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VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 83 . 3/1
So Loren finally met Bruce. That went relatively well, I thought. Until Harm remembers Hemlock (though hopefully he's moved on from that). Yup, had a feeling CC was involved. :D

Wow, I wouldn't have thought Meg to be that stupid to try to pull the same two things twice, especially after the first one went down so badly! And breaking Brady... she definitely has some kind of disciplinary action in her karma. Or at least much less tolerance in Morrison's and Sebring's courts!

I admit, my theory was that it was just a case of insurance fraud going very badly wrong, you did great work at misdirection! Never even thought of her wanting to kill herself and the baby. Like Sebring said, there are no winners in this case.

Great job!
TootsLogan chapter 83 . 3/1
Great update. You took us on quite a ride with the Sebring case - emotional roller coaster that one! Loved Sebring's parting comment to Meg and Tracy - are we going to be treated to their next venture into his courtroom? Promises to be entertaining! Harm did well to bring out the truth of the whole tragedy - but that's what sets him apart: his passion to discover the truth. It's who he is, and this particular event with Sebring highlights Harm's true character. Pleased that Loren seems to have made a friend at ONI. As he seems to be saying, she will find herself more accepted once Faith Coleman departs. Good bit of sel-reflection by Loren in recognising her own contribution to her earlier situation at JAG. Shows growth and maturity. She and Harm are good for one another.
Guest chapter 83 . 2/28
Thanks for once again keeping this story going! When you first paired Harm and Singer I thought WHAT! but it has turned out great but I like pretty much all of your ongoing stories.
Sarai chapter 83 . 2/28
Good story.
Saissa chapter 83 . 2/28
Post partum depression!
She didn't know what she was doing. Like Harm said, she just wanted the pain to stop!
At least she admitted that she turned the wheel and that Sebring was not to blame.
Great case. Am so glad it''s over and that Harm won - again.

Question - WHY did Tracy and Meg NOT have a copy of the toxicology report? Would they not have known this already?
jpstar57 chapter 83 . 2/28
Now that Sebring's case is over, we need to see more Loren at ONI. Nice bit adding Carmichael there. I didn't make the connection to CC until then. Nicely done, thanks.
CdnJAGScribe chapter 83 . 2/28
Poor Meg and Tracy, OUCH. I can just see the look on Captain Sebring's face as he utters that.
angelscatie chapter 82 . 2/17
Great chapter. Keep up the great work and update soon please.
TootsLogan chapter 82 . 2/16
Great update as usual. Harm's obviously having his work cut out for him with Captain Sebring. Is he being somewhat less than forthcoming? Loren looks like she might be facing a bit of an uncomfortable introduction in her new billet. Hope she manages the situation in her usual competent way. Loved the description of Faith Coleman! She's never been one of my more favourite characters (but I could be biased...). Thanks for an interesting time moving this excellent fic forward.
db1019 chapter 82 . 2/15
Ahhhh - relief for our EIE fix!
Laughed at Mattoni's "That's just dandy" comment - too funny!
Good description of Faith Coleman - her OCD and 'personality' when Loren meets her (AND the later reference to the 'Pencil sharpener' - LOL)! I keep forgetting that this takes place before the "Meltdown" fiasco & Harm's trial (in canon). Did we know before that Loren was taking Coleman's place at ONI? I'll have to go back and look - if not, nice coincidence. And I almost missed the Bruce Carmichael reference - this could be interesting. He might be a good ally for Loren, helping her fit in with her new co-workers . .or just the opposite . . .?
Ooooo - Annie Oakley, huh? I'm sure Loren won't forget that guy! Looking forward to her next encounter with him.
Great courtroom scenes - could feel Harm's frustration with Sebring.
Hmmm - nan bread & clay tandoor taste . . . ? What that?
Great, as always - anxiously await your next episode!

BTW - from last Chap - wonder how many online 'Hits' Doolittle's Raid got after we read your story? I know 'I' did!
Guest chapter 82 . 2/14
Once again THANK YOU for updating one of your stories! I was pleasantly surprised to see it updated and I am looking forward especially since Bruce Carmichael will be showing up.
steamboat chapter 82 . 2/14
Excellent chapter! Your outstanding imagination and superb writing skills combine to provide many hours of reading enjoyment! Thank you for taking the time to share your talents with us!
Saissa chapter 82 . 2/14
WooHoo - the Sebring case - at long last!
Now why is Owen trying to sabotage his own case? What was so embarrassing about his son having a drug problem?

In canon, Faith Coleman was the same OCD Defense lawyer who was given the job of defending Harm, in the Singer murder case.

But in this AU, since Singer was clearly never murdered, Harm and Coleman never got to meet!
Great chapter. I can't wait to find out how Harm manages to get Sebring off and prove that Wilson somehow killed her own baby...
ad694 chapter 82 . 2/14
I just went back and re-read this story from the beginning and I find I'm enjoying it even better. I'm looking forward to seeing where the ONI storyline will go. Thanks for sharing your talent and effort.
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 82 . 2/14
Well, Lory, you've definitely got your work cut out for you! And, hell, you maybe have somebody in your corner. Carmichael got promoted into that spot (unless he didn't want it) as fallout from all that sorry mess, so may be grateful to her and Harm. Even without that, he was Harm's friend, so maybe there's still some friendship that could encompass her as well! Has dear old Faith Coleman taken a spot next to Vukovic and Lindsey on the whipping-boy bench? You've been employing her in an increasing number of stories with a lot of detail... ;-P

Huh, did I detect some patronising hypocrisy in Coleman's talk about other side spying on them and then just glossing over the extent of their own spying? Like regular US spy and combat flights on certain borders (and definitely outside own space) that get no media attention at all vs a huge media bruhaha and finger-pointing when the other side's planes take off for even the simplest cadet training flights over OWN territory?

Sebring: wow, just wow. In that single moment he completely tanked the whole "he is cool tempered and would never do something in rage" characterisation Harm and Chegster were trying to imprint on the jury. Nice going! If he goes on like that, maybe he really should be sent to Leavenworth, just for that! :/

Looking forward to the next update!
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