Reviews for Revenge of the Ten Tails!
TheInsanePotatoe chapter 2 . 6/22/2011
Forgot to add something. Roppi's human name is Kida Ozawa. He completely changed Kida's appearance and he took over the humans body. It helped that Kida was three years old when Roppi got sealed and never really fought back. That means Roppi has taken control, so it's always him talking and Kida is the voice in the back of his head. Like Naruto and Kyuubi, but the other way around.
TheInsanePotatoe chapter 1 . 6/22/2011
Name: Hechimenroppi Ozawa (Roppi for short)

Age: 760 ( still looks 14 )

Race: ( either Juchunriki or Ninja ) Juchunriki

Demon name and number of tails: Roppi the 12 tailed cat

Personality: Roppi is fairly immature for juchruniki, but at certain moments he's quite logical. He's one of the less aggressive and violent of the demons, he's very cunning and smart and prefers to slowly watch the ones who wronged slowly go insane from guilt he puts in them. Roppi is very talkative so if he's quiet he's sick, though he's prone to illnesses. When he's having his moments it's like a five year old on a sugar high. He's also very loyal and can be very friendly, but feral and manipulative. He likes to drive people crazy and watch them fall, but with certain people he refrains. He is very childish, being a young demon, and very taunting. He considers humans to be his play toys.

Appearance: He is 5'8. Roppi has black hair looks like cat ears and very pale skin, which makes his blood red eyes pop out. He also has a very cat smile and is very slim. For clothes he wears a a dark red longsleeve with black sleeves that are 2 inches too long and black shorts and sandals. He ties a black belt around his waist that's too long and falls down in the back like a tail. He looks very catlike. In his demon Rome he's a giant black cat with twelve tails and red eyes.

Special abilities: He has learned how to control and manipulate others and he has cat abilities in both forms.
Storm Dryu chapter 2 . 6/21/2011
By far you rock. i don't care wether or not my OC is gonna actually appear cause you make a damn good job at this. c ya! but i still hope Gado gets in sometime. c ya!
Marshmellowtime chapter 2 . 6/20/2011
Is it okay if I make another oc?

Name- Tenkei Kaminari (Tenkei- heaven's blessing Kaminari- thunder)

Age- 16

Race- Juchunriki

Demon name and number of tails- Shinjiru the fourteen tailed hawk.

Personality- Tenkei is a very arrogant and cocky kind of person. He is a huge flirt and playboy and thinks he's the strongest. He has that I'm-king-of-the-world attitude and often challenges people he thinks are strong to a fight. When he wins a fight he goes around and boast about it and won't shut up for days. When he loses a fight he claims that they were lucky or he just went easy on them. He plays pranks and loves to tease others, but when it all comes down he can be a very loyal friend that will always be there. When he asks a girl out and they turn him down he is extremely persistent and won't stop until you say yes, or beat the crap out of him. (Most go for the second choice...)

Appearance- 5,8, light tan skin, a strong well built body, shaggy blonde hair that at times cover his dak blue eyes. (Think typical surfer dude hair). Wears a white shirt with the kanji for 'soar' on the back in blue, dark blue ninja pants, and dark blue ninja shoes.

Special abilities- Soar jutsu, Wind leaf jutsu, and Thunder sword jutsu. Soar jutsu- can control the wind to manifest itself under his feet and lift him up or fly him around, it will only last as long as he has the chakra to support it. Wind leaf- turns air into sharp pointed leaf shapes and cut his enemies. Thunder sword- a huge bolt of lightning comes down and hits his hand, and turns into a sword made completely of electricity.

Other- he can be extremely lazy sometimes.

Shinjiru- quite te flirt very much like Tenkei, has a calm and mellow personality and usually doesn't do much unless needed. He and Tenkei can get into a lot of fights but all in all he will protect him with his life.
True-Oblivion chapter 2 . 6/20/2011
Mind if i get my OC in on this? And great story idea:

Name: Akio Matsuki

Age: 16

Race: ( either Juchunriki or Ninja ) Juchunriki

Demon name and number of tails: Bōkyaku the 13 tailed Dragon

Personality:Quiet, Speaks slowly, Hates people who just think they are better due to birth,

Appearance: Baisic 16 year old build, dark blue, shoulder lengh hair, small black sword necklace on a silver chain, wears a pair of giant swords on his back

Special abilities: Exessive speed and blue wings
Marshmellowtime chapter 2 . 6/20/2011
The story is AWESOME so far! Can't wait for next chap! :D
Storm Dryu chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
OOhhh, get ready Original 9 Bijuu, you are gonna get pwned.

I'll send my OC to help yours out.

