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TnJAGAz chapter 87 . 5/19
Nice touch with adding Islamic Jihad to the mix. Also loved the way you portrayed
Bruce. You did that well. Hope Meg doesn't regret tying one on. And Harm and Singer's
conversation was intriguing as well. I'm guessing Loren and Harm will run afoul of IJ?

Nicely done! :D
Liz chapter 87 . 5/18
Great now keep them coming! Please do not let Harriett go off and ruin what Meg and the Gunny have and send one of them off somewhere so that they can not get into trouble. Meg needs to be tad to a ship for a trial or something and Harm can go and get her in a f14. Just a suggestion because I love your writing and I am waiting for more. Keep up the great work.
Saissa chapter 87 . 5/18
How the heck does the Navy and the ONI expect officers to have a good relationship with their spouse (especially a spouse who is also in the navy and at an equal or higher rank) when they are forced to keep secrets and are not permitted to mention said secrets to that spouse? Keeping secrets does not a marriage make!

As for Harriet - she clearly did NOT learn her lesson from the last time Bud ripped her one. I doubt she ever will. Just like her nosy gossiping social climber mother Lydia, Harriet will dig and dig until she has exposed all the gossip and all the secrets. She doesnt give a damn who goes down for it, as long as it is not her.

Lets see Harriet get some Karma and payback - please?
TootsLogan chapter 87 . 5/18
Great update as usual. I'm playing catchup up with fics and this update's posting was great timing. Intriguing story line developing around the Simmonds/Fields case. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Should we be sharing Harm's concerns about Loren having crossed the line regarding "need to know"? She certainly wouldn't need a hit like that on her career! Loved to see Bud pulling Harriet into line, too. Meg and Victor will have enough challenges to see this time out without Harriet's 'helpful' interference. As always, good interaction between all the characters and entertaining banter. Looking forward to the next instalment.
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 87 . 5/18
yup, if you need anyone to blame/frame, there's always the Russians...
I wonder just how frequently they're used to protect the true bad guys in real life, what with them always being fingered.


Btw., what's the American definition of "teenaged"? Cause where I'm from it means a person 'till 18 years of age, but over the years I've encountered American sources applying it to persons into their 20's. Can get a bit confusing.


"Bedrooms and bathrooms?"

* * * Lol. Having watched a few eps about people buying homes Americans ALWAYS *NEED* guest rooms when they are buying houses.


Will these radicals be involved in that future part of this story? Keep it up!
Liz chapter 86 . 5/15
I have taken the time to read all 86 chapters and I can honestly say I WANT MORE!. This has been like a small vignette into everybody's life and I love it. I am so glad that you let Gunny return to duty and hopefully he can finish his twenty and him and Meg can get together with everyone's blessing. As far and Harm and Loren I see great things for them and one of them is adopting Mattie. I want them to have their own biological ones too so that Harm can be put through the ringers as expectant father. Now if we can keep Gunny strong and maybe sent Meg somewhere to help cut down on the long 18 months. Keep up the good work and I cant wait for you to update since you left us hanging with Simmons mess.
angelscatie chapter 86 . 4/21
Great chapter. Interesting developments at the end of the chapter. Keep up the great work and update soon please.
steamboat chapter 86 . 4/21
Oooh, good chapter! So much going on, getting moved into the new house, a wonderful barbecue, (had my mouth watering by the way), Meg having to deal with Gunny being back at work, busy body Harriet starting to put two and two together, and complications popping up from the murder that Lauren and Harm discovered. Keep up the excellent work!
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 86 . 4/20
You REALLY don't want to let go of that plot, do you? :D
jpstar57 chapter 86 . 4/20
More ONI intrigue. Nice twist on the incident in Loren's building. How deep in the affair is Commander Carmichael? Also how will it affect the upcoming wedding? Nicely done thanks.
TnJAGAz chapter 86 . 4/20
Wow, what a bombshell at the end! As for Harriet, hopefully she won't cause Meg and
Gunny any problems. Also enjoyed the scenes of the move and 'reward' food. :)
Nicely done
TootsLogan chapter 86 . 4/19
Playing catch-up! Quite a lot happening. Good to see that Harm and Loren are safely ensconced in their new home. It was good to see the interaction amongst all those who were part of the moving team :-) Still on tenterhooks regarding Meg and Victor. And the lightbulb's illuminated for Harriet! How will she react? And now I'm on double tenterhooks with Loren's situation at ONI. Is there more of a conspiracy behind the 'true' story of Lt Donaldson, aka Walter Simmons, aka Henry Lewis...
ad694 chapter 86 . 4/19
Wow, that last paragraph certainly got my attention. Thanks.
Sarai chapter 86 . 4/19
I like it.
Saissa chapter 86 . 4/19
Oh dear - Poor Loren and Harm.

Now the past and being "friendly to their neighbours" (by which I mean reporting the death of their neighbour) comes back to haunt them..

Their wedding is in less than 1 month! Please dont let anything happen to stop this wedding! PLEASE!

I love this story too much for for Loren and Harm to get broken up over a spy!
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