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Starry-eyed Creator chapter 68 . 7/10
Oh, I adore this fic! Please, please, please update soon!
Starry-eyed Creator chapter 4 . 7/5
I have never wanted to strangle characters more than I do right now. These bloody assholes. Dumbledoor is as biased as ever. Slughorn is useless.
Thank goodness for Minerva and Sev. Luckily Lily has Alice. What would we do without them?
kittyranma chapter 68 . 6/22
Can't wait for the next part. Keep up the great work.
ruth hammond chapter 7 . 6/15
This story is more true to life...the good guys do not always come out on the top...the bad guys sometimes get the tops...
jakgarden2002 chapter 68 . 6/7
very good so far, please finish.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/27
Sora chapter 68 . 5/23
Please continue your story!
I really want to know what happened about next chapter!
Sora chapter 68 . 5/23
Great chapter!
Please write more chapters!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/20
Good Nice
excessivelyperky chapter 55 . 5/19
Very nice chapter! And yes, it was definitely a good idea to bring a lawsuit against Hogwarts for maltreatment of students. I think the plaintiffs will be surprised who joins them in the suit.

Glad that Sev got his memory back, too.
Potter Abducted by Penguins chapter 68 . 4/30
Dang! I really hope you don't take so long to continue this story.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/29
Snapegirlkmf chapter 68 . 4/20
as I and my fellow author have stated previously in both the beginning of this work and multiple chapter notes, this story is a different perspective on what could have happened if . . .therefore to compare it to canon is ridiculous because nothing here is the same. You'll note that the professors behave more like actual teachers and protect and help students, and call Dumbles out on his crap repeatedly and aren't blinded by his halo of 'the greatest wizard blah blah".

The story is written as we have chosen it to be. If anyone has issues with how we chose to portray characters, then you can always go elsewhere and read something more to your taste. It never has made any sense to me for someone to keep reading story where they don't agree with or like the protagonist or how the character they like is portrayed and then write a review bitching about how it SHOULD have been written. Either quit reading or write your own version. It's that simple.

Also don't expect canon from an AU verse. Just isn't going to happen. If you want canon-read the books again.

As far as why I like Snape over James, I don't need to explain myself. It should be obvious by my penname who I like so that should not come as a shock to those who read my work. And if you don't like Snape, why are you even reading my stories?
Siddiqm2000 chapter 68 . 4/20
Great update.
I was worried Gold was gonna be killed. It's great everyone came out alright. The Potters are big idiots. What are they gonna do next? I can't wait to see how their plan blows up in their faces.
To ThunderSphinx: This story is AU for a reason. Go and read “If You Needed Somebody” by Alethea27. It may be AU, but it will definitely open your eyes.
RWRW 10/10
RWIW chapter 68 . 4/20
prior reviewer: we are SHOWN James Potter being a bully, TOLD he reformed. And since we were TOLD he was a lovable prankster right up until Harry stumbled upon proof otherwise, Snape partisans have reasonable grounds to doubt his reform as well.

I think another thing that contributes to James-bashing is the DH confirmation the Prank took place BEFORE Snape's Worst Memory. Before, common assumption was that the Marauders went too far and were scared straight. After, it turned out they failed to learn from attempted MURDER. And Snape seems to have been sworn to secrecy, since he can't even tell his best friend 'Black deliberately set me up to die', while James is left to brag to the whole school that Snape owed him a life-debt. (Which confirms it was attempted murder, incidentally, since someone can't owe you a debt for saving their life if their life didn't NEED saving.) Rather crass, considering that it was James's best friend that caused Snape to NEED saving anyway.

I personally view James as a bully who eventually repented and became a "great guy", while Sirius is the "irredeemable" one - he deliberately set up Snape to have a close-quarters encounter with a transformed Remus, and anyone saying 'Oh, he must have thought better of it, because he told James' should note that only James went down the tunnel. Sirius would appear to be... ah... not quite so repentant as to actually help out.