Name: Gado Granel

Age: 14

Race: Ninja

skipping name of demon and # of tales,

PErsonality: He's usually carefree and happy go lucky but don't let his demeanor fool you, he's very tricky, often stringing together jutsu to get you into a trap. he wants revenge against the tailed beasts and wants to murder them for destroying his village. He meets Honda and asks what he's doing, learning that honda carries a bijuu who wants to end it all, he travels with honda in search of vengeance.

Appearance: 5"9, slightly muscular build, with trademark light blue hair reaching near his neck with electrifying blue eyes. He usually wears a short sleeved white hoodie and knee-length shorts and fingerless black gloves.

Special abilities:

1.) he can convert materials into chakra, but the larger the material the more chakra, but he also has to release when his chakra is full.

2.) When he uses his personal "forbidden" jutsu, whenever he wants to, when he moves his hands, he can choose to leave a trail of chakra and freeze it in place which he can later transform into a jutsu and fire it out when he wishes, but this drains an INCREDIBLY large amount of chakra and can make him very weak after usage, so this is only a last resort.

Please add him if you can, if you need anything changed, added or reduced, please pm me. c ya!
WingedHero540 chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
I would like to change something with my character's info. I actually looked up names this time.

Name: Tsukiko Yamaguchi

Special abilities: She cannot be seen or affected by the Byakugan. She is constantly covered by a tiny amount of Ryo's chakra which acts like a window, so you see what is in front of Tsukiko instead. Also it protects against people hitting her chakra points.

Other: Her and Ryo get along pretty well. Ryo helps her in battle and she speaks on his behalf.
Marshmellowtime chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
A few things I forgot to add or change...

Ryuu's age is 13 but it's 15 if you follow the story plot and it takes place in shippuden.

Another special ability- She is immune to any genjutsu.
Marshmellowtime chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
Name- Ryuu Toradoshi (First, Last) (Ryuu- dragon Toradoshi- born in the year of the tiger)

Age- 13(unless this takes place in shipudden 16)

Race- Juchunriki

Demon name and number of tails- Kouhei the eleven tailed tiger.

Personality- Ryuu is a tomboy all the way. She loves to have fun and mess around and is an extreme pyromaniac. She's strong and stands up for the weak and is very

friendly. She has a good judgement of people and can tell who are the one's with good intentions and those with bad. She has a touch of sarcastic humor, she is a very innocent and good hearted kind of girl that won't kill someone without reason. She is completely blind in the love

compartment( if you plan on any romance) and can't take a hint. She is stubborn and a very strong willed girl that never backs down. At times she can also be a bit of a klutz. Her moves are usually cat like but nowhere near graceful.

Appearance- 5,2, a lean and athletic body, long light ginger

hair that reaches her knees and is always kept down, gray eyes with gold tints. Wears a black kimono shirt cut-off with

a white ribbon/sash tied around her waist, black arm

warmers and black ninja shoes, a tiger tatoo on her right shoulder and wears a chain necklace with a tiger claw on it.

Special abilities- Can talk to animals and get them to help her, can make a bomb out of anything (example- tooth paste, cheese, she can make that a bomb.), Tiger flame and Tiger explosion jutsu. Tiger flame- fiery red flames appear on her fists, and don't burn her, only her enemies. Tiger explosion- a jutsu she hates using, causes all of her enemies body heat to mix with their chakra and cause them to explode.

Other- She is NOT a morning person and will probaly seriously wound you if you wake her up from her sleep. Loves explosions, explosives, and what something looks like after an explosion. She won't explode thing without meaning, or she'll only explode things people don't need anymore, old houses, piles of wood, etc. She always has a huge amount of explosives on her. She is also an orphan since her parents were killed by ninjas.

Kouhei- Very protective and possessive of Ryuu and loves her like a daughter. Is usually very short tempered and rude to others. Only shows his kind and gentle side to Ryuu and will do whatever he can to protect her.
WingedHero540 chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
Name: Sora Muto

Age: 15

Race: ( either Juchunriki or Ninja ) Juchunriki

Demon name and number of tails: Ryo the Twelve Tailed Wolf

Personality: She is fairly nice and calm. She can be aggressive and territorial at times. She is also very loyal and dependable. When under Ryo's influance she becomes feral and vicious. She is very protective of her friends and will lash out at anyone who threatens them.

Appearance: She is 5'9". Lean build with dark gray shoulder length hair

and yellow eyes. She wears black cargo trousers and a black jacket, dark red gloves and sandals. Her canines are slightly elongated. She has a red sword with a wolf shaped handle.

Special abilities: immunity to certain fire jutsu

Tails explanation: 10 is the strongest as it is the middle number

between 1 and 19 so 1 and 19 are the weakest tales if you don't

understand I will explain it better later on.