Reviews for Continuance
KPON chapter 27 . 7/29
Wow. Read this all in one sitting. Amazing! Really looking forward to another chapter - love the development of Souji and Yukiko's families and motivations. Wonderful!
Ziodyne967 chapter 27 . 5/12
Aww man! Still no new chapter? I definitely know the wait is worth it though! XD
animeflunky chapter 27 . 3/26
Really enjoying this story so far. Yukiko / Souji's relationship is really well done, and a great extension of their relationship in P4. While not my favorite pairing (that will always be Naoto for me), it was the one I went for in my first playthrough and still one of my favorites so its great to see it get the love it deserves. Interested to see what happens next with Souji and the Rents though I don't think its going to work out well for them no matter what.
Binbix chapter 27 . 3/25
Just want to say you're an amazing writer. I could really feel the emotions Souji was going through when he had his anxiety attack and everything else he and his friends do together just makes me laugh. I can't wait for future updates! Btw this is just a shot in the dark but I'm getting the feeling that Yuuma is Megumi's father am I close?
EmD23 chapter 27 . 2/1
Was the Yosuke and Rise scene inspired by Persona Q, by any chance? That game did have a rather extended story thread about Rise and Yosuke, and how she views him as a self-sacrificing protector and the one person she needs to keep an extra eye on.

Rest of the chapter was pretty solid as well.
MashiroNguyen chapter 1 . 1/31
Hmm, nice chapter 1. I especially love this phrase:
" Home was tea and flower-printed kimonos, the feeling of age and tradition, pale skins dark eyes and coal-black hair. "
It really emphasize Souji's love and feelings for Yukiko. It's not just because she's my number 1 heroine, it's because of the way you describe it too.

Continue to Chapter 2 now ;D
Kyral chapter 27 . 1/21
Once again I apologize for the lateness of this review! I kind of took a vacation from fanfic for a while.

Anyway! I mentioned this before but I am loving this character development in Izumi, and it continues here. I wonder what would happen if/when she finds out about the Midnight Channel incidents? Or at the very least his scars? She's already seen something that Dojima hasn't (him crying over his nightmares). Pre-development Izumi probably wouldn't have even *noticed* even if Souji threw the scars in her face, but this new one, it could be interesting. And the scene with Megumi's mother. It's interesting, I think it *really* shocked Izumi even more. She saw the path her life *could* have taken if hadn't been as successful as she has been. I digress, just suffice it to say I'm eager see Izumi's arc (rooting for her to be redeemed at this point).

Now Yuuma...he's coming across as the Evil Stepfather. I don't trust him *at all*. I think he's horribly underestimating his son and his fiance (because Yukiko is terrifying) and the rest of the Investigation Team. I look forward to the confrontation and ensuing smackdown.

Loved Yukiko's and Chie's parts and how they interweave with each other.

Rise is scary, that is all :)

And now for the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in the chapter. I think I mentioned before that I'm a Kanji/Naoto fan and you wrote them very well. They are very much "two steps forward, one step back" and you captured that perfectly. And their first kiss, so adorkable, so them. Keep it up :)

Anyway, until next time, cheers!
Xoraan chapter 27 . 1/19
I'm always impressed by how you shift between various scenes and storylines so fluidly and still keep readers' interest. However there may have been one too many story subplots in one chapter. That is not to say that this chapter wasn't interesting, it is just that it may have been stretched a tad bit too far across different subplots.I will comment on the virtues of each seperate storyline in this chapter though.

First, the one that struck out and appealed to me the most is Izumi's, as it really shouldn't have been a surprise she knew Megumi's mother since it was hinted that she already had established connections with the Seta's by indirect means. Though honestly, at the time when Megumi first discussed about her father I thought this would lead to Souji having an arranged marriage with Megumi and would lead to the breaking point in his relationship with his father. Quite a red herring there, but very well done. Junko's situation is not the same as Izumi's, but I love it how you've set enough similarities between her relationship with her child that Izumi sees the horrifying reflection in the shattered mirror. Also, Yuuma is proving to be a 3rd dimensional character with his interaction with Izumi. It is clear that he cares about her and that the love in their marriage isn't as dead thanks to their business as much as you made it seem in previous chapters. However, the way he spoke about Souji and Yukiko's relationship like an investment opportunity briefing still made me want to punch him in the face. You're still bringing character to OCs like a master.

Second favourite scenario is Naoto and Kanji's predicament. While it is adorable to see such blatantly different personalities come together and work in a relationship, there needed to be some conflict due those differences as well. Kanji's reasoning is understandable, but so is Naoto's concern for his future. Reconciling on their rift as you did was smooth and intriguing for the established conflict.

