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Niebo chapter 199 . 6/19
Your story is so amazing! Poor Izaya... It must be really awful to learn that old version of him planned this all... How much old Izaya has been crazy to plan to hurt even himself ?!
Hope you will continue soon. I am really curious what is going to happen now...
Casting Moonlight chapter 199 . 4/18
Oh god, I did not see that coming. What the hell was (before)Izaya thinking when he planned this exactly? I mean... oh well, we'll see I guess. I am highly interested in knowing where Izaya goes from here. Especially when he has firmly set into his mind that the one responsible must be executed and now he finds 'he' is the one responsible. I see some pretty heavy Shiki and Shizuo collaboration too, unwilling as it may or may not be.

Can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 199 . 4/15
Waaaah, almost 200 chapters, keep going! This story is a really nice one, I like the idea of Izaya losing his memory and trying to become a new person, just wonderful! Don't give up on this fanfic, it's a great one!
Evilkitten3 chapter 199 . 4/12
Oh, that's not gonna be good. I don't think Izaya is gonna be in too big a rush to get his memories back now. Well, I can't wait to see what happens next!
Evilkitten3 chapter 198 . 4/4
Well. That happened. I totally forgot about this story, so I had to completely reread it (whoops), and I'm just blown away by how amazing your writing is. That poor kid...
teehee17911 chapter 198 . 4/2
this turned dark really quickly
Kajune chapter 196 . 3/17
Ahh...I sadly didn't mention this sooner, but the idea of Shizuo and Izaya knowing each other as children has been in my head for ages, and seeing you use it as a means to bring Izaya's memory back...I loved it.
Sorry if I'm wrong, but I love the idea.
Especially this chapter. This chapter was really nice to read.

Izaya, or child Izaya's thoughts on life and death. Ahh...brilliant idea. Not impossible to imagine as the origin of his evilness, but you described it so well. I understand his thoughts, how death makes our glamorized lives and the meaning of our existences null.
I like Izaya's down-to-earth, skeptic point of view and Shizuo's kind way of trying to comfort someone with such realistic, and rather true, thoughts.

True, we will eventually be no different from a dead beetle once we crumble and become dust or dirt. Shizuo displayed common human denial. :D

As for the scenes with Matsumoto, I enjoyed them too. Izaya is trying to ascend, to climb up? I can imagine this being Izaya going up those steps or drifting down to Hell towards are hopeless goal.

Overall, I liked this plot behind this chapter. Everything is well done. I think this is the best thing I've read in a while...this chapter. Thank youfor the update!
Kajune chapter 195 . 3/17
Sorry I didn't review this sooner, I wasn't at my best.
I'm still reading this amazingly BIG piece.
Though I don't like the main pairing, I love a lot of the ideas that appear.
I love how you write, I love how Izaya behaves in this.
A lot of it is fun to read. I can feel emotions pouring in as I go along each scene.
I'm often left with a cliff-hanger making me want to continue,
or words that make me google for an answer since I'm not very smart.

Thank you for the update.
elfacade chapter 195 . 3/15
Ooo Shikisan get the booty
teehee17911 chapter 192 . 3/3
I wonder if Izaya knows that Shiki is kind of falling for him. Two updates in one day is delightful and made my day.
teehee17911 chapter 191 . 3/2
I love how you write shiki's thoughts about izaya. Its very interesting and fits his character very well.
teehee17911 chapter 189 . 2/4
kid izaya and kid shizuo dynamic is cute
the updates make me very happy
fantastic chapter :3
Guest chapter 189 . 2/4
"I'm planning to have lots and lots of fun with you for years to come."
that sounded so cute for some reason and izaya cheating gravity sounds so like him
love the fast updates they make me happy
Evilkitten3 chapter 189 . 2/3
Well, that's... Izaya, I guess. Anyway, I'm glad to see an update. I love this story
Guest chapter 188 . 2/3
i'm impressed by how much you can update it makes me happy
kid izaya seems really cute i wish they showed more of izaya past in the light novles
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