Reviews for Absence
Guest chapter 1 . 6/8/2013
Homura you bitch
ximsol182 chapter 2 . 8/12/2011
A question that fans make is..."Why Oriko doesnt appear in the other timelines?". Probably she fell into despair after seing the future and became a witch, unlike Oriko Magica.

But I like the explanation. Its nice to see a Homura that is not "protect Madoka and only Madoka and ignore the other girls" (I have nothing with Homuras motives but sometimes she can be as dense as Madoka. After all, she lost her friends to death again and again and probably she attached to save only Madoka, her special best friend). And yes, Sayakas wish was kinda dumb and she always makes the same mistake in all the timelines (I was suprised that she was nice to Homura and considered her a friend in OM).

Sorry for this long opinion, but I liked this fic. It was depressing though, but that is what makes Madoka Magica so special
ronelm2000 chapter 2 . 6/28/2011
While it lacked a bit luster, explanation fic is still cool. (although I would have done it A LOT differently in my fic)

Reasons for doing so:

1. Assuming Oriko's debut is in Timeline 3.5, in a the present timeline... Homura couldn't have known Oriko's house, and basing upon the fact that Kyubey didn't knew Madoka had the potential until he REALLY noticed it because of Oriko, then it should be deduced that Oriko's contract was well...seconds after the Loop. Even with time travel, a few seconds in Oriko's hands is enough time to think of a plan: usually wishes are instantaneous when required. Wishing for the Meaning of Life is just that.

2. If Oriko's debut happened at 4.5th time, then it does not explain why Oriko did not appear at the 4th Loop. the key is that the 4th Loop wasn't explained as much; it's hard to tell. But obviously Oriko's knowledge as Puella Magi Homura's. (This is true in ALL timelines) and Kirika became puella magi obviously before the loop. (Behavior suggests that Kirika and Oriko had already been friends for quite some time...) so...

3. Yuma's rescue cannot change. Defining a Groundhog Day Loop, it should be obvious that Kyouko is pre-destined to save Yuma without Homura's interference, and Kyouko is pre-destined to be saved by Yuma (well... almost... because of Kyouko's damn routine. It could be possible that Oriko orchestrated that witch attack...but highly unlikely... and if Homura had her way, she'd most likely let Yuma live; she had already convinced Kyouko to team up to fight Walpurgis...perhaps Yuma somehow caused a change in her decision? No. Yuma is a Madoka-type of puella magi.) A more suitable explanation would probably be merely Kyouko leaving Yuma in the dark when she recieved "Kyubey's distress call".

Well, if you understood all that, thank you, and sorry if I complicated things. XD
Alex Warlorn chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
Just as bleak and depressing as the anime itself.