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Freya922 chapter 2 . 7/12/2013
I really appreciated the exploration of what Dean's sacrifice meant to Sam, including the fact that it partly pissed him off as selfish,,,until he witnessed his brother's devastation when he believed Sam was once again dead. That ending as they buried Dean made my heart ache. Btw, I love how you provide a soundtrack to your stories.
JaniceC678 chapter 2 . 8/19/2012
Damn! I REALLY, REALLY wasn't going to read anymore today! I have OTHER THINGS I need to do. Really! God, I am such a pathetic addict for the good stuff...and this was good stuff for sure! First thing I've read with any version of the burial scene - brought tears to my eyes...and when Dean believed that Sam was dead...OMG...gutwrenching. And since this is my second review of the day, I think I have heaped enough praise on you for now. I need to go do some real life stuff, LOL!
FallenAngel218 chapter 2 . 4/18/2012
Again, awesome story! I haven't read a story from you that I didn't like. :) Excellent job!
MeAzrael chapter 2 . 12/21/2011
Oh, this was beautiful and sad. I enjoyed the implications of Dean's deal for Sam ... and how he really considers the possibility of Dean becoming a monster like Ambrose (like in the show with that creepy doctor and his idea of eternal life **shudder**) - which shows his desperation very clearly. Clay is a great character - even in this short time I grew fond of him - too bad he's doomed :-( Great action and interaction in this chapter - and this moment when Sam is sitting in that elevator, able to watch the utter desperation and pain in his brother's face and getting an idea why Dean has made the deal ... aw, **sniff** - so much emotion ...!

Thanks so much for sharing, gaelic -

A merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family

xx Kate
MeAzrael chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
Hello my friend – I guess I chose the right story for the few days before christmas. Such a sad start, and of course this was one of my favorite seasons - and hey Dean: I still miss that SOB Hendrickson, after all this time! I liked the way you painted Sam ... so subtly changing from the soft and caring guy to the man who would make serious sacrifices - to save his brother, to save the world - to ... feel like someone who can change the rules. It's not the Sam I liked best, but I understand how circumstanced made him that way.

"He wanted this choice Dean had made for him…because of him…to be killing Dean as surely as it was killing Sam."

Ouch! So sad. And so true.

The empty house would be a perfect stage for what's to come - and I enjoyed their memories of a similar house in their childhood :-)

Great story so far. Up and away for the next chapter.

xx Kate
SPN Mum chapter 2 . 10/4/2011
What an awesome story! I could see something like this happening to the boys, causing Dean to accept what was coming. I don't think he realized that Sam felt the same way about him though. Why Dean thought that Sam could live without him, and not change drastically, makes me think Dean was either awfully naive, or just too stubborn to accept it. I always thought it wasn't very fair of him.
amyblair chapter 2 . 9/18/2011
McDuff? Okay...

Oh, I've felt those kind of highs before.

Clay is interesting, huh?I love the ideas of nightmares walking around. I loved Sam and Sean answering "Yes" at the same time.

Liked Sam's "I've had worse."

Asphyx. Haha. I'm with Dean.

The idea of changing upthe bodies kind of reminfs me of 'Death Becomes Her'

Loved Dean's reaction when he thought Sam was quite possibly dead.

Loved Sam's insistence that he wasn't going to come back for Dean. That his brother was more important.

Liked the "Because, it's right over there" when referring to the black dog.

Loved the mage of Sam tipping into the ground with Dean.

Nice job. Totally enjoyed.
amyblair chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
Died valiantly next to Jim, huh? Reminds me a bit of 'The Outsiders' there, Ponyboy.

DeanGirl or SamGirl, the thought of catching a naked Sam... Yowsa!

Iced the Competition for a demon on a resume. Awesomeness.

Yeah, you nailed that one: when Sam and Dean go at it and Dean shuts Sam down over and over, Sam always gets emotional. He can't help it. I don't know what this season will bring but in seasons 1-3 Sam was the person who when mad at his brother, had to fight tears at times. Nice catch.

Wrong side of the Impala. Ha!

Pulling off to the side of the road reminds me of Metamorphosis, my face episode - giddy I am!

I liked the storm parallels.

...going to find the meds from the last time you were shot. Haha.

Loved that Sam even needed a moment when Dean's walls slipped. Nice.

Love the easy joking about the porn then - holy shit - I see the black dog - to "why didn't you tell me about her, Sam?" Great, great stuff.
Aranna Undomiel chapter 2 . 7/25/2011
That song Numb is so suiting for this story, it's almost scary...

