Reviews for Hermione's Song
Ella Holmes-Jackson chapter 1 . 12/11/2017
THAT'S the END?! Really?! I want to throttle Voldy now, like more so than usual. And, WOW Ginny being Jenny and Hermione being River was an awesome way to blend those characters!
Ella Holmes-Jackson chapter 4 . 12/11/2017
Yes, Hermione! That is your future husband. And I friggin love the Doctor. I love cannon Snape, but it IS nice to see him get some come-up-ins!
Ella Holmes-Jackson chapter 3 . 12/11/2017
Oooh, Tonks. It isn't a wizard's tent... it's the TARDIS.
Ella Holmes-Jackson chapter 2 . 12/11/2017
YES! I am excited! This is amazing!
Ella Holmes-Jackson chapter 1 . 12/11/2017
Okay. Can I just say that I could visualize everything that you wrote and described extremely well? Even the opening credits! And I heard the theme song to Doctor Who! Brilliantly done! 5 wins for this brilliant opening chapter!
Guest chapter 5 . 6/15/2017
Hermione you are exactly the doctors type.
P.s the 3ed doctor worked for unit, so snaps you may want to get use to red and yellow.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/15/2017
Ok the doctor can win the war on his own.
Lerris chapter 26 . 5/10/2017
Good overall, though not quite a favorite though. As far as Ginny turning out to be the Doctor's daughter. That could work, but it doesn't really seem to fit with Hermione being River. I'm not convinced either being already known to the Doctor helps this a great deal. Also Hermione's infatuation seems quick. Young Hermione was very quick to agree to delete herself. That seems hard to believe, and I doubt she would have done it if she knew she would be killed completely seconds later. Most doctor who adventures use the Tardis to move the scene to a new place and time, but usually doesn't use it to move about till the adventure is done. I think that is probably better than using it to fix things and make money. Finally, thanks for writing. It was a fun read...
Guest chapter 25 . 12/22/2016
Well written, few spelling or gramer errors.
MageVicky chapter 19 . 11/23/2016
omg hermione is the lady of the lake! fantastic!
MageVicky chapter 4 . 11/23/2016
AAAAHHH! cough, sorry, but that last part with Hermione had me screaming with excitement (in my head, mind you, lest I wake up the whole house)
Guest chapter 20 . 11/5/2016
I'm really loving your story so far, and I especially loved that little reference to twilight: 'The water vapor in the air had crystallized, making everything, even the zombies, sparkle. "Sparkling undead, now there's something no one will ever believe,"' I literally started laughing when reading this. Keep up the good work!
FictionHasHijackedMyBrain chapter 12 . 1/13/2016
OOHHHH MMMYYY GGGOOOODDDD! I just got the indistructable scarecrow thing! It's Baines from The Family Of Blood! Also I absolutely love this series and I hope you finish this soon!
carick of hunter moon chapter 12 . 12/12/2015
thank you
GIFT of an idea
mad thougth
"Susan" was the original companion and granddaughter of the Doctor.
Could she be Luna Grandmother
Aureum chapter 26 . 11/9/2015
oh my god this is good! the suspense! uh is there a sequel?
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