Also, if Sirius thought Snape could keep himself from getting killed, as some people argue, then shouldn't he have feared for REMUS? After all, Snape was supposedly a budding Death Eater with a natural gift for Dark Arts - what if the dastardly fiend decided to make lemonade out of lemons and take a werewolf pelt back to decorate the Slytherin Common Room?

Put in perspective - the canonical damning sign of the teenaged Gellert Grindelwald's true nature was that he used the Cruciatus on his lover's brother. At about the same age, Sirius tried to feed someone to a werewolf (and a werewolf who would be horrified and sickened by what he'd done). Shouldn't THAT be damning?

I like Sirius as a character, just as I do the young Gellert. As people? Well... let's just say that Sirius latched onto James. Bellatrix latched onto Voldemort, and Gellert latched onto Albus, and they diverged accordingly. But the template remains the same.

Meanwhile, Snape is verbally abusive but saves Harry's hide, is used by Albus for seventeen years straight under a false promise of protection for his dead best friend's child, and apparently spends the war attempting to save people under the noses of multiple super-powered psychopaths such as Voldemort and the Carrows, while exquisitely aware that they'll "do this to him, and more also", to use the Biblical threat, if they realize he's not on their side. I wouldn't call him a good person because I have a serious distaste for verbal abuse. However, Snape partisans have some grounds to argue he's paying back his karmic debt in spades. (Also, if you take a black-and-white view of Hogwarts professors, the only one who SAVES his students' lives rather than endangering them is superior to the ones who act nice but leave their charges to drown when they need help.)

While the Mudblood incident is nasty, it amounts to hurling a racial slur while being publicly tormented and, Snape partisans would argue, furious that Lily was stopping to play Slap Slap Kiss with James rather than getting him down. A single word is significantly less vicious than deliberate assault and humiliation, and that is ALL we know for certain about Snape and the Marauders' respective behavior. (He may also have kept company with bullies, from Lily's accusation, which puts him in the same category as... Remus Lupin.)

TL;DR: the Snape-defender position is roughly that all onscreen canon evidence shows is that Severus was a poverty-stricken and neglected child who became the target of severe bullying at Hogwarts, climaxing (but not ending) in an attempt to have him eaten alive by a rabid animal. He was then radicalized by a hate group that was apparently endemic in his peer group and unafraid of assaulting those who showed insufficient sympathies. After unknown services, he defected and remained as a deep-cover informer at great personal risk. Upon the temporary dissolution of said group, he was lured under false pretenses to continue his service to the leader of a paramilitary organization that seemed to double as said leader's cult of personality. He then proceeded to save the life of the child he believed he was protecting multiple times. On said leader's (prolonged) deathbed, he informed Severus the whole thing was a sham... while also cheerfully using him as a euthanasia dispenser. Severus then proceeded to do his best to protect the students for another year, despite their repeated provocations of the pair of psychopaths Voldemort personally installed at the school. After all that, he died because the insane Dark Lord MISTOOK him for the current master of the Elder Wand, and his final task was to deliver the suicide order to the "pig to the slaughter" he'd been protecting all these years himself.

Put like that, it's not much wonder people write stories in which his life came up sunshine and roses instead. (I personally play him as an unpleasant fellow who incidentally seems to be the personal chew toy of the cosmos, and would (with some validity) blame the former quality on the latter one. I can, however, understand the partisan POV as a different interpretation of the same canon.)

The James-partisan counter would be that, assuming all we hear is true, James became a good man who died young but fought valiantly, would lay down his life to protect his loved ones, and WOULD have done many great things if he lived; meanwhile, Snape has become a bullying teacher with an irrational rivalry with an eleven-year-old. That he does more onscreen to protect the students, and Harry in particular, than any of his fellow professors is more a hideous indictment of Hogwarts than anything in his favor. Furthermore, that he's the only informer AGAINST Voldemort, while the Ministry is crawling with Voldemort infiltrators, is a ludicrous indictment of Wizarding society in general and the Ministry in particular!
Fair enough; that's also a reasonable interpretation of canon. I'm just laying out the opposite perspective.
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