Reviews for Second Life
Raging Raven chapter 16 . 12/29/2016
Awe man this was so great
klu chapter 16 . 7/22/2014
I enjoyed this little fic and the AU you created within it. I found the irony of Azazel's favorite special child Sam finding love with an angel a nice change for Sam and I loved that idea that Ellen and Bobby were together.
I thought you did a good job exploring emotion with the characters and I especially liked the link to the past that Dean/Dane and Aria shared.
I did laugh at your claim of Alistair being a 'good' guy; it might have been a bit skewed - because a demon being nice to a princess of Hell isn't exactly the same as making him a humanitarian, you know;). hahahaha.
Lyrics Amidala chapter 5 . 10/25/2013
Yay, Crowley! I love Crowley. Good story, I'm really liking it so far.
monzepelmoon chapter 16 . 8/8/2013
I totally can understand what just happened right there. OMG I love the curve ball that you threw, totally wicked! I love this fic, I can't wait to see more of your stuff further down the line. Great job writing this. keep up the good work.

SomebodyWhoCares chapter 16 . 6/21/2013
What...No more?...
BlackWolfHeartnet chapter 4 . 10/20/2012
Nice story
xJenzaFreakx chapter 15 . 10/8/2012
I read all chapters before reviewing, hope you don't mind. I like your ideas and characters, a lot. You have idea how happy I am to have found this story among all the Wincest, Destiel and other gay AU stories that don't interest me at all. I had almost given up hope that a non slash, OFC story existed or was being updated and was well written and interesting. I was starting to think every SPN fan was a slash/wincest fan :( Love your storyline and how you've got two stories going on at once, you're able to keep it understandable without confusing your readers. It makes me want to read your other SPN fics! Hope you update soon and if you do, prepare for a review every time. I'm pretty good with leaving long reviews, telling you what I think of the chapter and my favorite parts of each one. Thanks for writing so clearly and intelligently, its so refreshing to read a fic that isn't filled with grammatical errors and don't keep the main characters in character. So many authors just can't seem to keep them in character and they end up sounding like totally different ppl than they are on the show. Very impressive! Can't wait for more princess action!
Dawnie-7 chapter 15 . 10/6/2012
Ah, the flashback that explains it all. That was sad :( Not only are they both dead but she didn't even get to explain. That's...unfortunate.
I did love that last line though. Ha, it's like the start of a bad bar joke :)
AuntMo chapter 15 . 10/6/2012
I am glad this story is back.I am still enjoying it!
Dawnie-7 chapter 14 . 9/22/2012
Love Love Love the title of this chapter :)
You are a wicked one you know? Having both versions going to the dogs at the same time AND having John now yellow eyes? Cruel.
Dawnie-7 chapter 13 . 9/22/2012
Well then, that's certainly a way to have a/bath.
EideticGirl chapter 14 . 5/31/2012
I just think you should know, I'm pretty sure you're my favorite SPN fic writer. Aside from you fabulous writing skills, you don't bash Jo. It's hard to find fics with no Jo bashing.

Let me love you.
MrsMercer chapter 10 . 3/29/2012
Holy crap!

Yet more questions to be answered. Love!
MrsMercer chapter 9 . 3/29/2012
Whoooooooo Cas! :)

Loved this chapter.

Poor Ari I feel so bad for her in all this. First finding out that she was in hell then finding that Dean wanted her :) Then, finding that she was the princess of hell.

I can't wait to see where you take this.
MrsMercer chapter 8 . 3/29/2012
Awww what a way to wake up!

NO! He's her father? Uh-Oh!
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