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Tilikum Swihart chapter 1 . 4/3/2016
You did an excellent job of capturing what it's like to experience a loss like that. Fives' defiance and standoffish attitude are perfectly attuned to what he was actually portrayed as in the show.

Another thing I enjoyed was when you touched on his youth. It gives one a whole new perspective on the war, and what it was like for young soldiers to fight it. It also gave a bit of reason for Fives' reactions to things.
Eregnar chapter 7 . 2/12/2013
Whoops. I'm out. I liked your story up to this point, but I don't read order 66 fics. They hurt me too badly. Great job with your writing, I love it. But I won't be continuing.
Antarctic Sunset chapter 7 . 1/25/2013
My god this is gettin frikkin interesting! :P
SerendipityAEY chapter 4 . 2/14/2012
Love their reunion as he comes back to her, and the whole chapter was so romantic! I loved the way she woke him up, and loved everything after as well :) Nice!
SerendipityAEY chapter 3 . 2/14/2012
Ah so Rex and Ahsoka are together too! :) I'm glad Fives got a chance to talk to Bella and him looking up information was cute and funny :P A serious moment at the end though, dealing with attachment. Very interesting, nice job!
SerendipityAEY chapter 2 . 2/9/2012
Really enjoying this so far! I like what you've done with Fives and reading about all the things clones have to deal with through his story. Interesting link between the clones and twileks both dealing with not having free will at times, and I really like Bella. But wow, Fives is really in trouble, looking forward to see how he deals with this!
sachariah chapter 15 . 9/1/2011
Beautiful conclusion to an excellent story.

Loved both parts here, with Fives and with Rex (and it was touching how they both ended with the same line). The parting of ways felt right for each of them; Fives with his ARC training being more at home in Mandalore (and with Skirata, who appears to have been the man who "woke up" Fives to his own individuality). Similarly, Rex is inclined to go back to "his" roots, with Cut - also the man who changed Rex's outlook on himself and on life. Very satisfying.

And the girls were each so sweet, as well - Bella is so loving and innocent, and Ahsoka has a bit more pain under her belt - she seems a little bit subdued here - which makes sense seeing she's lost more than a home, after the order. All around, just a heartwarming ending.

Excellent job!
Redone chapter 15 . 8/29/2011
Great story. I'm really happy they all made it.

I thought the Rex/Ahsoka reconciliation scene was a bit hurried, though. A bit too much stuff to work through emotionally, especially for Ahsoka. I suppose Rex really at this point had no other options but to stand and take it, if he wanted to stay together with Ahsoka, so his resolute calm is very good; but Ahsoka raging at one moment and then being the perfect Jedi - not just outside calm, but true compassion - well, as a reader and as a rabid hurt/comfort fan, I sorta felt deceived. :)

OTOH, it was probably mostly meant to be a Fives/Bella story, so Soka&Rex' part was not so important. Still, once you decided to bring them in, you made the story theirs as well. Therefore, I felt their reconciliation chapter did not fit in well with the pace of the story as it had been in the previous chapters. It felt hurried, it felt that you wanted to end the story and be done with it.

Fives and Bella's last chapter was very good. Mostly happy, with some thoughts and longings, very realistic, well done. I loved Fives watching out for Rex, I melted at his moment of insecurity. :) I adored Bella's being so wise and loving. I suppose a good clone like Fives desperately needs a woman like that.

One little thing, though, in the epilogue you write, "He was always surprised to find how much satisfaction he received when a new crop grew", while stating that only three months have passed. How often do crops grow on Mandalore, that he has already established and detected a pattern?

I would also have loved to see a bit more of the characters you brought in at the last moment, namely Corr, Kal and also, Ordo. You made them more than furniture, you gave them speaking parts. So I sort of hoped that, as they were the proverbial pistol on the wall in a previous chapter, they would have a shooting role in a later one. Perhaps a sequel, hmm?
laloga chapter 15 . 8/25/2011
Awww! Happy endings all around! :D

Loved how Fives and Rex mirrored each other's sentiments, especially the Mando'a phrase. Really a lovely touch!

Glad that Fives and Bella were able to make their home on Mandalore - you could always write a sequel with the cast of characters that are assembled there!

It just kind of "fits" for Rex and 'Soka to wind up on Saleucami with Cut and Suu...loved the connection that you drew between the crops and the "roots" of the army within the clones.

This was such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to reading more of your work!
laloga chapter 14 . 8/25/2011
As happy as I am for Bella and Fives, it was good to see that she had doubts about her choices - so much has changed for her in such a short period of time, it would be unnatural for her to go blithely along without reservation. I liked how Fives had to work through some of his own doubts as well - again, it's perfectly understandable in his situation.

In the end, as you said, "love conquers all." :)

Loved the hint of Rex and Ahsoka, and how it tied in with Fives and Bella in a very subtle way.

Really loved the last line of this chapter: "They were home." Perfect!
jaguar101 chapter 15 . 8/24/2011
Yay! Happy ending for everyone!
laloga chapter 13 . 8/22/2011
Love the Corellian proverb! I'm a Latin geek, so I immediately thought of "amor vincit omnia," as well! :P

Great job with Rex and Ahsoka's part; there's quite a lot of emotional turmoil going on that you portrayed accurately. People aren't always sane and reasonable, especially after such a horrific trauma, and they get upset. They get angry and say things they may not mean, as Ahsoka yelled at Rex. It hurt me to read that, even though I knew she was scared and hurting, and was justified in a way - as he *did* hold a blaster to her head - anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that it shows how hard you worked on this part, because the emotion was tangible.

