Reviews for In the Silent Moments
Miki-Death-Strike chapter 1 . 6/22/2011
While I don't necessarily agree with your portrayal of a "sensitive" Seifer, it is quite well done! You've made him us-you've added a more human element to the canon. More specifically, you've included him into the context of our own reality, what with the detail of him trying to get by. I liked the sensory details and the descriptions of his muddled past.

The reason I don't agree with this sensitive side of Seifer is because I don't believe he is one to linger on the past, despite the discrepancies he's done in the game. He keeps moving through, trying to arrive to his personal goals, letting his ambitions guide him and in turn, learning from them. I doubt he'd be too concerned with Squall's doings because Seifer has his own life to live and he wouldn't let people halt it.

However, I do like the introspection and the reality of it. Good job!
BondSlave chapter 1 . 6/15/2011
Wow. That is That is incredibly and undoubtfully saddening and depressing. Extremely angsty. Those are usually the best kind of stories. Yes it is fun ever so often to read fluff or romance or something-but, those tend to be the 'how life ought to be' stories that give off no sense of reality. I believe a story with angst gives off a sense of reality in a world where reality is non-existents.

I realy enjoyed this. It was heart renching. But one thing confused me.

Did Seifer's parents give him away to the orphanage or did they die? That was oddly vague-even for a breif flash of memory. But anyway. Great story hun.

Ps. Thanks for sharing Rachel's Potatoes with me. XD