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TheSiren341 chapter 4 . 2/4
K... I can NEVER imagine them going to McDonalds but yeah... pretty good
TheSiren341 chapter 2 . 2/4
"Nah I just went down to tie my shoe"
Cracked me up!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/1/2017
I love this story so much you need to come back soon!
adam chapter 17 . 7/13/2016
you dkid call them husband and wife even though this is when the are just each other fiancé
Guest chapter 19 . 4/15/2016
Awesome i'll be looking forward for more
Mikumix chapter 2 . 3/5/2016
That was so sweet. I really liked the way Lui expressed his feelings the way he did. Now, if someone did that in real life, I find them to be an awesome friend. What a gentleman.
no god no chapter 4 . 1/24/2016
Guest chapter 2 . 9/26/2015
The Proposal

With only a few weeks passed since the Battle at the Pyramid of Argus, The heroes of Earthrealm had been recovering in Edenia at the Edenian grand palace. The Queen, Sindel made sure the Earthrealm warriors were given the utmost treatment and care as always when they visited Edenia. During the time, the heroes all reflected at recent events and tried to grasp the unrealistic reality that their enemies were all dead and that peace was finally upon them, this time perhaps the longest they've had in a while.

During the recovering days, Liu Kang became well rejuvenated since his battle with Shao Kahn, which had left him mildly injured and covered with bruises all around his body. During his recovery Liu had time to think about all of what had happened in his life since he joined the Mortal Kombat tournament; his victory over Shang Tsung in the tournament, the first time he defeated Shao khan, the defeat of Shinnok, and also his death at the hands of Shang Tsung accompanied with Quan Chi.

He also thought about the terrible things that happened afterwards. It would have almost seemed like with his death, things took a turn for the worst on a level thought unimaginable. The fall of Earthrealm warriors, the rise of the deadly alliance, Raiden's defeat and rebirth as a vengeful god, the return of Onaga which couldn't have happened at the worst possible time. there was also the unbelievable shocking truth that Raiden resurrected his body and used it as a tool for destruction. Liu's possessed corpse traveled Earthrealm slaughtering innocents as Raiden's way of punishing the Earthrealm; an action that he has not yet forgiven Raiden for.

All of these things and more he had time to think on and reflect from, however, there was one particular moment in his life that he has regretted for a long time, but he finally had a chance to make it right and with his recovery nearly complete and with the okay by top Edenian doctors to walk around, Liu decided to venture to the find Kitana, who had been periodically checking up on him while he was slowly recovering. As he ventured he passed by the many guards and knights who admired and thanked him for all he had done recently for Edenia. After about five minutes of venturing the palace, he arrived to Kitana's room where a guard stood in attention at her door, when he noticed Liu Kang,

"Liu Kang Sir! Hello, How may I be of service to you, do you wish to speak with the princess?"

"Yes please"

"Of course, sir" he said cheerfully as he knocked on the large brown door that kept Liu and Kitana apart for the moment "My lady, Master Liu is here to see you"

Kitana, who had been attending her vanity, didn't wait a moment further when she heard him. She dropped what she was doing and rushed to the door and opened it herself egar to set her gaze upon the champion of Mortal Kombat, the savior of Edenia, and one whom she could call, her lover; Liu Kang.

"Liu!" she greeted as the two embraced tightly,she was so happy to see him up and walking around...and in the flesh.

Liu Kang had died a few months ago prior to the Battle, and Kitana had not seen him…in the flesh at least, since their ordeal with the fallen elder god Shinnok. The next time she heard about Liu Kang, His best friend and fellow partner in crime fighting, Kung Lao had informed her that he was dead, killed by a new threat soon to be known as The Deadly Alliance.

The news of his death, broke her apart, the thought was so unreal that she actually thought it was nightmare but unfortunately, she was wrong. Kitana had already been through so much in the past months with trying to defeat the remainder of Shao Kahn's army with her new allies the four armed race, the Shokans. Kitana's been around death for most of her life, she's seen her share of gruesome deaths and even done her share of delivering them without so much as a thought of remorse or mercy in her mind. This particular death however had Kitana in an unheard of state of depression and mourning for a while. Every night she would break down on the cold hard floor and uncontrollably cry wishing that it had not been so, that Liu Kang was indeed alive and well and that one day…just one day, they would be together in peace as king and queen of Edenia.

Kitana's emotional state seemed broken beyond repair and it seemed like their was no way to put her back together…unless it was vengeance for her lover's death at the hands of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, their already mortal enemies. This act of revenge was unfortunately in vain as she too fell and met her death at the hands of the deadly alliance.

Much like her lover, her body had too been revived by a force and used for evil. Onaga the former emperor of Outworld had returned as it was foretold in Outworld legend, and began to resurrect the fallen heroes of the assault against the deadly alliance. Kitana would not have to endure this life of unwilling slavery long however as she along with her earthrealm friends were freed from Onaga's control by two very unlikely allies; one was the warrior known as Ermac, who was a fusion of the souls of fallen Edenian warriors and was once a force for evil until Shao Kahn's defeat. The other was The soul and spirit of Liu Kang who had been freed from Shang Tsung following his 'demise'. Liu Kang found a kindred spirit in Ermac and helped the ninja seek redemption and a purpose in life in return for a small favor. With their combined power, Liu Kang and Ermac freed Liu' s friends from Onaga's control and they were returned to their original selves alive and well.

