Reviews for The Legend of Zelda Shall Never Die
Souldin chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
It's always nice to see birthday fics as it just goes to show how writing can be utilised as a gift, particularly for those you do not know in person and/or cannot give a physical gift to. I hope Foxpilot enjoyed this gift but know that as sweet as its intentions are, I'm still striking my pro/con style with this review.

The style of writing is fitting for the story you are telling or rather; the story Link is telling. Said story is told brilliantly through the chess pieces and has good moments of pausing and interruptions. Emotions are struck well and description was vast, which considering the style of story is one of the essential things to make it good. It flows well, and both Link and Zelda 2 were interesting characters, Link's being an understandable and likely portrayal while Zelda 2 took an appropriate amount of inspiration from portrayals of Zelda without making her an exact clone of her mother. I also found the proposal scene to be the best executed part of this fanfic, being gloriously written and memorable.

Your lack of Zelda knowledge is obvious in this fanfic-and to be frank, rather painful. This, unfortunately, affected my overall impression of the fanfic and so I did not enjoy it to near the level of skill this writing possess, though that too had some faults. There’s the odd nitpicky error such as missing question marks, a gap between speech marks and the speech, and others of the sort. I felt the story began to drag on for too long, and that Navi's death was underplayed, feeling rather out of place in the whole story when it is succeeded by the far more emotional death of Epona (you'd think Link would make a bigger deal out of the companion he's known for longer and one who would talk back, or at least an equally big deal).

I'm not a fan of LinkXZelda (with exception to Wind Waker) but with the Proposal scene and the 'your life or the babies' scene I liked it within this fanfic. It's well written for the most part and though I did not enjoy the fanfic a great deal I'm still hoping Foxpilot did. Great job, keep up the good work!
Autistic chapter 1 . 8/19/2011
this review is more for the reviewers rather then the author first off the plot is inaccurate but if you look at it like it an alternate world then it should be able to be acceptaple but if you stiil want a more accurate source of the storyline then you can always read the manga in fact theirs a manga series by viz based on some of the legend of zelda games you can always check them out at your local library (that what i did) but other then that this story was good maybe even better then oot i would say but secondly THIS IS MY FIRST REVIEW! so maybe i'll say more later right now though autistic out (i put 644 characters in this review!)
James Terrazen chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
I know your name from a challenge issued to writers. It is through that that I learned of this fic. My interest was peaked by a mention of female Link, the daughter of OoT Link, in the summary. Once I discovered the bait and switch, however, I was too entranced in the story.

Gift to a friend or fruit of your own inspiration, it makes no difference to me. You, sir, have composed a masterpiece, and you have my interests. I will be watching your works in the future, to be sure.
InkWoven chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
Gosh, that was wonderful! Everything was so intricate; it was obvious that you put a lot of effort into this piece. One quick note: Kokiri don't grow up. So even if Fado (which I think you were refering to the wrong Kokiri, too. Fado was the obnoxious one that hated Link ((I think)) ) had left the forest and survived, it was a bit far-fetched to claim that she grew up, too. However, the rest of the story was pure enjoyment. Beautiful job, beautiful. And Foxpilot is really lucky to have this story as a giftfic! :) Well done!

Foxpilot chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
...Thank you.

There are few words that mean a lot in our wretched little world, and even fewer that haven't been warped in some way by sarcasm, irony, innuendo, or the like. Sadly, the two words above only fit into the former category. It's times like this that I can't help but curse, just a little, the people who originally made that so.

Over a decade ago, this wouldn't have been my kind of story. I would not support ZeLink, I would scorn the title "The Legend of Zelda," I wouldn't so much as look at the box art without irritation boiling below the surface. At this time, I am thankful for The Wind Waker undoing that single experience with Majora's Mask. Now, eight years after I first experienced my true introduction to the series, I have nine (ten if you count my Skyward Sword preorder) of the games in some form or another, and have enjoyed almost all of them. I will admit readily that I'm not the most hardcore Zelda fan-I still haven't touched Majora's Mask-but I'm glad, especially today, that a shopping trip to Target changed my point of view.

