Reviews for Meet my daughter, AmyJane
VampLuvah chapter 33 . 11/27
Holy cow, that was rough chapter to get through. So much emotion I got teary eyed.
Colleen chapter 65 . 11/27
Wonderful, well thought out tale. Wish there was more!
Colleen chapter 63 . 11/27
Excellent reconciliation story with Elizabeth's parents. Really wonderful writing this should be in a published book.
AmyGoddess chapter 42 . 8/15
What a wise grandmother!
AmyGoddess chapter 40 . 8/15
I love the grandmother!
EvelynRo chapter 57 . 8/6
Part 4, Chapter 6, the courtship request, was exquisite for we Janites. I apologise for selfishly reading on and not commenting. The Sumerville transgression in this chapter was not as bad as I had feared.

This is a. very engaging tale. Alas, by my current chapter number, 57, and the total,66, as with physical books, I can tell I am nearing the end. It's akin to having an old friend move far away.

Although,as I think on it, Darcy was quite selfish in this chapter. He had both the bet from Brook's and the miniatures as proof for the Earl. Instead of exposing himself and EB, he exposed Hannah again.
EvelynRo chapter 53 . 8/5
A really nasty Caroline. The dress debacle was a delight. I will answer your PM
EvelynRo chapter 48 . 8/5
The Darcy rekindling old friendships scenes are insightful into his character maturation. I have not seen this done before.
EvelynRo chapter 44 . 8/4
The Chaz Bingley letter, location, mood, New technology, everything was the most effective and succinct writing I have read in this genre. Brilliant!
EvelynRo chapter 43 . 8/4
Thank you for being so kind to Charlotte.
EvelynRo chapter 40 . 8/4
Grandma Fitzwilliam Rocks, but unfortunately she will not live to answer Darcy's questions, will she? She did say farewell.
EvelynRo chapter 33 . 8/4
That was a pretty awesome Hunsford!
EvelynRo chapter 30 . 8/4
Elizabeth, Elizabeth, prejudice not lest you be the prejudiced against.

Great story, I sure most the etymology, autocorrect spellings, and punctuation errors particularly vocatives have been pointed out. But great story. Hunsford should be coming. Even if this is the least self-aware Darcy ever.
EvelynRo chapter 8 . 8/3
It is wonderful to see a Jane who puts skin in the game for a change.
EvelynRo chapter 6 . 8/3
Wonderfully, tastefully, done. Albeit it does not place the male species in a favourable light.
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