This was a lovely image: "They both stood on opposite sides of a canyon and a bridge had to be built to be reunited." Such a perfect description! In such a short time, both their lives have been completely turned's like they each have to figure out who they are before they can reconstruct their relationship. Rex's confidence is shaken - on a micro and macro scale - and Ahsoka's lost her entire life's purpose, watched it burn before her eyes.

Okay, one more quote: "If he could only close his eyes and sleep for a hundred years… I don't have a hundred years. I may not have 10 years. But I have today." Such a perfect attitude for the clones. Time is something they just don't have, as unfair as it is, as cheated as they are...but it's a fact that they can't change. (Well...maybe Skirata has an answer, but Rex wouldn't know that.) So the clones become experts at accepting the things they can't change, and working with what they can - the present.

Great, great job! Eagerly awaiting the rest! :D
sachariah chapter 13 . 8/22/2011
Excellent work, my friend.

I can see why you would have worked over this so many times. You have a lot of very strong emotional content to get across, and got it across, you did.

Rex was probably a bit too stoic in his approach to Ahsoka, but that's quite like him, really. Clones hide their emotions very well indeed, and Rex doesn't have enough experience with women (or emotionally damaged people) to know how to effectively empathize. But he tries, in his own way, and like Bella said, love does conquer all, in the end.

Sigh. I really feel for Ahsoka. It makes sense that her bitterness comes out now, simmering as things settle down. In the immediate aftermath she was broken and unable to really care what Rex did, there's just too much going on at once. Now she's had some time to calm down, but she still is holding feelings of betrayal and hurt, from Anakin's fall, the betrayal by the clones in general, and that horrific moment when she sees the man she loves with a gun to her head. That's a massive load to put on anybody, and it's inevitable that most survivors are going to be nervous wrecks for a while.

So even though it was a bit shocking to see her screaming and claiming to hate Rex, I can't fault her. She's living a horror film, as it were, and I can't say Rex didn't deserve a good slap, for at least appearing to waver. It's good that he can tell her he would not have fired, but that mental image is going to be there to stay. I also was impressed with how Rex sort of goes "out of control" when she rejects him. It shows just how much she means to him, in a similar way to how Ahsoka's torment ultimately proves how much she depends on him.

It sounds twisted, but I really loved the angst in this chapter. It seemed very real, honest, and it also made the ending scene so much more worthwhile. It's almost like she's afraid to forgive him, like she thinks that she hates him but is slowly realizing she can't. It really was a beautiful moment, when she looks up at him and... well, I don't have the words. Lovely moment.

Again, excellent, excellent work.
laloga chapter 12 . 8/17/2011
Good to see Rex working through the difficult issues, now that he has a moment to stop and think. I really like how you connected his relationship with Ahsoka to the things that Cut Lawquane said to him about fighting to protect what he loves.

It's the great tragedy of the clones that the things that made them good, loyal men and soldiers also made many (most) of them turn on the ones that trusted them, that they trusted and cared for as well. Rex's confusion is a product of a lifetime of training and - enforced - servitude, and though it's hard, it's good that he's really questioning his purpose. Again, I really like how you've linked that to his feelings for Ahsoka - it works well in this story.

Also like how he's not too familiar with Mando culture; not every clone would be, after all, and it makes sense. I imagine things will get rather *interesting* when they reach Mandalore. :P

The "captain" moment with Fives was so sweet! Looking forward to more!
sachariah chapter 12 . 8/16/2011
Okay, if you haven't gathered this much, I'm a huge Rex fan. He's my favorite TCW character of all time, and most of my FFN work features him to some degree. While I won't call myself an expert on his character, I have spent a lot of time "analyzing" the man, and I can be very nitpicky when reviewing another portrayal of him.

In my opinion, you've done a masterful job with him, here (and the fact that he's more or less a secondary character to Fives makes this all the more impressive). You've captured the essence of Rex, that strong commitment to duty and that equally strong awareness of the good that is outside the army, his understanding of the need for a meaning and purpose higher than mere orders. But he's still a clone. Still bred to obey without question. And still fiercely devoted to his brothers.

Of course, Rex is romantically involved with Ahsoka here, and he's not in TCW, so that brings out more of his individualistic side. But even that you've handled wonderfully. As I like to say, he's OOC in a totally IC manner. That is, you've written him like I'd expect to see him if he were actually in this situation onscreen. Which is really what all fanfic authors aim for.

All my babbling aside, I can see you're continuing to build up to something regarding Rex and Ahsoka, and I honestly can't wait to see the conclusion. I loved the Captain's torn, self flagellating musing (well, loved it as far as the story goes - not that I love Rex feeling hurt. :P), it sounded so like him. It was incredibly sad reliving Ahsoka's brokeness through Rex's perspective - she's normally so vital and brash. But she's also "far too trusting", and an event like Order 66 would be truly devastating for someone like her.

"Just asking, brother." Chuckled at that line. Can't blame Rex for being a bit testy at the moment, though.

Oh, and again, kudos for the allusion to Rex's unfamiliarity with Mandalorian culture - again, it helps mesh his TCW character with the RepCom continuity. As I understand it, it would be mostly ARC troopers that would have trained with the Mandos, and Rex isn't an ARC, like Fives or Echo. He seems to be much more a standard army trooper, as far as his training goes.

Great chapter, although I'm growing increasingly impatient for Rex's resolution. As well as to find what Fives and the rest decide to do, once they reach Mandalore.

Can't wait for more!
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