Reviews for Per Tempus Discamus Amoris
Shadow12300 chapter 11 . 19m ago
What happened?!
iluvfairytale chapter 11 . 23m ago
He survived it again. How does Harry do it? Lol, I hope he's ready to be famous again.
ulqui's-girl chapter 11 . 3h ago
! I hope Harry's okay!
blackbloodywolf chapter 11 . 4h ago
loved the fluff update soon please!
FemmeFerret chapter 11 . 5h ago
OH MY GOD! What happened to poor Harry? I hope we find out soon! x_x

Thanks so much for updating, this is a wonderful story and I found myself enjoying the entire thing again when I re-read it. So glad they finally got together (I mean, the kiss from the last chapter: yess!, but yay for fluffy goodness in this chapter too! You had just the right amount, no overkill :)
Manzelle chapter 11 . 7h ago
I'm sooo glad to see an update for this story ! Earlier this week I went on your profile and as there was nothing new, I told myself there was little hope you would keep writing it and today ... You made my day :))

Good chapter :) I love how Tom behaves with Harry, he's pretty cute ;)

And the end is really unexpected and awesome ! Wonder what are the effects of the curse used against Harry ... I guess Tom's reaction to Harry being attacked won't be pretty ;)

Can't wait to read what happens next !

Until next time :)
Lady Daja-chan chapter 11 . 7h ago
I'm so glad that you updated! It sucks your computer dies w/out you being able to save any lthing. I'm so happy to read Tom and Harry's affection for each other... Lol Harry having yet another dream about dancing broccoli. I hope you're able to continue updating soon!
gwendel chapter 11 . 8h ago
okay, first...thank you for continuing this story! I do love it :)! Secondly, Aargh! who cursed Harry? was it on purpose? or was he cursed? Is there anyone wondering at the coincidence of grindelwald attacking when they just happened to hold the students over another day so they could go to Hogsmead? it sounds kind of like a set up... unless they held the students over because they suspected the train would be attacked or something like that... but that doesn't justify allowing them to go to the village then. and there was not too much fluffiness... i thought it was just the right amount, and you brought the feel of a new aspect to Tom's and Harry's relationship out very well... please write more soon!
Lexisfightingrobots chapter 11 . 9h ago
(you have no idea just how excited i am to see you writing for this again! I have been hanging on the cliff og that last chapter for so long now.)
turtleSPIT chapter 11 . 10h ago
Love it like usual! You did a great job, I only spotted one or two spelling errors but I forgot where they were. Then again, they were simple words like "it" and "if". It's great to have you back and I cannot wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work :]
Lady.of.Rational.Darkness chapter 11 . 11h ago
Thank you so much for posting another chapter! I have followed this story since you last update (a long while ago) and I was so excited to see an alert from you, so thank you :) xx
Mec15Potters chapter 11 . 11h ago
siii! Me encantó este capítulo! Se nota que Tom en verdad ama a Harry, y lo demuestra! Me encanta como Harry le hace sentir a Tom cosas nuevas, amor, incluso en miedo. Actualiza pronto, porfavor! Siento enormes ganas de saber lo que Tom hará para recuperar a Harry, lo furioso que estará, lo protector que podría volverse. Y como cambiaría su relación después de este episodio, si a Tom no le importará hacer pública su relación o todo lo contrario, si se separarán porque Tom lo quiere proteger pero no puede porque Harry se ha vuelto una importante debilidad de Tom. Excelente capítulo, enserio!
Cloudy Rabbit chapter 11 . 12h ago
OMFG you updated! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I absolutely love this story, and I put it on following even though I thought it was abandoned. I'm so excited! XD
alexis90 chapter 11 . 12h ago
so glad to see the promised update:D :D :D
i will read it to night and then add the review;)
jayswing96 chapter 11 . 14h ago
Whoa. O.O Intense! Nice work! :)
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