Reviews for Who Killed Hetalia?: Murder at Monkswell Manor
Draconis Darkess chapter 3 . 6/28/2011
That was an interesting chapter, in my opinion a great summary of the events prior to the current, but if I may I would like to suggest that you re-work the chapter layout to say move this one as a prologue, cutting out the part about England, but thats just me. It seems like it would flow a little better. Also another suggestion would be like Alfred actually finding out about the inhertance and the like, but agian suggestion feel free to do with it what you feel is right. One more thing, that line in the summary about Arthur and Alfred fighting, but Alfred dening it, very funny. That is all.
Draconis Darkess chapter 1 . 6/22/2011
Not bad fairly nice infact. The story was flowing and it had a good structure. It was a little interesting in certain aspects. I am going to take this with a wide view and say the Country's are more or less human in this one then they are personifications and that is why Alfred has a grandmother. I believe you nailed the personalities down and should continue to make the characters as such. I would also like to recomend that if you want your characters to live long Arthur never enter the kitchen again, he would probably kill everyone before the story got really interesting. Also it would be nice for you to explain the plot of mouse trap in the future to those such as my self, who have never heard of it or watched it.

Draco the Dark.