I just watched the ep this is a follow up for again and that got me thinking about this story of yours. Because I knew I had started reading it, but I have no clue as to why I never finished it :S So I decided to check if I had and I realised I hadn't...So now I've corrected that error ;)

And I'm really glad I did, because it was once again a really heartbreaking story. I have to confess to crying once again...and I'm sure I have done that too the first time I read the first chapter. ;P

Loved that everything was from Sam's point of view again, the insight in his brother giving up on fighting, taking the Black Dog for what it was in the end: a sign of his death.

And reading about Sam giving his promise not to die again(hmm that does sound rather strange;)) and knowing he will break it by falling into Hell, that was so sad. And of course the burying of Dean was too...

Great story once again, hope you will post a new one in a bit ;D
JazzyIrish chapter 2 . 7/16/2011
Wow, I am disorganized - just getting back to the story. I love that Dean reads Shakespeare for the “ancient porn” Ha! Lord knows nothing else would get him into those plays/poems. And how sad is it that I think that with everything he’s been through since this time frame, that he wouldn’t even care about reading it anymore. Oh Dean. :(

I’ve been thinking about your title - “Just Cause” and there are at least a couple possible connections to the story. It could refer to Clay who died as retribution for working with the Asphyx in the beginning. What he did was heroic in the end, and really the only solution even though it was hard on Dean to lose the boy. Great fictional character, by the way - I really felt sorry for the kid and his immaturity and innocence that led him into this in the first place. Clay’s plan to kill Ambrose was well-thought-out and efficient.

It could also refer to Dean who, in his usual self-depreciating manner, felt that he let everyone down - his father, Sam, and more recently Henricksen, Nancy and the others - so his deal and Hell are just consequences of his failures. Oh Dean, again. :(

The scene in the old building when Dean thought that Ambrose had killed Sam was powerful. As hard as it was to see, it was good for Sam to finally realize what had driven Dean to make the deal; to help him understand: “That was why Sam hadn't been given a choice. That was why Dean had made such a sacrifice. Sam had never seen such grief, such loss. Not even when they stood side-by-side watching their father's body burn.”

Great action in the fight with both Dean and Clay with Ambrose. I had a feeling that Dean would see the Black Dog a third time, but found it interesting that it happened after Ambrose was dead, so apparently he didn’t summon the Dog. Instead, I guess it was just a death omen since only Dean could see the Dog. And Dean’s response to Sam’s assertion that he would save him from Hell was so, so hard to read: “Dean looked down and Sam saw a tear drop to the back of his jacket where it covered Dean. "I believe you," Dean said softly, but in his voice Sam heard a note of something that sounded too much like acceptance.”

Of course you broke my heart again ending the story where you began it - with Sam and Bobby burying Dean. Sam telling Bobby that Dean would need his body back when he got him out of Hell. Sam taking the amulet he gave his brother so many years ago and putting it against his own heart… And then this: “Sam took a shallow breath, images of his brother assaulting the darkness behind his eyes. Dean angry, Dean smiling, Dean in tears, Dean teasing him, Dean singing in the car, Dean in pain, Dean bleeding, Dean fighting, Dean holding him, Dean protecting him…” Girl, you must be trying to shred our hearts into little pieces! Love that visual of all that Dean is.

Wonderful story as always! :) I know you need to take a break from too much SN writing, but I’ll be looking forward to any stories you gift us with. Enjoy your Summer! Until next time…
Zinfer chapter 2 . 7/11/2011
Waaahhhhhhhh! I am so sad for so many reasons! Clay! Sam! Deeaaaannnnn! T.T. Andddd. Because it is ur last fanfic that I can read! I didn't want it to ever enndddd! Ur my fav fanfiction writer of all time and I want more. Please please pleaseeeee write another one (and possibly maybe make it have a happy ending... If possible... Cause I'm sad)

Thank u so much for the many hours of wonderful reading u provided me :). U post a new fic, I'll be reading it.
Jester's Tear82 chapter 2 . 7/11/2011
Whenever you post a new story, I try to save it for as long as possible.. for when I really need it (like a warm blanket on a rainy day :) That's why it took me FOREVER to review.

Remember I told you this will cheer me up? Well, not exactly ;) Too sad of a fic. But it was non the less an interesting journey. Starting & closing with Dean's death was very hard to read yet you wrote it just the way I pictured Sam's reaction, loving and strong, determined not to let go. The inner tale was placed at a very tough time for our boys - a crutial point where they were very close to each other while starting to lose hope.

The case was intriguing and had me wondering what was really going on, liked your portrayal of Clay who sacrifised himself for the greater good, was glad of it because wasn't sure until the very end if he was a innocent or Ambrose's accomplice. Also liked the idea of the 2 black dogs, one real & one in Dean's mind (or was it?)..

This had me laughting out loud:

"You know how much sex is in Shakespeare's stuff, man?" Dean retorted. "It's like…ancient porn." As a Shakespeare lover, I dug it ;) He IS naughty!

