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emowoods205 chapter 35 . 8/3
Awee Sai and Naruto are such cute friends! (Was that SuiSai/SaiSui?) I knew Naruto knew Kakashi before I just never thought it would be so emotional...I hope Naruto and Kakashi get to go ice skating... Thank God the cute KibaNaru hasn't ended... I love Kiba.
emowoods205 chapter 34 . 8/3
Well looks like Naruto is going to disappear in three days... Shit Kiba is catching onto things! So Sasuke attacked Danzo...Good for him! Awee I love how brotherly Itachi was being with Naruto! (Fuck now I want ItaNaru!)
emowoods205 chapter 33 . 8/3
So Sasuke has a disease...Oh now I want to go and love Sasuke up... Sakura you can't do shit so just stay out of it! Still love the KibaNaru...The scene where Sasuke and Kiba are glaring and Naruto is just there not knowing what to do but then he Chase's after Sasuke reminds me of Twilight Kiba is Jacob and Sasuke is Edward Naruto Bella XD it was a very sad scene though... It's killing me that Sasuke could be potentially in love with Naruto but feels he can't be with him because he is dieing of a stupid disease...If I had something that was bound to kill me I would love my life to the fullest till the end...
emowoods205 chapter 32 . 8/3
(I want to ship Naruto with everybody too Kyuubi Gaara Sai Kakashi Shikamaru Kiba Sasuke Suigetsu and lots more...) That little heart to heart Naruto had with Kyuubi is by far my favorite part of this chapter it's just so cute and intimate. Who was the bloody man?! And why the fuck can't Sasuke just be normal?! Poor Naruto will have to deal with Sasukes now...
emowoods205 chapter 31 . 8/3
And here comes Sasukes betrayal... Awee the relationship between Naruto and Gaara is too cute...I hope they fuck at some point! GaaNaru! Lol Sai is finally brought into the book. So Naruto is staying with the Perv in training. Naruto and Kiba are adorable! KibaNaru friends with benefits! So we will see Kyuubi again! (I NEEDS ME SOME KYUUNARU SEX!)
emowoods205 chapter 30 . 8/3
(I'm desparate for KYUUNARU!)
emowoods205 chapter 30 . 8/3
I'm still pretty pissed at Sasuke for knowing all along and not doing a thing about it... Awee the KibaNaru is super fucking Adorable (Kiba seems like some sweet kind and caring type of guy). Damn Sasuke pouncing on Naruto like that was sexy as hell (Sasuke seems like some exhilarating sexy and Douchebag type of guy). Though I do hate that Naruto cheated? On Kiba? Who's their to see Naruto Kyuubi?
emowoods205 chapter 29 . 8/3
Hold up so the whole time Sasuke knew he was talking to Naruto?! Fuck Sasuke what a dick! Mizuki had to come and molest Naruto out of nowhere! Ok the guy who helped Naruto can be One Sasuke Or Two Kyuubi...
emowoods205 chapter 28 . 8/3
Poor Kiba... Kiba don't give up! (Ughh I just really don't want to KibaNaru to stop!)
emowoods205 chapter 27 . 8/2
Damn Naruto must have a talented mouth if he can pleasure three men in a row. Finally Naruto and Deidara fuck!(I still really want KyuuNaru...) Awee that cute emotional KibaNaru 3. Uchiha confuses me... And who the fuck does that guy thing he is hurting Naruto like that!
emowoods205 chapter 26 . 8/2
Drunk Naruto is truly one of a kind. Was Iruka talking to Kyuubi? Sasukes idea isn't too bad. Holy shit I love the little KibaNaru VS. SasuNaru fight! When Naruto said 'Doesn't taste like sugar though' I fell in love just a little more with this book. Naruto is Juliet XD. Sasuke or Kiba as Romeo?
emowoods205 chapter 25 . 8/2
XD That guy thought Naruto was a girl. Shit always goes down at the club it's common knowledge. Naruto just made out with Pain on the couch in front of everyone and didn't give two fucks XD. Damn Pain fucking Naruto in an Alleyway is sexy as hell! I hope Naruto goes with Pain... I knew Sasuke must know Akatsuki I mean his brother is Itachi and of course he's related to Madara so duhh. Sasuke did not have to molest Naruto... So Kakashi suddenly is a police officer?!
emowoods205 chapter 24 . 8/2
Whoa whoa whoa who's watching them?!
emowoods205 chapter 24 . 8/2
Who the fuck chased Naruto with a car then?! So Sasuke is the guy Naruto talks to over the phone... But does Sasuke know he's talking to Naruto? I love how cute and cuddly Naruto is being kissing Shikamaru and being all over Kiba...Plus Sasuke bring jealous just makes it better! Poor Asuma... That last scene when Naruto comforted Shikamaru I have a small smile.
emowoods205 chapter 23 . 8/2
That one moment when Sasuke is straddling Naruto and their all intimate... Finally he told Kiba the truth! That KibaNaru yum yum I really wanted them to have sex in the water. So the white haired guy could possibly be the man who was chasing him with the car and following/watching/stalking him I feel like it's Jiraiya. Sasuke needs to fuck hmmm (Imagine he goes to Akatsuki and ends up with Naruto as his sex bud XD) I feel like that was Itachi who was calling Sasuke?
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