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lauraxxx chapter 1 . 2/2/2014
Magnificent Bodie by geez!

Wow, that was flithy stinking hot. But yet still written really well.

I liked this! Alot!

Sparkly Blue Eyes chapter 1 . 6/30/2011



OMG You dirty girl :P Queen of smutness hotness! HAHA THIS I am in love with, woo-fucking-wie! Cold shower…try five? :P

‘He could last all night; he'd been gifted with such talent. Whores flocked to him for size and returned for endurance.’ New appreciation for Bodie baby boy! WOW, had to fan myself a lot during this :P LOL

‘He didn't care who it was; he answered with his cock at full mast’ *GIGGLING* Oh man Bodie you rock dude! So full of attitude that suits you to a T. Loved this girl, brought such a smirk to my face imagining this!

‘"See somethin' you like, Beth?" He purred. She blushed and Rick frowned deeper. Beth caught her husband's eye and ducked back into the doorway, giving Bodie one last glance before she disappeared. With a small laugh, Bodie turned his attention back to Rick. "Ya take good care of that ass? Cuz I sure could." Rick only fumed, biting down on his jaw. Bodie snorted and shoved him away, leaving his shirt wrinkled. "Ya better not bother me again, ya hear?" Then he slammed the door in the man's face, smirking to himself.’ LOVE! Was laughing and smirking! Rick your girl wants a piece of the bad boy and who could deny such a bad boy? Oh my shivers! LOL Not quite sure how you make the entire Darley gang gods in their own way! You are the master babe!

‘"Fuck you mean? I aint a fuckin' cab, ya need a ride now or what?" Bodie smirked and hissed a laugh through his nose.’ Oh Billy I do love you and your attitude! Bodie is so gonna get hell for hanging up on him LOL but at least he can ‘die’ happy? :P

‘"You wet for me, Beth?" He asked, advancing at last. She whimpered with an exhale. Bodie tilted his head and kept walking, stopping only when Beth was pinned to the door, his erection poking her in the stomach through his boxers. Panting, she nodded. "Yes." He grinned and gestured downward to his waist. "Take them off." He purred. She swallowed again and he felt a shiver. He couldn't wait until she was on her knees. "Beth." He added, dominating with her name. Touching him with shaking fingers, she slipped under his boxers, pushing them down his thighs. His cock broke free quickly and Beth pressed her body against him, rubbing his shaft with her waist. "Down." He growled, his arousal making him tougher, calloused. Beth obeyed fast, settling on her knees and stroking his thighs. She wrapped a hand around his girth and Bodie took her hair in his hands, putting it all into one palm.’ LONG quote I know but I LOVED! Not sure what it is about a man being dominant and saying those things but OMG they just get like 100x hotter! And I instinctively find myself being attracted to the oc! :P

Such a hot scene ‘"BODIE! FUCK ME!" He hissed, pleasure rippling through him at the words. Her entire lower body seized and she arched and angled as she came, swirling around his cock while she gripped his moving shaft. Breathing hard, Beth collapsed, shaking from exhaustion on the couch. Bodie let her relax a moment, running a hand over her spine. With the broken air conditioning, they were both damp with sweat, panting at the heat.’ *Cold shower* *Break* *Second Cold shower* LOL You wrote this brilliantly girl, I am so envious of your smut style! Amazingly good!

‘Bodie sat back and lit a cigarette, watching as Beth redressed. She'd been a little shaky, stumbling more than once. When she was done, she smiled at him, trying to fix her hair. "Thanks, Bodie." She murmured, taking the knob in a hand. He was still naked, reclined on his couch like a king. With an exhale, he nodded. "Anytime." Beth blushed and ducked out into the hall, closing the door softly. Bodie smiled triumphantly. She'd be back.’

He is the king of this story! OMFG and girl I’m bowing to the queen! Smut-fucking-tastic! Amazing


BloodiedAngel2362 chapter 1 . 6/25/2011

God you really are trying to kill me... well at least do me in with smut overload. You have no frickin' idea how much I love this one shot. It's probably my favorite one-shot just because it's so dirty... Bodie! OH MY GOD Bodie is an ANIMAL! I officially want to live in this chapter, yes I'm naughty but I don't care. DAMN! You'd have to be crazy not to have the dirty/naughty ideas swarming through your head after this. Shit this one-shot is a weeks worth of cold showers, easily. No way one or even 5 is going to cut it!

