Reviews for The Outsiders: Continued
Guest chapter 54 . 7/8
The story was really good but I don't see y it's not done it's been 12 years since its been published and I thought it would be a finishes story. But don't get me wrong I thought it was an amazing story
Guest chapter 1 . 7/1
Hey, did you delete the outsiders continued 2? Because I really liked it, and I read it before, and I couldn't find it again...
MalllieexxPotter chapter 1 . 5/4
PM me, pretty please
Guest chapter 54 . 4/30
Please update more.
YUNGOD chapter 2 . 4/26
So go figures since you couldn't log into this acc (as stated on your other account) I don't think you will PM me but if anybody who was caught up reading all the chapters until it was taken down could tell me what happened after the whole incident where Steve & TwoBit came to visit? After they spilled the beans about what happened to Angela and Tim. Just PM me the deets that would be swell :)
MalllieexxPotter chapter 53 . 4/10
MalllieexxPotter chapter 54 . 4/6
Please please PLEASE repost your story "The Outsiders Continued 2." I check nearly every single day to see if it has been reposted anywhere and so far, no such luck. Your writing used to get me through my day. If you don't feel like writing it anymore, that's okay. But please repost it so we at least can read the chapters you have already written. Pleeeeeeeaseeeee.
Katlin chapter 54 . 3/28
Where is part two I was in the middle of reading it please repost!
12ann28 chapter 3 . 3/7
THE OUTSIDERS: CONTINUED 2 (It's me Bsbnacchick) by BSBNACCHICK2 what happen to this I was really enjoying it. If it moved let me know
Ponygirlrunner25 chapter 1 . 3/7
Really really missing your part two of this story. Hoping everything is ok for you. Miss this story every day. You're a brilliant writer and my inspiration. Please come back. You get me through each
12ann28 chapter 1 . 3/1
love your stories but what happen to part 2. Been reading for weeks but can't seem to find it now!
YUNGOD chapter 1 . 2/29
Yo I searched your second account name up on google and the link to your account leads to another one with the username 'christisrighteous' did u join a cult or somthing? Dunno what cult makes u delete good writing...well now I'm kinda bored bc your fanfic was the only one out of all of my 300 following lost that updated recently haha currently rereading this fic until at least somthing updates...
Unknown identity 90 chapter 54 . 2/29
I had the same issue the second story is gone :( and I even tried to look it up with the account name
Guest chapter 1 . 2/28
I was wondering where The Outsiders Continued 2 went also. I went to read it last night and tried again today. Did you take down for some reason?
YUNGOD chapter 54 . 2/27
Hello hi what's up? Um...where didja go? I was reading part two to this fic and I was on like chapter fifty-somthing and I left to go do some stuff and I came back a couple hours later to read where I left off and when the page finished loading it said 'story not found' so I lurked and lurked and I still couldn't find it... I thought that maybe leaving a comment on your old account maybe somebody who did read the latest update of part 2 could tell me something?
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