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Rainbow Prime chapter 2 . 2/7
You know what Petunia should have done when she found out that Lily was a witch?
She should've been all like...
"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry, Lily...I'll...I'll make this right somehow...I won't let this destroy your chances for a happy afterlife...I WON'T let you go to Hell without a fight!"
You know, be the overprotective big sister, who's terribly upset about what this could mean for her little sister. That way, Lily's terrified of what this could mean for her, because Petunia *was* treating her like crap up until this point, and Petunia would have succeeded in her end goal of terrifying her little sister to the point where she wouldn't want to go to Hogwarts, and to the point where Lily would actively try to stop using her magic! It would be a win-win-win scenario for Petunia! But NO. Petunia just had to be stupid about it. It irritates me that she could've manipulated the situation so much better than what she did, but she SCREWED UP HER ONE AND ONLY JOB.
Rainbow Prime chapter 7 . 2/6
Well, personally, I'd think that they'd be proud of him for standing up for his mother the way that he did. After all, didn't their motto have something to do with honor, and doesn't honor have a lot to do with family? Like, familial honor? I mean, sure, he knows spells that would've hurt Sirius a LOT more, but, I'm sure that they would understand that at the time all Severus could think of was the fact that Sirius had just called his mother a whore. I mean, I *would've done the same thing* to anyone who called my mother a whore back before she did what she did in order to make me think that she actually is one. But, at the very least, I do have an amazing stepmother, who, if anyone called a whore, I'd do the same thing that Severus did to Black to that person.
Rainbow Prime chapter 6 . 2/6
Your point about Hermione meaning what exactly? I mean, I was perfect as a child, and I was nowhere near as studious as her. I just had a LOT more responsibility, seeing as how the person that I had to keep alive could have died at any time. Or so it appeared to me back then.
javaLADY4084 chapter 67 . 2/5
I loved every minute of this story. Please tell me that you're going to finish it!
kittyranma chapter 67 . 1/27
Wonderful can't wait for the next part.
alphashley14 chapter 46 . 1/17
"Dearie?" Subtle. Real subtle. It's Rumple! Love the story! And Professor Gold did a brilliant job of dealing with Potter's BS.
alphashley14 chapter 45 . 1/17
His wife's name is IsaBELLE and his son's name is Bayden (BAE-den). DEFINATELY RUMPLE! Love it!
alphashley14 chapter 44 . 1/17
alphashley14 chapter 43 . 1/17
Professor GOLD is Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher, gets triggered at the mention of "Then I'm glad I'm not your son", and his eyes 'almost flash AMBER' when angry? You TOTALLY based him on Rumple!
alphashley14 chapter 42 . 1/17
Good-looking with shoulder-length brown hair? Professor GOLD? I know how much Snapegirlkmf loves Once Upon a Time and Rumpelstiltskin in particular! You based Professor Gold on Mr. Gold/Rumple from OUAT, didn't you? Seriously love this story!
excessivelyperky chapter 53 . 1/14
Yes, head injuries are tricky, as we discovered in canon with Montague. And both Lily and Sev may have a hard time dealing with all the problems.

Mulciber-Dumbledore will land hard on him, and a good thing. Potter and MacTavish? Minerva better deal with them herself, since alas there will always be good reasons for Albus to let a Gryffindor off lightly.

Professor Gold was very impressive indeed. And Belle is, too.
excessivelyperky chapter 52 . 11/18/2017
Oh, my, this is getting serious-James fully giving permission to the junior DE crowd to do what they want to Severus ought to count for something. And with Severus knocked down, Lily's in huge danger too.
PeridotGreenHeart chapter 67 . 11/14/2017
What a wonderful story. I need this in my life...
Eawynne chapter 67 . 10/9/2017
Please update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next. I can't wait until Potter gets his finally.
Eawynne chapter 65 . 10/9/2017
Enjoying it! One thing though, the Mulciber was expelled so there has been one since Hagrid and the students would know it, it just happened.
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