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OldFanfictionThatIHateDearly chapter 5 . 7/16/2011
I don't have much time (So. Many. Emails.) so instead of my thoughts, I'm going to give you things I actually said while reading this. Oh, and if it's about the boys, take it as a compliment cause that just means you wrote them like a BOSS. Also, you know if I said it out loud it's pretty intense, too.

"You are honestly my little lovies"

"Come to me Carlitos"

"Nya Nya Nyah! Sorry, my curious little boy"

"Awwwww. Logzies. You clean that tub"


"Yes. Yes, yes, yes, thank you. I can SEE your little pout" (That was for vanilla pudding for K-dawg)

"No. Bad, Jay Jay. You're a naughty boy"

So there you are. I swear, I'll have nice, long reviews again soon... I just don't have TIME! (Stupid week away... BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN, so whatever.)
Miracle Of Oracles chapter 5 . 7/14/2011

Can I just say that if I ever met you in real life I'd buy you flowers and chocolates everyday and freaking fall in love with you and your amazingness? Just giving you a heads up if we ever happen to run into each other. xD ;)

Anyways, I like how they are all trying to figure their problems and (as usual) I just can't wait for an update. I just love how close Kendall and Logan are and how James and Carlos are already hitting it off. :) And I love how they're not even OOC! :D I think reading your stuff is starting to be a hobby of mine. XD Anyways, love ya and take care! :)


~Miracle Of Oracles
Miracle Of Oracles chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
God, this part was just plain sweet and oh gosh. My heart just blew up at the sweetness when I read this part:

"When he woke up, his four year old brother, Randy, was in his room, on the floor, with a Tonka truck. "…what are you doing?" he asked tiredly.

"Playing Tonka's," he replied.

"Why in here?"

He shrugged. "Cause I love you."

*sniffs and dabs eyes* Oh gosh, I just love how your stories can make me feel all these emotions. Whew, don't you have quite a way with words? :D

Ahh,can't wait to read the rest! 3 :)


~Miracle Of Oracles
TheFunk33 chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
Why doesn't Carlos have Helmet? lol I love your story. Keep it up!
Mssr.Courtney chapter 5 . 7/13/2011
I love this story and you don't seem to update enough,sorry if thats mean but this is like my favourite story of all time and there just isn't enough of it

sorry if that was mean but I love your writing so ya...

OptimisticallyHeartbroken chapter 5 . 7/13/2011
i really really like this chapter. carlos is just too cute for his own good. seriously. the way he is all innocent and stuff...i love that he was genuinely concerned for that kid hahaha.

and i love how much james and him bonded in this chapter.

im till on my toes around logan though haha. he's him...theres not really a word for me to describe him with.

and the way his and carlos's conversation awkward. i love that carlos is trying to get to know logan and get along with him. too bad, logan just really doesnt rust easily. i cant wait until you have them finally trust each other. this is probably one of my favorite-est stories at the moment and i only just discovered it last night. KUDOS :) PLEASE UPDATE SOON! :)
OptimisticallyHeartbroken chapter 4 . 7/13/2011
kendall...kind of predictable that he would be there because of anger issues...but you made it so good that it didn't seem cliche AT ALL.

the rampage he went, that was powerful.

and the, the meds. those sounded horrible. the way you made him feel like crap because of his condition...some powerful stuff there. im glad that logan was able to help him and they formed that bond though. which reminds me. i love the whole james being resented by kendall and logan when he just got there thing haha.
OptimisticallyHeartbroken chapter 3 . 7/13/2011
oh. my. god. could you do that to him? :( lol but yeah poor logan! that was just awful, what he had to go through. i mean seriously. what kind of parent...that...oh...that just broke my heart.

the closet thing...terrible...reminds my of the Chokie from Matilda...and the horror movies...that's just awful. i actually used to be terrified of them and wouldn;t go near them until just a few months ago...

i think logie has the best story. kendall is a really close second...but

and his current he seems so...fragile. im glad kendalls there for him..oh, look, there i go again. getting ahead of myself.
OptimisticallyHeartbroken chapter 2 . 7/13/2011
wow. poor james. never thought he'd have that problem. you know? he's always dressed in nice clothing and with all the cuda products, you'd think he was loaded. i guess neglect is in the places you least expect them sometimes. poor james...

and im sooo curious to find out what logan's story is! (sooo not rellly THAT excited since i already read it...but yeah hahaha)
OptimisticallyHeartbroken chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
i love this. seriously. poor carlos. he sounds so...misunderstood. he's definitely one of those kids that just needed some attention. poor carlitos :(

i really hope he gets along with everyone. it eally seems like he's going to.

and i love that you had the "pale brunette that kept close with the tall blond". is this story going to have slash? i honestly don't really care if it doesn't, but i think you already have a great set up for it...oh my...look at me, getting all ahead of myself. haha sorry, i already read the other four chapters so some of this review would be more appropriate over in one of those chaps XDXD
IcedTeaa chapter 5 . 7/11/2011


I'm so glad Cheeky directed me here, she wasn't lying when she said it was awesome...

This is just pure gold dust! It's like, a special kind of fic, that's so awesomely rare and aasdfghjkljhgfthry, AMAZING.

I LOVE THE PLOT. All their backgrounds are so deep and emotional are real you know, like Logans one really got me.

So did Kendalls, I don't know if it was his actual situation or the way you described it, but daaaaaaamn, I felt impacted. Probably a super epic combo of both.

James' one was SO sad. I mean, Logans was scary, and Kendalls was emotional, and Carlos' was extremley real, but JAMES. WAS. SO. SAD. I don't even know, just the part where it was like how his parents didn't feed him, clothe him, or basically care for him and he had to steal just to live really. I found it heart breaking.

Carlos does make me laugh. Just how he casually brings up the most random topics at the diner table. I love him, man.

I'm super stoked to see where this is heading! I don't really know how much you update and stuff, but I'm really hoping it's soon *hinthintnudgenudgewinkwink*

I'm sorry for leaving such a crappy half-assed review, I'll probably feel terrible about it in the morning, because this deserves SO much praise! I'm so jealous of your writing and ideas and plots and yeah. EVERYTHING. Anyway, promise I'll leave a better review next time, just I'm so tired I feel I might drop dead on my keyboard and dribble all over in my sleep. Which would be rather inconvenient.

96.tyler chapter 5 . 7/10/2011
James and his bluntness lol

I love this story and that chapter was once again flawless

Loved it :)
TheUntoldTales chapter 5 . 7/10/2011
This didn't suck, it never does! It's really good to be honest.. You make these boys really awesome.. They're all so.. I don't know how to say it but this story is so good.

I pity them though, with their pasts.. ;o
tank602 chapter 5 . 7/9/2011
When are we going to find out what happened to Logan? He seems so weird...

Is Dak going to visit Carlos? And it seems like Kendall and Logan are getting farther and farther away from Carlos.

Anyway thank you for updating.
Sastiel chapter 5 . 7/9/2011
What a glorious chapter! Can't wait for more!
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