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Lynnp chapter 62 . 4/17
Hi, I'm finally back! Great to get a chance to read for once at work! Loved Loren's jealously lol! It's also nice to see Mattie and her mum in this. Hope to read again soon, but won't be until after the easter weekend.

ArmyDT42 chapter 74 . 4/17
Another outstanding chapter. Excellent resolution to the Imes case. Enjoyed how you revised the situation from the show and saved a character. Plus, I am very interested in seeing what comes of this new Major. You are setting something up there huh? Looking forward to the next update.
db1019 chapter 74 . 4/16
Wonderful - so glad to see this update! I enjoyed the interviews at the beginning of this Chap - both with Buford and then Kruger - and Harm's mentoring of Lt. Barlow, working him in to investigations.
Will be interesting to see how this Bob Lee character will fit into the story - is he really dangerous? And does Harm really know him from somewhere? He certainly acted suspicious after staff call was over . . ? Hmmmm . .
Sad to hear about Galindez - it's hard to picture him NOT being a Marine . . wanting more about him and Meg!
And GREAT resolution to the Imes problem! Loved it!
Also enjoyed the "packing" scenes - worst thing in the world is moving! Looking forward to the move to their new house, almost as much as the wedding!
Love this Story!
steamboat chapter 74 . 4/13
That was another very satisfying chapter! I really appreciated the way Harm and Andi resolved Carolyn's problem. Though Carolyn is a little too forward (LOL) for my taste, I enjoy her character and am happy she will be hanging around to tease, harangue, and generally make life interesting for Harm! Good job!
angelscatie chapter 74 . 4/13
Great chapter. Keep up the great work and update soon please
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 74 . 4/13
Yup, there's a lot more domestic abuse with husbands being victims than what is known or admitted. Most won't come out because of the shame of "woman beating them up".
My country was actually quite modern in that regard, for several years ago a safe house for abused husbands was opened in the capitol.
Hm, can't Harm or the man's CO get him into abused-spouse counseling or support group or something? Order him? Because, like Harm, I don't want to see the guy on the slab. Btw., my parents saw some young women exactly like this wife... muscled up and highly aggressive, trying to provoke a fight with passerbies.

Okay, what's up with this Major that's setting Harm's teeth on edge besides being proverbially "lean and hungry"? What will Harm do to avoid ending up as Ceasar?

Hehehe, that last scene with Loren fleeing was hilarious, good job! :D

Okay, so a little more update on Gunny (and perhaps also on his situation with Meg) would be highly appreciated!

Great update, looking forward to THaB!
aforrest chapter 74 . 4/13
Life continues for Harm and Loren - thank you for that!
Can't wait for the next chapter!
TootsLogan chapter 74 . 4/13
A much anticipated update, thank you! So pleased that Carolyn's mess has finally been sorted out. And I did a great bit of investigative research there. A bit worried about Gunny's future - although it's about e only solution for him and Meg, I'm guessing? Thoroughly enjoying the little ongoing insights into Harm and Loren's relationship, of course, and loved the little scene with Admiral Morris.
Saissa chapter 74 . 4/12
Oh thank God for that.
I am so glad that Imes's mess has been cleared up and that it is all the Bar Associations fault. Someone needs to go back to "Learning English as a Second Language" classes, and learn how to pronounces their I's correctly!

I hope this new Major Lee is not going to be more trouble.
More please!
Jeneral2885 chapter 74 . 4/12
nice one.
soapcat3372 chapter 73 . 3/12
I hope everything is well with you. I have missed getting updates to this story. I really like it.
gerhertz chapter 73 . 2/12
story us get really good can't wait for a update
DorothyOz chapter 73 . 2/6
Nice update.

Poor Carolyne... she's in such a mess... Hope everything gets solved soon.
Oh, moving and packing... such a pain!
steamboat chapter 73 . 1/13
Very nice chapter! You have such a wonderful imagination! The way you took the Ime's failure to pass the Bar problem and turned it into a possible clerical error or even part of a larger conspiracy is very intriguing! Looking forward to more of your enjoyable writing!
angelscatie chapter 73 . 1/12
Great chapter. I can't wait for more. Though one note, Michigan is in eastern time zone. The same as Virginia/DC. There are only 4 counties in the upper peninsula that are in central. (I live in Michigan)
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