Reviews for Undead Madness
darkladyvanstar chapter 1 . 8/13
Ate up the whole story between probably two days. I love the story. The end was begging for a sequel. I am so glad the author has one going on. The characters are very interesting to read.
Reploid Avenger chapter 37 . 11/23/2015
This is a fantastic story that makes one appreciate the uniqueness of the Malkavians (who are one of my three favorite clans.) Sarah/Ariadne is an interesting character, you made a perfectly insane Malkavian that isn't cute or silly but tragic, in a way that you feel sorry for her but also can be scary as well, having Malkav himself take control of her was an interesting plot twist, I do hope one day you write a sequel, if you decide to have her return to the ranks of the Malkavian clan you could always bring in Anitole and have him embrace her.
Sabrijela chapter 37 . 7/21/2014
Will you write a sequel?
Amelia chapter 37 . 7/10/2014
Why? Why must you end it there? Do not stop, continue. We beg continue. She must return. Reborn again in death as one of Malkav's Children once more. Return to Isaac. Do not let her die a mortal demise. We beg do not. Continue, for the sake of all continue.
Vanessa Masters chapter 37 . 7/9/2014
Oh wow, interesting ending. Ariadne going back to her humor family.
Amelia chapter 36 . 5/30/2014
so touching, gave me the feels. i cannot wait to know what she chooses. though she will always be Ariadne regardless of shes Kine, Toreador, or Malk. though my preference would be MAlkavian all the way!
SatanReaper666 chapter 1 . 5/30/2014
Sorry about the blank review, I had a miss click lol. Loving the story, and can't wait for more.
SatanReaper666 chapter 4 . 5/30/2014
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Vanessa Masters chapter 36 . 5/14/2014
Awwww Sweet moment between Human Sarah and Romero, she can't decide...stick with the ghoul, or the Vampire?
aberdeenkev chapter 36 . 5/15/2014
Great to see another chapter wasn't sure u would write 1 . good writing as allways wont be surprised if another malk turns her
Reploid Avenger chapter 36 . 5/15/2014
Awesome chapter, glad to see you are still updating this, looks like Sarah has a choice to make. So exciting!
Topgallant chapter 35 . 2/9/2014
masgadsgklashdglksdhlksd'gnsdkl'sd omg omg omg you updated
IS THIS REALLY GEHENNA? OMG SADHKGLSDAGH I love this chapter so much. for so many reasons. just let my writing devolve for now, okay? okay. I love your use of canon, here - and how you turned it to your own advantage.

Ur-Shugli. I think I mentioned earlier how happy I was that you included the Assamite here. You really did not fail to illustrate the horror of a millennia-old horror, how utterly alien it was. And yet, we were privileged with a glimpse into his mind, and even a thing like the burned child still has fear (excellent imagery with Haqim and the Dark Father there). asdghklsadghl Your physical description (in addition to the element of terror) was wonderful.

MALKAV. FREAKING MALKAV. When you had mentioned the old one in the web, I thought it surely had to be some old 4th gen. LOL NOPE. MALKAV. YOU WENT THERE. I am so excited you included an ante here. (Good references to him being the twin of Arikel and childe of Enoch, btw) It is hard to depict such a godlike thing without severely de-mystifying them. All too often, they sound too "modern", like really mean, powerful punks with no motivation but to fuck shit up. Here, we have this wonderful interaction with Malkav - a surprisingly thoughtful madman, with such a unique way of interacting with his progeny. His physical description is good, too - you gave us the details and suitably impressed us, but allowed the reader to ultimately construct our own image. His appearance, for example, seems unrealistic (which you knowingly had him reflect upon himself), almost surreal.

Wow, so yeah. Things ramped up really quickly. And I loved the interaction with the feral kindred/friends and Ari. And heroic Romero. And just everything. ohmygosh I want to realllly see your take on more canon characters and ancients. So EXCITED.
Reploid Avenger chapter 35 . 2/9/2014
This story is amazing, the character development especially with Ariadne, her relationship with Romero, and everyone else, the fact that you added the Toreador Kent Alan Ryan to the story which I don't think he's in Bloodlines (as he's dead) the plot is brilliantly well crafted, and well I like Malkavians they are my favorite clan, their madness and insight make them fascinating characters to play and read about. I love how Malkav spoke through Ariadne, a very nice plot twist. I look forward to the next chapter of this wonderful story.
Vanessa Masters chapter 35 . 2/8/2014
Awwww Good ol'Romero and Crazy Cat. XD
StarGazers chapter 35 . 2/8/2014
I'm going to admit I haven't read all the chapters yet. I've sort of hopped around, but of what I have read, I enjoy very much! I like your writing style and love the way you easily capture the personality of a Malkavian. Personally, I struggle when writing their dialogue but yours flows very naturally. I love your OCs puckishness and attachment to Isaac. For a character I never liked, you present him in such a way that makes me "aw" at their relationship. Additionally, your ending to this chapter is...intriguing, to say the least. The thought of an Antediluvian having the ability to undo an embrace and return a vampire to full humanity is something I have never seen, nor thought of but I think you introduced it in a believable way. Congrats on the great work!
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