If I had to choose a favorite part I'd say when Sam saw Dean's reaction to his supposed death, & then Dean's finding out Sam is alive, those were really touching, very well written moments.

Looking forward to whatever fic you share with us next, Gaelic (hey, you know I'm still craving that Brenna multi-chapter :) ONEDAY! Hey, I can wait.. & wait.. & wait ;)

JazzyIrish chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
I’ve just gotten back from a vacation in the UK and Ireland, so I’m really, really late in this review. A wonderful vacation, but now it’s time to review a wonderful story.

Wow Gaelic, that opening passage just grabbed me by the heart and squeezed so excruciatingly hard. Watching Sam burying his brother, feeling all his grief, reliving the horror of watching Dean being torn apart by the Hellhounds - reliving all of it, over again in Sam’s mind - just did me in. We never actually saw Sam bury Dean in the show, but this scene is exactly how I pictured it - Sam unable to say anything; Bobby not knowing what to do, at a loss of how to help the boy he loves like a son while he mourns the one he lost. No way did I make it through that without tears.

This chapter was different from your usual opening chapter, I think. For one thing, Dean made it through without any additional injuries! ;) The main focus seemed to be everything the boys had already been through in that jail with Henricksen and the others, what toll the final outcome had taken on them, their fears for the future, their anger… All of their feelings either bottled up or pouring out, but constantly present, sapping every bit of energy from them. I always hated that Ruby blamed Dean for the deaths of Henricksen and the others because I believed that he made the right decision and that Sam was already giving too much weight to Ruby’s ideas - which was his ultimate downfall. But I do like how you show us that Sam is consumed with fear about his brother’s deadline and how he can save him in time, so that he isn’t even thinking straight half the time.

Love this thought from Sam about Dean: “Dean had always been his one constant. All his life, his big brother had been there for him. When the world blew up around him, when right flipped sideways and turned into wrong, when everyone he knew became strangers before his eyes, Dean had been there standing between him and the darkness. Dean had been the hand at his back pushing him forward, the protective arm keeping him from harm, the jester, the thief, the parent, the brother.” Too bad Sam didn’t remember that when he got his brother back again.

Loved the setting in the chapter! The rainy, dark and dismal surroundings added to the dark mood of the tension between the boys. If only they would talk things out, work together; they could accomplish so much more. It’s always so hard to see them at odds. And they’re both so stubborn!

So the hunt is for a Black Dog. The similarity to the Hellhound is chilling. Of course, Dean sees it circling the house they’re in. I’m sure it isn’t a good omen for Dean. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out and how it convinces Dean that he has to accept his fate. Until next time…
juppschmitzfirstacct chapter 2 . 7/5/2011
What Sanderspleen said? Yes, same here, same here. Oh those quiet quiet nights when finally everyone has gone to bed and I know there won't be anyone interrupting me reading one of your stories... So good to hear someone is in the same mindframe. But your stories deserve nothing less but undivided attention. Oh I read during the day! But for your stories - and I am so glad there are so many more that I haven't read yet - I just have to wait when I'm all alone in a quiet house. When I'm all restless and worn out it feels so good to be able to turn to one of your stories. You are just so so gentle with the brothers - Dean especially. A quote from one of your other stories (I think "Ramble On") to me sums up the essence of why I love Dean: "he was a constant, unyielding, a force of good in a world of evil." Yes. That's it exactly.

Oh, and at the end of "Just Cause", when Sam puts on Dean's amulet: "Oddly, the metal still felt warm, even hours after Dean had gone cold."

I love you so much just for that. Cause we all know what that means...

Thank you again for another piece of brilliant writing! (I just loved "Sense" - your Castiel is one of the best Castiels ever! Any chance of more of him? Pretty please?)
metallideangrl chapter 2 . 7/4/2011
Okay, another hit out of the park. Beginning and ending the story with the death of Dean, what a way to tug at my heart strings from the get go.

This was an interesting story. I love it how when Dean and Sam encounter civilians and they have seen the supernatural first hand and try to explain it, they always begin with "you're not going to believe it" and they counter back, "you'd be surprised what we would believe." I bet they get that a lot and it's always kind of humorous to me.

Another heart wrenching scene where Dean believed Sam to be dead. Dean's worst fear and him selling his soul all for naught. What a relief for Dean when he found Sam alive. I liked the kid Clay. The brothers wanting to save him, but Clay knowing he had to and wanting to take out Ambrose was the only way. Sounds a lot like the Winchesters. Some more good brotherly banter, always my favorite.

Of course, in the end with Sam burying Dean, unable to accomplish the task. That whole scenario just brings tears to my eyes. So heart wrenching. Sam without his brother, without his protector. ***ugh! gut me now*** Sam understanding why his brother did what he did, and vowing that he will save him, that he will get him back. Beautifully done. thanks. Can't wait for the next one.
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