Now, onto the story itself. The Goddesses, and indeed whatever deity(ies) you believe in smile upon you here. I was as moved by this as I was by "Voices of the Mute," if not more so. The time you must have spent on this had to be astronomical. It shows. It really does. You bring the characters-bland people left open by Nintendo's focus on action and ingenuity-and turn them into, well, people. The second Zelda, though not entirely creative, is what one would expect from the child of ZeLink-except for the hair. Goddesses know how she got that hair. And the best part is that she's also a person. Not just some fantasy of yours or a plot point, but someone we can relate to despite being the enthusiastic blend of two very generic people.

The molding of the world is, as one should want, fantastic. Death Mountain, so named for being Ganon's fortress in the original Zelda, has been turned from a fiery volcano infested by evil to one of the most peaceful and wonderful places in the country. The castle is exactly what Zelda fans would remember from their various romps through its oft-changing halls. And the chessboard allegory, though not the deepest simile, is likely effective on all but the densest readers.

And then there's the story. Honestly, standard fare. Guy meets girl, they fall in love, there's conflict that they resolve together, guy and girl get married, girl dies in childbirth-all viewed in a flashback. But the way you wrote it is incredibly charming and emotion-driven. It takes a stone heart to not feel something at the biggest parts of the story.

The problems, for they exist, are rather nitpick-ish. However, you wish to know. The biggest thing is the conflict with the (highly debatable) canon. SPOILERS FOR THE FEW OF YOU WHO HAVE NOT PLAYED OOT. At the end of the game, Zelda sends Link bck through time to his youth, and Navi wanders off. (One fan parody has her say, "Don't look for me in the sequel." That sequel is, of course, Majora's Mask.) This leaves not only some incredible speculation, but an inbred plot hole. What happens to the future Ganondorf created while Link slept? What happened to Ganondorf in the past Link returns to, for it's likely he'd be punished for his intended crimes?i (Link appears before Zelda and likely tells her about the future he's seen.) Some could argue that Wind Waker is the result of the former; Twilight Princess, the latter. I am one of those people, but there's one thing pretty much for certain: Ganondorf is sealed away for a long while. While this goes unconfirmed by Nintendo (thanks again, guys!) it's basically what happens. Then there's the single-timeline theory, which I don't support. (Another friend and I have developed a three-timeline theory that is more confusing, but incorporates all canon Zelda games. That's another story altogether.)

Basically, the war you wrote is likely to not have happened. Normally I'd be annoyed with this. Not incredibly, but still. In fact, this is a normal case in that respect. However, you should never, ever change that part. It's so integral and interesting that changing it would destroy the story you've created.

Other than that, there's the basic little things. At one point you mixed Link up for Zelda Jr., calling him a her. That's basically the worst of it.

For any of you who read this in the future, you can be certain that I have a bias towards this. MoD is a good friend, one that, if he's still on this site when you see this, you should consider contacting. Furthermore, this is a birthday gift, which is something everyone likes. However, to call this story anything below utterly awesome is disservice. MoD, you took a few risks here. Your research mostly paid off, and your ventures were mostly favorable. Here, I bestow upon you Foxpilot's Narcissistic Ranking of Like Level Two: Author Favorite.

As I started, I shall end. Thank you. Thank you for your work and your effort. Thank you for greatness.
Scarmiglione chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
This was an amazing read and you are an amazing writer. I am struggling to come up with something more intelligent to say so I think I'll just leave it at that.
Kattheamazing chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
I know this is Foxpilot's fic and all, but seeing as my internetz is back, and I happened to stumble upon this during my daily LoZ-fandom scan, I thought it would be unfair not to leave a comment after reading such a powerful story.

You have this way with words, you do. Somehow, you can produce the most emotional and dramatic writing by focusing mainly on the characters. Whereas most people (well, probably just me) require some desperately thought-out plot to make what they've written interesting, you don't. I have always admired that about your style. I know I bring up this point a lot in reviews, but to this story it seems most relevant.

Aw...the sweetness, the sadness. This fic tore me up. I actually had no idea whether to feel sad for Link or happy for him, but I see that this was your intention- his reflections are bittersweet. Plus, there's young Zelda and the Zelda that is gone, making him feel both loss and happiness at same time. As with all of your work, this was written beautifully, so Link's feelings did at times throughout this become my own. I might have cried, but I never cry at stories (I must be cold-hearted. I didn't even say 'awww' at the Robin and Zelda Williams video, even though I found it immensely cute!).

I don't want to make this too long, seeing as this story was intended for the epic FP himself, but I will say fantastic job as always, and I'll be damned if this isn't the best giftfic I have ever read :D