Reviews for Enough is Enough
Sarai chapter 86 . 4/19
I like it.
Saissa chapter 86 . 4/19
Oh dear - Poor Loren and Harm.

Now the past and being "friendly to their neighbours" (by which I mean reporting the death of their neighbour) comes back to haunt them..

Their wedding is in less than 1 month! Please dont let anything happen to stop this wedding! PLEASE!

I love this story too much for for Loren and Harm to get broken up over a spy!
Saissa chapter 85 . 4/12
I hope Bruce Carmicheal has a very good reason for asking questions about those friendly neighbors who discovered the body of a missing ONI agent... Loren and Harm did NOTHING wrong!

If Carmichael thinks that NCIS didnt do enough to solve the case then he needs to be breathing down Gibbs's neck, and not Lorens!
angelscatie chapter 85 . 4/8
Great chapter. Keep up the great work and update soon please.
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 85 . 4/8
Great update and interesting new cases.

Sarai chapter 85 . 4/8
ad694 chapter 85 . 4/8
Will the next 'shoe that falls' come from ONI / Carmichael? Not asking, just wondering... Thanks.
TnJAGAz chapter 85 . 4/8
Nicely done - love the descriptions of the upcoming cases - and Morris and AJC talking shop.
Very good. Oh boy, what is Bruce Carmichael up to?
angelscatie chapter 84 . 3/29
Great chapter. Keep up the great work and update soon please.
steamboat chapter 84 . 3/28
What a delightful chapter! But what in the world is that &$#/* , Faith Coleman up to? Yeah I'm hooked, and waiting anxiously for your next chapter.
TnJAGAz chapter 84 . 3/27
Wow, where to start ? ;)

Well first off, I loved the reference to 'My Fair Lady'

And you do great job with Tracy Manetti :D

And so now Mac has eyes on a Logistics Officer! LOL! Funny and ironic, pure JAG!

Nice to see Harriet coming around about Loren and that secret that Harriet told - that
was great!

And then there is the developing romance between Meg and Gunny - nicely done.

Another great chapter, looking forward to more!

TootsLogan chapter 84 . 3/27
Wonderful, absorbing update covering so many facets of this great story. Loved the name "Jonathan Reiker" (I was waiting for someone to say, 'Make it so...'!). Loren looks to be in for an interesting time at ONI, but it's good that she has Carmichael on side. How are Victor and Meg going to resolve their future? I'm pleased that Gunny isn't being medically discharged, but I can understand their mutual frustration. Looking forward to the next instalment already!
Jeneral2885 chapter 84 . 3/26
Like the Meg-Victor sub story.
Sarai chapter 84 . 3/26
jpstar57 chapter 84 . 3/26
Nice update touching on all the news of our favorite people in the series. Nice to see everyone is finding their little isles of happiness. Though I am intrigued as to what Harriet has in mind. Coleman is such a bitch though. Good job showing that.
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