Reviews for Who I am now
Vixie96 chapter 205 . 33m
Wow I wouldn't wanna be on Izaya's bad side!
Fenrizx chapter 200 . 11/24
Niebo chapter 205 . 11/24
Oh man. It's so amazing! I really love your story :)
Vixie96 chapter 204 . 11/22
I should've known it was Tsukumoya! By the way, you are spoiling us with all this quick updates. Not that I'm complaining :)
Vixie96 chapter 203 . 11/18
Kida's right Izaya always manages to look cool! I'm so glad Izaya was proven innocent, now to find the real culprit and make him pay!
Vixie96 chapter 202 . 11/12
Wow Shiki's temper is getting a little out of hand there! I don't remember if I ever left a comment, but you should know that I love this story! You are an amazing author. And I'm dying to know who the one responsible for all this mess really is! :)
Guest chapter 201 . 10/24
aww, the last scene was really cute
Kajune chapter 201 . 10/24
I really enjoyed the childhood scene, it was kind of funny~
And Izaya is so right! We can't always be right, especially with just one piece of evidence.
AnimeGeekGirl5 chapter 200 . 10/21
Oh for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE tell me there will be more?! I don't know what I would do if that is literally the end!? At last let there be a sequel!
flyed chapter 200 . 10/20
phew ~ how often does this get updated? would love an author's note! (maybe even a short q&a, i'm sure there are many readers who would love a peek into your mind)(or random trivia, you got me curious about your person) hope you don't ever stop writing! X
SnowShiro chapter 200 . 9/17
That was amazing, things just keep getting more and more intense. Shiki's actions really surprised me, but it shows how much his feelings have developed. The same goes for Shizuo although he didn't threaten to kill himself.

For the longest time I was rooting solely for Shizuo and Izaya, but at this point I find the different forms Izaya's relationships take with Shiki and Shizuo fascinating. Enough so that although I have a soft spot for Izaya and Shizuo in this story, I don't mind as much who he is with in the end. It looks like Shiki is the clear frontrunner, but their relationship definitely has its own charm in a completely different sense. The possessiveness does bother me at times, but its part of its of his character and is one important difference between him and Shizuo, his desire to control Izaya.

Outside that, the storyline itself is amazing and with each turn I like it more, seriously amazing job with the characters. I really like your portrayal of the 'new Izaya', the dichotomy between his intellectual focus and his emotional vulnerability in particular.

Anyway that review ended up all over the place, but great job and keep it up.
teehee17911 chapter 200 . 8/29
Wow that was really intense and what shiki did suprised me.
Can't wait for the next chapter _
Niebo chapter 199 . 6/19
Your story is so amazing! Poor Izaya... It must be really awful to learn that old version of him planned this all... How much old Izaya has been crazy to plan to hurt even himself ?!
Hope you will continue soon. I am really curious what is going to happen now...
Casting Moonlight chapter 199 . 4/18
Oh god, I did not see that coming. What the hell was (before)Izaya thinking when he planned this exactly? I mean... oh well, we'll see I guess. I am highly interested in knowing where Izaya goes from here. Especially when he has firmly set into his mind that the one responsible must be executed and now he finds 'he' is the one responsible. I see some pretty heavy Shiki and Shizuo collaboration too, unwilling as it may or may not be.

Can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 199 . 4/15
Waaaah, almost 200 chapters, keep going! This story is a really nice one, I like the idea of Izaya losing his memory and trying to become a new person, just wonderful! Don't give up on this fanfic, it's a great one!
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