-"That's right, scream." He hissed, slapping her ass with a large palm. Tossing her head back, she opened her mouth and let out a holler. Bodie grinned and grabbed a hand full of her stringy blonde hair, wrenching her back to bite her shoulder while he slammed into her faster. He could last all night; he'd been gifted with such talent. Whores flocked to him for size and returned for endurance.- -tries to calm breathing down- HOT DAMN HOT DAMN HOT DAMN! Cold Shower 1. I mean just... whew... incredible and that's just the beginning.

-He didn't care who it was; he answered with his cock at full mast.- Bodie is so bad. And that's why I love him.

-"Nah brotha. This shit don't go down." He said, grinning evilly. A girl appeared from the next door; she caught sight of Bodie and froze, taking in his delicious state. Aroused and snarling.- Cold shower 2. Oh my! Pissed off and aroused at the same time! I seriously want to live in this chapter and just keep Bodie to myself for a week...maybe more!

-"Come get me, I'm fuckin' burnin' up in this shit." Billy snorted and Bodie rolled his eyes.

"Ya miss me that bad?" Bodie laughed.

"Nah, asshole. I just want ya air." Billy let out a deep chuckle.-

Oh man I love those two. You write them so well together and this bit just had me cracking up. Their relationship really is something, reading about it never ceases to make me smile. Thank you for this bit in there and including Billy you know I can't get enough of that man. Not now not ever! I'm hooked for life, there is no reason to deny it. )

-"Fuck you mean? I aint a fuckin' cab, ya need a ride now or what?"- Oh Billy Billy! Those classic quips of his. You really have Billy down, hence you being my Billy dealer!

-"Ya want me." He purred, stating the fact she was too bashful to say aloud. "Ya want to be the one screamin', Beth?" With drooping eyelids, she nodded. That was all the invitation he needed. Bodie grinned. "I don't play nice, Beth." She swallowed.- Cold shower 3. I'm going to be passed out on the floor before I'm finished. I mean really, this one-shot is too delicious for words. You have no idea how much I want me some Bodie right now. Your fault by the way. XD

The entire bit with Bodie ordering Beth around, "Take it off", "Down" ect... -melts and runs off for cold shower 4.- I couldn't quote the whole thing just know that I love it do death. Bodie being demanding is such a turn on.

-"Rough." He hissed. She let him guide her and quickly caught on. In no time, her hand was alone and Bodie was getting impatient. But this wasn't a bar whore so he continued his instruction.

"Put me in your mouth." He said gruffly. Beth looked up at him, then sidled closer on her knees, opening her lips. "All of me." He added, guiding his cock towards her face. Using her grip, Beth closed her mouth over his head, hesitantly taking his length. Bodie pet her cheek while he continued to hold her hair.

"That's it, Beth. Suck me." She shivered and he swallowed a groan.- -fans self frantically.- Cold shower 5. I swear this is a new record. You really outdid yourself with this one. I am so impressed and enjoying reading it so much that I can barely stand it. Again your fault... hope your happy. XD

-"Tell me exactly." He growled, making a V with his pointer and middle fingers. Sliding the formation between her thighs, he deliberately avoided her heated slit. "I'm not askin' again." He added, pulling the fingers back towards her stomach and threatening retreat.- I'm in love with this one shot and desperately want to quote the entire thing. Seriously you're killing me in the best way possible.

-"Come 'ere." He purred. Again she obeyed, standing in front of him. He tapped the couch beside him and she turned to sit, but he stopped her. "Kneel." He instructed deeply and Beth sat on her knees beside him. Pushing on the back of her head, Bodie lowered her face towards his lap and she quickly followed, taking him into her mouth again. But this time, as she worked up and down, he snaked one of his long arms down her back. With two fingers, he found her glossed folds and he plunged inside, stroking her walls harshly as she sucked. Her head ripped away and she moaned, spreading her knees.- HOT HOT HOT! Cold shower 6. Sheesh I'm going to be into the double digits with cold showers before I'm doing reading.