In Yukiko's part, I'm not sure whether or not there was an intentional Percy Jackson reference or not, but nevertheless it was an elegant passage on how she felt in the days inside the TV. While Mei was interesting to read with Yukiko, I am really interested in what Natsuki will get up to with Chie. While I'm more of a Chie and Yosuke fan, I looking forward to seeing you make me say "'[Chie and Kou] works' to 'holy crap they are awesome!' by the end."

And finally, Rise is fun to read just for being Rise. When she started to scare the $h! out of Yosuke I had the feeling she was just messing with him from the beginning. It definitely wasn't because you wrote her badly (because you didn't) but it was just something Rise would do.

... Man, that was a pretty long review. Looking forward to the next chapter!
MMMHHHMMM chapter 27 . 1/14
Excellent work on your chapters so far even though it's been more than three years since you started this. Seeing the conflict that Souji's mom is experiencing when she doesn't know her own son too well, I would imagine "someone" throwing her into the TV world or something; maybe a location where there are a lot of buildings involving businesses, being the epitome of her own inner conflict and business-looking entities as shadows wearing suits or something and throwing cash and books as weapons. Maybe it won't work but it seems interesting to note.
Delacroix1991 chapter 27 . 1/3
So... It's been a long time since my last review. Real life has been hectic lately, couple it with the fact that I have gradually lost my interest in Fanfic. However, after I reread the entire fic, I still find it very enjoyable. In my head, something about Persona 4 just click with themes like everyday life, romance and drama. In fact, this fic is the only romance fic in my favorites.
You have done very well in establishing the base for the Yukiko/Souji pairing. I have not found any interaction between the two that made me scrunched my face with distaste. I pretty much enjoy all the switch between different POVs, except for the Naoto/Kanji pairing. Something about them just made me skipped all their POVs.
What I like most about this fic, aside from your colorful literal skill, is Souji's parents. They simply are not the run of the mill jerkass parents. I like their characteristics and how they interact with Souji.
All in all this is a fic that just simply about talking and interacting. And I love it. I'm glad that your writing skill is still very sharp.
MegaRizwan20 chapter 27 . 1/1
I am glad I found the time to read chapter 26 and 27. I have not found a moment that I have hated throughout this series so far and I hope it stays that way. I was surprised in seeing that Junko is Megumi's mom. I really want to see how Izumi will talk to Souji after all that has happened. Also are you going for a Yosuke X Rise pairing because that is what it seems like to me? I don't hate the idea in fact it is quite fascinating. I just love reading about how it will all develop in time. I can't wait to read more of this series and it also feels like I will be reading it for a long time and I am quite okay with that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Ziodyne967 chapter 27 . 12/30/2014
XD New chapter!? Hell yea F&$K sleep!
darrelodin chapter 27 . 12/27/2014
Adorable! And thanks for the Christmas gift! This. Story always surprises me with its turns and trials. That, and the complexity of the characters is really interesting. That entire story about Souji's mother's friend was intriguing, and revealed another side of her.

Oh, and the Yosuke/Rise is just hilarious, by the way. Not my first choice for a prospective couple, but you really worked it well. Plus Chie and her hilarious pranks are cool.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Good luck in future writing!
jack the writer chapter 27 . 12/26/2014
Hey there, Long time reader, first time reviewer (of this fanfic)

I've been following this one for quite a while and I must say I am truly truly loving the flow and tone that this story has set. It seems very mature without losing the vibe that the game itself produced and I thank you for all your hard work in making such a stellar piece of well written work that expands on my favourite game.

I adore the central couple (Souji and Yukiko have always been my favourite pairing) but I also like the exploration of other couples, Kanji and Naoto and even the relations/interactions between Yuuma and Izumi. You're fanfic really pushes a more mature vibe with some interesting issues (Souji's relations with his parents) raised (personally, I hope that Izumi atleast repairs a bit of her relationship with Souji - Don't care one bit about Yuuma {he is a very well written A**hole though}). To be honest I squealed very embarrassingly when Souji popped the question to Yukiko, I was almost more excited than Nanako in a way hu hu :3.

With all that said I'm glad that you have been continuing this fic (the continuance ahaha) - I hope that you yourself have had a good holiday and that you take care
Ulcaasi chapter 27 . 12/26/2014
UUUUUUUUPPDDDAAAAAAAATEEE. AW YEAH. I was gonna rage at you for finally updating only to have my favourite couple fight but then you went and made it awesome at the end and hurghyou' WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. :3

Also 10 points to Rise for being a sneaky little trickster. Although there was probably truth in what she was sayin.
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