind off the snarky sassy self of Draco and for that, I apologize.. I cannot in good conscience do this review
much justice..
MoonNott chapter 16 . 7/19
Oh but I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the Goyle and Hermione squabble at the club! It was very amusing and if I put aside the fact that he calls her a Mudblood every ti,e to get her to punch him, I thought it was really sweet that he pretended to be grievously maimed and in a great enough deal of pain.. But it sounds like a ritual of theirs and he perhaps does look forward to the little bickering if I may every now and then and so I find myself having mixed feelings about it. Hmm...

Anyhow, our wanton little witch Hermione is now.. And I feel pride? Yes, I am very proud. Also, Theo isn't just the dueling instructor's version of a wet dream, is he? *wistful dreamy sigh*

I adore your writing and your storytelling and your style and the characterisation and let's just say I adore you too, because I do.. :)
MoonNott chapter 15 . 7/19
Tell me you are going to giving Blaise a happy ending after all because it is already breaking my heart... And he is still achingly sweet to our little Gryffindor and if there isn't a woman or a man for him I will only feel better if he gets both... See what you have done, you little heathen. You made me cry.. No big review for you this time. I can't type too well through blurred vision
MoonNott chapter 14 . 7/19
The Vipers are very incestuous tsk tsk. How is a girl to keep track of all the debauchery? But I shall try because if I can't be a part of said debauchery, I can at least tabulate it, no? And I shall summarize it because everyone likes summaries... No? Just me? Oh well...

So, Theo was with Astoria and Daphne with Marcus and because Theo noticed Tori, Draco wanted her too and somehow in all this mess Astoria died. And Marcus blamed Draco for being pissed at Theo which would have torn their group apart had it not been for Adrian's timely intervention and attempt at keeping the peace. BUT Marcus was still pissed and refused Daphne comfort in those sad times which made her turn to Draco and oh boy they slept together which made Marcus even more mad at Draco. And now to even the field, Daphne suggested Marcus sleep with Hermione for he has feelings for her and she feels guilty for cheating on him. So now that is happening.

Meanwhile, Adrian and Blaise know she is dying. Marcus and Theo have an inkling and Draco is blissfully unaware. Also, she has now slept with Adrian, Blaise and soon enough Marcus, and Draco will happen in the near future for that was an agreed upon deal sealed with a kiss and whatnot. And Theo too hopefully... So wonderfully incestuous! Did I get it all right?

Apart from all that which was mainly for my sake, I find I must tell you that my love for Blaise only seems to increase for he is charm personified and so witty too..
MoonNott chapter 13 . 7/19
Oh the observational powers of Marcus Flint are envious! And what is this about Astoria? The plot thickens ever more I see.. Ouch. Astoria died, didn't she? Oh my poor baby Theo is so so sad! Why, how, when though? Will we find out? *gasp* stay tuned to know more?

But so much attachment to the little cub, it is adorable and thank Merlin I had already decided I am to leave my brain a mushed mess. Oooh see I had been wondering if Marcus/Hermione would happen and not-so-secretly hoping it would because I am as they say trash for Hermione/Slytherin pairings and hey the girl's dying in 6 months, I want her to sleep with as many men as possible! On to the next chapter! *runs away*
MoonNott chapter 12 . 7/19
Yes! You go Hermione, live for yourself!

I like fun drunk and I think everyone should be a fun drunk, but most aren't. Most are quite maudlin or even obnoxious. I am a very fun drunk though, so others don't bother me. Among the trio, I imagine Ron would be the funniest and the most fun drunk and then Hermione. Harry would be very much fun too but I see him trying to not fall down laughing because of the other two.

Now among the snakes, I am not so sure.. but probably Blaise. Theo might be the quietest drunk, not maudlin but quiet.

Ooooh she let slip she's dying... I don't blame her, she has had a rough day and that thought WAS on the forefront of her mind. Not that the thought of one dying in the coming six months wouldn't be on one's mind all the time but you know what I mean.

What I have best liked about the snakes till now is that they all call her little cub or little Gryffindor or little lion and in case of one Theodore Nott, sweetheart. And I think such terms of endearments are very very endearing..
MoonNott chapter 11 . 7/19
The sun came up and so I had to sleep. I am not a vampire, worry not. However it was post 6.30 AM... anyway.

Ah ah ah Theodore double standards *wags finger* naughty naughty! Going around snooping through other people's things too! Something about curiosity and cats they say...

Now we have all 6 names for the mighty kitten! I vote for Dante or Caligula. I am in complete opposition of Bob, that name just won't do.. And one Marcus will suffice I think..

Theo's exit from her house is just too funny and how Slytherin of you miss Granger to navigate the topic of secrecy so skillfully!

That reminds me, I have always wondered, they don't often say "That's so Ravenclaw!" while the other three houses are very easily and on a daily basis referred to.. It is unfair really.
MoonNott chapter 10 . 7/18
Ah... not a very smart thing to do there Hermione.. Getting caught was obvious there.

Slight detour. Epistles. Olivieblake and drsallysparrow have an ongoing Drarry BROTP war of letters being sent back and forth between the pairing that should have been and the series of letters sent between the two sassiest boys is hilarious. It is highly amusing and can be found on tumblr on either of the abovementioned users' blogs with the tag Epistles and I highly recommend you check it out. :)

The plot thickens then?
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