-"Ya gonna scream for me, Beth?" He growled, running the head of his cock over her clit. She whined and rocked back.

"Yeah." She whispered, arching her hips. "Please." Bodie stroked her left thigh and slapped it, grinning. Then he surged inside of her. Beth let out a loud moan, grabbing fist fulls of the cushions. He pulled out and slammed back into place, evoking a louder cry. Beth's body tightened around him, preparing to tumble over the edge into a burning orgasm.

"Scream." He purred, thrusting faster. Beth held onto the couch, gasping for air and whining.- I just can't resist quoting all these parts. Considering I really want to quote the entire thing this isn't very much... okay it's a lot but it could be a lot more.

-"Bodie. Scream for me." His hips met her ass again and she buckled, pressing her left cheek into the couch.- I really want to take that man home... for much longer than a week. I'll keep him as long as he can handle me... -grins- XD. See what you turned me into? Haha!

-Just the warmth drove him crazy and he lowered his mouth, flicking his tongue over her bulging clit. Beth yelped and bucked, the bud too sensitive to be touched. He didn't stop, sucking and licking while she was whining. The intensity burned her cheeks and she pressed her legs as wide as they'd go.

"Cum, Beth." He growled, laving his tongue over her slit. She arched and screamed, clutching her knees.

"Bodie, oh god." His name on her lips drove him wild. It sounded like a prayer and he wanted it hear it over and over. Plunging two fingers inside of her, Bodie hit the spot as he sucked her again. "BODIE! BODIEEE!"- Get ready for it... yes cold shower 7. Oh man... I am going to hate seeing my water bill this month but it's all worth it. So totally worth it!

-"Who ya gonna scream for?" He snarled. This woman was his, coming to his door, spreading her legs. The power was driving him crazy and his cock twitched, tingling and pulsing. "Who ya gonna cum for?" Bodie added. He grabbed one of her knees and pressed the leg back until the calf slipped over his shoulder. Beth yelled, shuddering as his cock claimed more of her.-Cold shower... what number am I on? Oh yeah 8. WOOWIE! Oh my damn Bodie is one hell of a man and one hell of a animal. More MORE MORE! I'm a so addicted right now.

-He was still naked, reclined on his couch like a king.- PERFECT LINE! He is definitely a king.

-She'd be back.- HELL YES! Of course she will be back. She'd be crazy not to after that.

-Takes a few deep breaths- This is a one shot for the records. WOOWIE AND HOLY SHIT! I had to say it again. This one shot was just incredible. This is the longest review I have done. I know that because it's telling me I only have over 2000 characters left. Yup that's a new record.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this one shot! I can't thank you enough. You spoil me so much. I swear if you write one like this for Billy, make him even cruder and more animalistic I will pass out. That is the one that will make me faint and then you can consider the profession like you should. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE whenever you get time write me a Billy one like this. I would just be besides myself if you did that.

INCREDIBLE One-Shot. I can't wait to read your next one.



sunstar234 chapter 1 . 6/21/2011


he took her to heaven yeah
xThexFightingxIrishx chapter 1 . 6/20/2011
well DAMN girl that was HOT! gotta say, i've always been interested in the guys that are crazy and love it rough. i mean not to the point where it hurts like a son of a bitch but you get my point. i like the guys that are real animals. ;) course i can't say too much, due to my lack of experience. but someday maybe i'll have stories to tell about stuff like that. who knows? lol. anyway, i really LOVED the way you portrayed bodie here and i really love what you did with his smut story. i had a sly grin on my face the whole time i read it and i really do think you did him plenty of justice in this one. of course, you've done good with ALL of the boys. it's just... well he reminded me of the way i thought billy would be. only billy would be a lot more crude i think. LOL. anyway, loved it dear! :D
chrisd1016929 chapter 1 . 6/20/2011
Wooo hooo! LOL That even made my eyeballs need some air conditioning! HAWWWTT!

Love Bodie-Billy most, jow second and Bodie is a real close third.