That was the first time Kitana ad seen Liu in years and although it was a unexplainable wonder and sight, it still had not been enough, Liu was but only a transparent spirit. Kitana was excited and astounded but also still broken up at the same time because her lover was not a corporeal being anymore; it made it hard for her to see him like this and even more angry at her foes and the ones who did this to him.

But fortunately everything worked out and Liu Kang was revived and reunited with his body and given a new life thanks to;the elder gods of all people…yea, those lazy bastards...

Since then, Liu had been recovering from his injuries and Kitana had been a regular visitor eager for him to recover and be with her.

"Come in, how are you feeling, are you okay" Kitana asked him holding his hand as they walked further into her spacious room.

"yea im well, but how about you, Your mother told me you might still be feeling down on what's happened recently" he asked

Kitana's smile turned into a slight frown of sadness as she looked down at her lap and then out to her bedroom window. She began to walk towards it,

"Its still fresh in my mind…I…I just can't seem to let go of it. And with this peace, I still wonder how long it will last. It was short in the past and this could still be no different. I would like to enjoy it but after seeing it just suddenly disappear every time we gain a moment of it, it just makes me think about…will we ever be free of all the fighting, the wars…"

Liu knew how she felt and he too had wondered the same, He knew first hand, Shao Kahn was dead true enough, but there was always some new or returning threat that further kept them from a LONG peaceful life.

Liu went to Kitana and turned her around to face him. He gently lifted her head up by her chin and looked at her beautiful hazel eyes that were starting to get teary,

"Hey, we can't worry about the future, we can only live in the present and learn from the past. I don't know about you but…I can't live my life worrying about who my next challenge is going to be and if my home is going to be taken over. That's a life of constant stress, worry and depression, and it could lead you to be paranoid. I can't see my life like that, and I don't want yours to be that way." he paused as he looked deep into her hazel eyes and gave a loving smile, "You deserve to be happy, WE deserve to be happy…how ever long it last, we have to cherish every moment of it…being around our friends, our family…our loved ones…besides, your too young and beautiful to start having worry lines" he mildly joked.

Kitana's frown was turned upside down gain as she smiled upon hearing the words that brought her spirits up and seeing the man who the words parted lips from. Kitana loved when Liu Kang cheered her up and she missed it so much…she missed Liu's presence, she missed his touch, his gaze, his soft heartedness, his inspiring words, his humor…she missed her Liu Kang.

Liu Kang continued, "And…that's kinda what I wanted to talk to you about…" Kitana faced seemed alittle worry at first at what Liu could want to talk about regarding her loved ones and family.

Liu and Kitana went to her bed and sat on the edge together and Liu Kang sighed a bit and put out a slight smile. Kitana could tell he had been alittle nervous as he didn't start talking right then and there.

"Is everything alright Liu?" she concernedly asked him,"Oh yea, everything is great heha, uh, im just uh,…okay here it is", Liu Kang said as he cleared his throat.

Liu gently grabbed Kitana's hands with his own and looked at them for a brief moment. He was actually quite amazed at how well kept they were. He knew she was princess but he also knew that her job was a rather messy one at times, Yet she had managed to keep her sky blue painted nails and flawless soft hands in such beauty.

Liu Kang than focused back to what he was trying to let out, "Kitana…We've known each other for quite some time now…and umm, I know how I feel about you... and I know how you feel about me."

Liu Kang's speech was getting clearer as his courage began to over shadow his nervousness.

"A few years ago after the battle with Shinnok, you came to me and expressed your feelings for me". Kitana continued to stare at Liu Kang smiling as she listened to every world he said, her mind than flashed back a little to the moment Liu was
R7RAFI chapter 18 . 6/21/2015
Also, can you please put some more romance with jade and kung lao? It would be great! (;
R7RAFI chapter 19 . 6/21/2015
When are you updating more? It's a realy cool story. (;
Guest chapter 3 . 6/14/2015
I'm sorry but I'm talking about the whole mortal kombat you guys like the super powerful moves?I do too.I like the brutal x-ray moves,fatalities,brutalities,faction kills,and though they had it like animalities,babalities,and made it a little different back I wish they had MKX on X360 right now because I haven't played it yet but I will when I get it at GameStop next about you guys?Are you gonna buy that MKX game?Well if you do,it has all amazing skins and combos!You even get to unlock great ,I can just not wait for Spawn to come out!He'll probably come out next year or... you know another month or that's all I gotta say about this action-packed !I almost forgot they're are some kombat fighters from back in the old days coming to MKX!
Guest chapter 19 . 6/4/2015
Can you please make more chapters about Liu Kang and Kitans a long with Johnny and Sonya
Inferno Scorpion chapter 19 . 5/21/2015
Man this chapter was so funny i like how they even got Scorpion to play the game
Guest chapter 1 . 7/9/2014
james chapter 11 . 7/3/2014
Awesome story best fanfic I ever read
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