Reviews for Harry Potter and the Accumulation of Power
cerezo.dulce11 chapter 20 . 11/30
por favor podrias seguir este fanfic, lo empece ayer y lo eh terminado hoy y de verdad quiero saber como termina por fiiiiis.
alphadovah11 chapter 20 . 10/24
More more continue this story.
Dzerx chapter 20 . 10/16
Shame you stopped writing this fiction! Truly enjoyed it thus far.
Wolf'sAura chapter 20 . 9/22
This story is great but I wished it was updated.
Aurorabeam Corporation chapter 20 . 9/8
Great! Now, when are you going to continue with this story?

~ Lucario
Xyoras chapter 11 . 8/29
Well according to the fanfiction disguised as canon, Tom and Bellatrix had a secret love, or actually it would be a loathe child, as the child would have been created more so from their collective loathing of Harry, more so than their love.
brennan.mholmich chapter 10 . 8/23
I know you've abandon this website, but if you're reading this somehow. Work. On. Your. Use. Of. Tense. Seriously, stop jumping all over the place with it. One moment it's 'as he moves, he checks' the next it's 'as he moved, he checked'. Why is this so hard for people of this site to do.
spectacledthinkers chapter 20 . 8/10
Oh boy I really hope the next part is where we get to see a centuries old castle tear into an old codger who plays things waaay to close to the vest.
YinYang1902 chapter 20 . 7/31
please update again
gohan21 chapter 2 . 7/19
This is a good story ,please keep writing Harry Potter and the A ccumulation of Power
IloveHeat chapter 20 . 7/18
Bummer. I wish you hadn't stopped. I was really interested in how you would deal with the kids of the death eaters and whether Harry would give back some of the families things. Great story. Thank you.
kyoshi711hotmai chapter 19 . 7/10
Why would Sirius need magical handcuffs since he doesn't have a wand.
BROMBROS chapter 20 . 6/21
Update soon please
mckertis chapter 5 . 6/9
Gods alive ! Your grammar is horrendous !
OoOXylionOoO chapter 5 . 5/17
A well written chapter :D
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