Reviews for Rise of the Uchiha
Afzal94 chapter 47 . 3/26
I've got to say this is the best fanfiction I've ever read. The emotions and amazing storyline in this fanfic are, IMO, better than HPMOR and Attack on Titan. I appreciate how you've been doing this completely without pay. I really have a bone to pick with these losers who complain about the way you write. If you don't like it, read something else lol. Also, Plz update
DemonHunter175 chapter 47 . 3/4
The fanfic has amazing quality. I hope you will post an update soon. That being said I'd also like to ask a request of you. I like to think that I speak for quite a few of us on here. When I say that one of the more annoying things on this website. Are at times when an author decides to do things like. When they go on hiatus,when they've decided to rewrite one of their stories, they temporarily stop working on a certain story, especially when they've decided to completely give up on a story, and God Dammit people if you're going to leave tell some one! The worst part is that all of these problems share the same solution which again sadly few use. If your going through with any of the listed actions place a bulletin in the related story's summary. And If you're going to be doing the last one. (Which I hope is not a decision you won't be making any time soon. It is always a very dim day rife melancholic emotions when one of our brothers and sisters leave us. ) May they have safe a journey on the path... Yes I went there.
Damn this was supposed to be a lot shorter but when I care about something I just can't stop myself. Also to the people that use the guest and anonymous options specifically to another member's hard work. I have gotta say you have got to be the some of most cowardly, spineless, and disgustingly cruel groups of people that I have come across. Even worse yet you're perfect analogous to cockroaches, for every one of you lot we get rid of five more immediately replace them, Actually I think most of us would prefer the cockroaches over you. It's perfectly legal to pay someone to exterminate them. The worst thing though is when you depraved bastards go after people who are writing stories on this site as an outlet for things like depression. That's all I have to say on the matter.
Guest chapter 47 . 12/29/2016
Great story! Really enjoying it!
Molto Alesato chapter 47 . 10/25/2016
So I just marathoned this all in 2 days and wozzers, man. Amazing work.
Guest chapter 47 . 9/11/2016
Please finish this story, it's a great story.
FuckNaruto chapter 34 . 9/2/2016
WTF? Naruto is too OP in your story. He's getting all this BS. 1: Ninetails cant help him turn Sharingan off. 2: He shouldn't have tsukuyomi. That jutsu is strictly Itachi's. 3: Why is Gaara above Sasuke's level? 4: Why is sasuke only jounin? Dropped.
faniel.haile chapter 47 . 8/9/2016
Yo bro when will you update again..?
Tristan chapter 47 . 7/14/2016
Is this story still being written or is it abandoned?
Madara 210 chapter 32 . 7/11/2016
Technically the sharigan is the first step of the rennegan as told by uchiha madara in the series he unlocked it and told "tobi" to give it to "pain"
TwoLazytoLogin chapter 2 . 7/10/2016
Aquarius-Dragon, your review contained what I felt about the story in a nut-shell, the story had a brilliant begining but decended into a cliche plot.
kurama587 chapter 47 . 6/17/2016
Love the story. I hope Naruto jobs the rebels after a failed invasion because I can't see them winning this battle.
Deathfrumabuv chapter 1 . 5/30/2016
What the heck aquarius dragon, like seriously why is there even a point to saying what you said. Like seriously this was such a dirtbag response to a perfectly good, well written fanfiction. And might i remind you that fanfiction is for fun, its not like the author is publishing this for money , he or she is doing this for there own enjoyment and for others to enjoy. And i actually found the plot very interesting, considering it was a complete turn around from meta fanfictions where in Naruto is the noble good guy, whereas in this fanfiction you don't know if you should be rooting for naruto because he's technically part of the bad guys. Also the views on morality in this story weren't bizarre, i honestly don't know what your talking about. And if you think that Madara was redundant to the entire story, it honestly makes me question whether you actually read the fanfiction. And finally stop using unnecessary big word just to make yourself seem like your some big critic, because your not. And in saying this i'm not saying this story is perfect it has its flaws but so does every story, and also i'm not saying that nothing should be criticized, but the manner in which you did so was just in a very pompous and pretentious way. Like seriously get over yourself.
Aquarius Dragon chapter 1 . 5/25/2016
Well, that was thoroughly disappointing. I could have written several paragraphs to talk about your bizarre views on morality and sociocultural (or political) axioms, but it wouldn't be enough to express my disdain with the plot now. It's more of the same old, same old story. And it always leaves me so disappointed, that even writers can't seem to break free of these societal and political conventions; as if they did, something unthinkable might happen.

SuperGota's review expresses my sentiments word for word. I cannot believe that this story had such potential, yet you managed to drive it down to rock bottom by your own hands. Really ... really disappointed, as there was literally no point to have Naruto under Madara's wing, only to have him become the redundant, irritating cliche he always was in the manga. It all was pointless from the very start.

So, disappointed.
Deathfrumabuv chapter 47 . 5/16/2016
Hi, I would have to say your writing is incredible and this story is amazing. Normally when I start a fan fiction i get bored and stop halfway through but this one always kept me engaged. And despite what others have said I enjoyed all the parts without narutobjustbas much as the rest of the story. Also I enjoy how you separated your story from other by not making Maputo an unstoppable God in an instant, seeing as it is hard to find fan fictions threatening do that. And so I would Luke to say well done and please please keep writing, assume is my favorite character and I have to see his power up.
ZoomStraightToTheMoon chapter 24 . 4/30/2016
I've grown bored of this. I don't care enough about Suna or Itachi to read 5 or 6 straight chapters about them. Where the hell did Naruto go? What's been happening to him when we last seen him all those long chapters ago? Ugh.
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